A sense of belonging?

Read something on the newspaper today that pissed me off a little.
The article was summarising what was said during a dialogue that SM Goh had at NTU.
and NO I was not annoyed at what SM Goh said>
I was annoyed at what this guy said.

He said that young Singaporeans these days are losing their sense of belonging to Singapore due to the foreign worker influx and that they as NSFs WONDER “WHAT ARE WE DEFENDING???”
Sometimes I think people think too much.
Yes, I admit that we do have to compete with foreigners for jobs,
Yes, I admit that many of the expats have the higher end jobs and are much preferred by firms for their expertise and a tendency to have more creativity then us Singaporeans who tend to learn by just memorising.
Yes, I admit that they do not have to do NS and that sometimes they look down on us.

The cultivation of a sense of belonging is not the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the GOVERNMENT.
you have to- as an individual- be willing to want to love the country and accept it for all its faults.
It’s like the love you have for a partner.
You will be willing to accept the little faults and idiosyncrasies that your partner has out of LOVE.
I know that the influx of foreign workers causes a lot of raised tensions but we just have to remember that this is our LAND.
Our home,
So what if the protection of our country means the protection of the foreigners?
We just have to remember that this is our homeland that we are defending and that if we can help protect some other souls why not?
Besides when it really does come down to it,
if we dont protect our country,

In the years that I’ve lived here,
I have learnt that Singapore like ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD has its fair share of problems
but despite all that I still love my country and am proud of what we have achieved.
the other countries may feel that we do not have a lot of freedom but do we really need that little bit of “freedom” to be happy?
I for one am living contented here.
My school years may have been extra stressful and have aged me but I am thankful to God that I am growing up in this peaceful island state and have the opportunity to an education.
We really have to learn to count our blessings because there are so many other places in the world that have greater problems than we will ever face!
NATURAL DISASTERS, UNSTABLE AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS,WORKERS ON STRIKE (I dont find it particularly funny that the Brit Royal Mail strikes every year do you?),etc etc.
Sure US is the land of freedom but the price they PAY FOR THAT KIND OF FREEDOM? – students going on killing sprees in schools and armed robberies.

God has blessed us so much and if ONLY THAT PERSON could OPEN HIS EYES and SEE what the government has done for us and just stop complaining about how we DONT FEEL LIKE WE BELONG HERE and comparing to other countries.
Face it,
globalisation is widespread and without those workers our houses WILL NOT BE BUILT.
our forefathers were migrants as well.
Give thanks for the blood sweat and tears that they have put in.

I for one love Singapore.
I may feel that my calling is in Taiwan and I love Taiwan A WHOLE LOT
but in my heart,
there will always be a special place for Singapore as well as the knowledge that

I hope the guy wakes up.
who is he to represent the “people on the ground” and all the youths in Singapore?



I can almost taste the temporary reprieve coming my way.
11.20 tmr here I come


Im so sad haha.
I only just passed my pract and I’m way below the average but still not at the 25th percentile.
So it’s bad but not too bad hahaha.

Plus i wore my nice Ben&Jerry’s shirt and my friend asked me if I’m going to work after school>.<

Oh well



When you meet the someone who was meant for you
Before two can become one there is something we must do
Do you pull each others tails?
Do you feed each other seeds?
No, there is something sweeter everybody needs
I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss
And a prince I’m hoping comes with this
That’s what brings ever aftering so happy
And that’s the reason we need lips so much
Four lips are the only things that touch
So to spend a life of endless bliss
Just find who you love through true love’s kiss

Shes been dreaming of a true love’s kiss
And a prince she’s hoping comes with this
That’s what brings ever aftering so happy
And that’s the reason we need lips so much
Four lips are the only things that touch

So to spend a life of endless bliss
Just find who you love through true love’s kiss

You’re the fairest maid I’ve ever met
You were made…
…to finish your duet
And in years to come we’ll reminisce
How we came to love
And grow and grow love
Since first we knew love through true love’s kiss


I really have to stop spending so much money and save at least $100 a month.
Kinda pissed that I spent so much money at one shot.
I will be determined to eat less,save more,run more!!!!! Oh plus tidy up and mug more.
I must I must.
I’m turning moonfaced already.
Hopefully it doesn’t rain tonight so I can go for my half an hour jog later.

It’s raining again.
After days of haze I’m really glad to see the rain although it soaks everything.
This reminds me of what pastor tan said during svc yesterday.
In revelations,
There are many setbacks and horrible stuff that happens and that makes many ppl lose hope or they just choose to ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist because it’s hard to face the fact that without the death, there is no resurrection.
But what they fail to see that our God is so merciful that at the end of every trial and tribulation,
when we feel that we can take no more, God reaches out to us and resurrects us and then the cycle continues.
The truth of the matter is simple.
God let’s us go through all the pain and suffering to mould us into better ppl,
But He does it slowly step by step so that we can take it and not really die from it.
So trials and tribulations will happen.
Without any pain and suffering,
We will not know how to appreciate and feel the joy that happiness can bring.
We humans are funny.
We can only appreciate things when they’re gone.

When there’s too much sun we complain.
When it rains too much we complain.
When it doesn’t rain we complain.

We just need to slow down and appreciate what we have around us.


I’m really glad my daddy found his birth family.
I’m really glad:)
Like my new found uncles and aunts,
My new found cousins:)
We’re really one big happy family:D

A new addition to my mum’s side of the family arrived today too!
Neo Zheng Yang:)
Can’t wait to meet him tomorrow.
Another little one to love and cherish( ahem.spoil.ahem)
It’s times like this when I feel that life is sweet and really really really really worth living:)


I think sometimes I hope too much.
I dream or rather daydream a lot and many a times the things I wish would happen never do hahaha.
Or rather, they never happen at all.

Gonna go to church now and I’m seriously running late.sigh.
I hate being late.
Plus my tummy is still hurting:/