vocal lessons

Had my third vocal lesson yesterday and i kinda screwed up my song.
haha. The nervousness just ATE me up and i ended up sitting without much “bass” or “air” as they call it in chinese.
Oh well. I’m gonna have to work so much harder!(:
It’s good that I screwed up though.
That way I can improve and be humble!(:
Love the people from my vocal lessons – Xing hui, Shi hui, Brainer, Audrey, Stephanie and this one guy whose name always always eludes me.
Finally we all walked to the station together after lesson cause usually, we all go our separate ways after lessons.
If not for Xing hui, I think it would have taken a really long time(:
(Brainer can play the PIANO AND GUITAR DAMNNNN WELL! SO ENVIOUS! i’m gonna spam learning my guitar!)

Just a thought when I was in class yesterday.
I realise how much we all like routines and set stuff.
Like how all of us sit in the exact same seat every single week for lessons.
It was the same for school last year when the J2s all had their own base classes.
I would sit with Chye at the left most end of the second row with one empty table beside her so that she can put her MOUNTAINS of possessions.
Not all our classmates did that though but the majority did.
I guess it’s that familiar and comfortable feeling of knowing that you belong,
that that particular place and seat “belongs” to you.

I really really pray that I’ll get the MOFA scholarship as well as be able to go to National Taiwan University.
Somehow in my heart, I know that is where God wants me to go.
There are already a whole truckload of people who are against my choice including people I respect and honestly that hurt.
It was worse because those people are my spiritual leaders.
But after talking to LiLeng the other day,
I realised that I could not fault them. That all of them are human and although I know where I am supposed to go because God spoke to me directly, they don’t know because God spoke only to me, not them!
I know my choice is a difficult and impossible one but if that is where God called me to go,
I’ll go.
Many a times the places God wants us to go are unpopular and downright difficult but we just have to trust in God fully and not fear. Many people may come against you but you’re just gonna have to bear all of it and just trust in the Lord.
I really want to thank God for people like Liz, Deb, Chye, Damien, Zoe, Lammie,Linn, Weining, Jeanette (ESP) because I know that they fully support whatever decision I make and especially for Jeanette who was one of those who actually was pleased when I said that I chose that path because God spoke to me.
I wanna thank my parents too! Although in their hearts they arent very happy, I am really so glad that they trust in my and God for me to take the right path. LOVE YOU MUMMY AND DADDY!
As for my church leaders…
I really have nothing much to say except that I will not hold any grudge against you guys, although what you said and did really disappointed me but I know that no one is perfect and I’ll keep on respecting you.

Gonna go visit my “son” now then I’ll go off to meet Veron bout the Labrador people!(:

lots of love,


A word from God

was praying with someone over the phone just now and he said that God showed Him this word to give to me

“Let go and Let God”

He said that he didn’t understand the link but I really understand it fully. I do(:
Thank you Daddy God!


Went to the consulate yesterday and all went well!(:
Almost. Other then the fact that my wallet is really much lighter now.
The lady in charge of the scholarship applications was so nice(:
While the other lady was still mean faced and annoying to the max.
Haha but God is good! He’s the God of both BIG things and small things!
Had a lot of time to spare afterward so I headed down to Vivo to take a little stroll.

Upon reaching there, I sat down at a bench in a corner of the mall and pulled out the NUS prospectus from my bag and started to read it. Was just flipping through it when I saw a group of Sailors in full Sailor uniforms PLUS HUGE HATS walk by me with candy empire bags.
My curiosity was peaked and I decided to see where they came from.
So I walked in the direction where they went and LO AND BEHOLD!
I SAW THIS MAGNIFICENT BEAUTY parked at the waters edge just outside Vivo!
hehe(: (look below!)

It’s called the PALADA and it’s from RUSSIA! (:
Apparently Vivo was having this promotion whereby the first 30 shoppers to sign up for any one of the 4 or 5 tour sessions a day on the 11th of March to the 13th of March get to go on a free tour of the ship!!!!
meaning that for each session 30 people get to go!!!
Was super excited until I realised that all the RTs wouldn’t be able to make it cause the last session for all three days was at 4:/
oh well. hahaha.
Tried searching for the eng definition of the word “Palada” but I can’t find it:/ DARN.

work has been good and Deb Deb has been busy BULLYING ME as well as drawing loads of random stuff.

She also drew something really nice ystd

Ain’t it pretty? It’s me, deb deb and lizzo.
Hope we didnt infringe on any copyright by drawing the logo!
Besides, we’re doing POSITIVE ADVERTISEMENT! (:
gonna go prepare lessons.
Class in an hour!

lots of love,


Have you ever felt so exhausted that it seems as though your brain is a separate entity from you?
Well, I felt it today…
Being tired makes me do silly things which are seriously not good for the image of a teacher.

Thank God I’m almost done with apps. (For overseas Unis that is)
Just gonna courier it off tmr and then start on the NUS apps.
Hope I get into National Taiwan University though….
that’s where I really wanna go.

Uni apps

Honestly speaking, Uni apps are giving me migrains everyday.
From the running to and fro from “THE ALPS” on the fifth floor to the main staffroom and GO on the first floor
To frantically emailing the relevant unis and their “help-lines”
To feeling damn guilty about getting the office staff so busy
And what’s worse is that I’m killing a lot of trees. REALLY.

Today some stuff happened at the consulate of Taiwan that really riled me but I shan’t talk about it. I’m gonna let it go cause I realised that I really really got so caught up in the preparation of everything that I forgot to dedicate the time to God. I failed to put Him first today and Lord, I’m really so sorry. You are the one who directed my path towards Taiwan and I should trust in You all the way instead of thinking that I can do it on my own. I was wrong and I am so so sorry.

Just prayed and God let me have peace in my heart. I’m gonna keep trusting in God, continue to pray, read the bible and seek His face.  Looking forward to a PEACEFUL application process with God leading the way!(:

Did chapel today and I could really feel God’s presence around me. Loved every minute of it. Pastor Kong was right. The presence of the Holy Spirit is really addictive(: Really(:

lots of love,