and so maybe I am superficial.

I recently discovered this awesome new app called INSTAGRAM on iPhone 4!
It’s free! and it’s like twitter for photos!:D
and the awesome part about it is that you can take an ordinary photo, filter it with loads of diff kinds of filters to give diff effects and get awesome pictures!:D

These days I realise that I’m quite a photobuff cept that I havent gone onto the professional level (dslr) yet.
I’m having too much fun with my iPhone!
I love being able to be creative and coming out with awesome pretty photos!
Hence, the title of my blog post.
It’s not that I’m literally being superficial just that I like pretty things and I really don’t see anything wrong with that:p
So here are the results of my INSTAGRAMMING!!!:D

I particularly like this one of Chye cause it’s really really really pretty!:D
Went out with her today and we really spent a bomb on shopping!>.<
oh well…..

that’s a China imitation transformer bubble blowing man thingamijig!
Jian ting brought it to cell today.

I really feel really blessed.
I have a reason to smile every single day!:)
I love that my world is really really so colourful!
and I cant help but be so thankful.

Look at the world around you,
it’s glistening with hope and dew!
Though there may be trials and tribulations,
but if we face them with jubilation,
life will still be beautiful
everything’s so colourful
and the world around you,
it’s glistening with hope and dew!

I’m super high today!!!!
night night world!



and that’s life.

So here I am, stoning by myself outside LT 21.
I’m kinda glad I brought my lappy though! That way I can blog now and mug later at home.. or so the theory goes:D
I promise I shall mug after this post!:)

Did the most embarrassing thing today!!!
I went for econs tut early and sat down in this room in COM 1 level 2 room 10.
They did not specify whether it was tut room 10 or seminar room 10 so innocent little me went to sit happily in tut room 10…
However, as more and more people filed into the room I started to feel a sense of unease! (must be God speaking) and then LO AND BEHOLD! when the attendance list came, my name wasnt on it!:/
SO YES! I had excuse myself and go find the other room.
other than that, tutorial was really good and I think I’m really on my way to a good sem.

Met JiaJun for lunch after at Biz canteen which is indeed pretty chui ahhaha.
I had a really good time catching up with him cause I havent seen him for ages!!!! and ages and ages!

I’m planning a lot of meet-ups here and there now cause I really feel that I need to restore some friendships and generally to meet people’s needs (no that I’m trying to sound cryptic or anything.)
So anyway, lecture today was pretty slow paced so I had the opportunity to put some of my pictures under filters!:D
All thanks to instagram.

So enjoy!

isn’t she the most precious baby toddler you’ve ever seen??
fell in love with her the moment I laid my eyes on her!

The last picture speaks of the stupidity of two of Pharmacy Year One’s finest.
Louis and Ray.
They decided to challenge the extra extra spiciness of the chilli at the Indonesian Pangang stall.
they ended up with leaking facets,tearing eyes, swollen lips and a whole ton of sweat!
Nociceptor 0. Ray & Louis 1
this tale is to be continued as they continue to try to find people to eat this monstrosity.

So anyway,
I’d probably better start revising on Physical pharm since I’m already a poor lost sole in that area.
I’m glad school’s started although it’s tiring cause at least it gives me a sense of purpose and something to work towards.

I’m halfway through Dr Cho’s book
and I’m glad to say that I’ve been well and thoroughly inspired and I’m ready to shake my 4th dimension.
Are you?


Thinking of a reply to the question that my relatives ask me year after year…
“why don’t you have a boyfriend??”
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Besides the sad and tragic “no one wants me” one


Something happened today that made me come to a realization.
What is true friendship?
Is it a friendship whereby you’d never get hurt?
Is it a friendship whereby a person manages to understand you without you saying a word?
Is it a friendship whereby the person would stand by you through thick and thin?

I get really confused sometimes but I just realized that really if you put your hopes on Man, you WILL get disappointed cause no one is perfect..
People can’t be consistent all the time or be dependable all the time.
I’m sure all of us have said something that we don’t mean or promised something but not lived through with it.
Today I experienced just that and what I have to say about that is just that Man is not reliable all the time and that the only person who will never ever let us down is God.
I really see that clearly now.
It’s not me being religious but if you could see for yourself how God never breaks His promises to us and never abandons us,
You really wouldnt want to turn back from this relationship.

That being said, I’m not saying that we just abandon all our earthly friends and just huddle up in a religious enclave and denying outside contact and just befriending God,
I mean that Yes, we do still have friends, good friends,close friends and best friends but instead of placing all our hope in them, we place all our hope in God.
Cause even though they may be your bestfriend they will still fail you one day and when that happens, if you have placed your hope,faith and trust in God, you get over it faster, forgive them faster and you really really lead a happier life.

Your thoughts make a whole lot of difference.
This whole week has shown me a bunch of friendship crisis and that even friends can utterly let you down or that a friendship you thought both parties treasured was really only a one sided thing on your part but I know that

Romans 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

And thanks to God,
I’m still at peace with myself and the world, I have forgiven and my world is back to normal.
I’m grateful for the people that God has placed around me and the life lessons that I have learnt from them or experiences with them.
I’m grateful and now, it’s time for me to mug!




God really revealed something to me yesterday..

‘Do unto others what you want others to do unto you’

Don’t laugh!
I know it may seem so normal and all and indeed, it has been a quotation used by many a parent or teacher to teach young ones to be good citizens but yesterday I really understood the full implications of that phrase.

You know how we always tease one another by saying certain things or cutting remarks like oh “we wouldn’t notice if you’re gone” or “good riddance” or many other things…
And we think that it’s just a joke and the the person would be able to take it and not be upset.

I admit that yup sometimes people can take it and know that it’s a joke but in other times, the person can really and truly be feeling down and out and you being clueless and wanting to tease people, end up hurting that person instead. You might defend yourself saying that “it’s just a joke!”, or “they can take it!” or “why are they do sensitive?” but the fact of the matter is that when ppl are already emotionally down, they are more susceptible to feeling hurt because at that point of time, all they want is friendship.

Yesterday I got hurt like that so I know.
Was feeling down in the dumps and had just finished praying etc when I saw a comment made by a friend on some emo post I wrote…
The friend said that “no one would notice” in reply to me saying that I wanted to go to my happy place.

I know in normal circumstances I probably would have been able to take it albeit I’d still feel a bit hurt but yesterday when I felt that I had hardly any real friends, that phrase felt like being stabbed in the heart..
Yup cause you’d really feel like hearing that no one would notice that you are gone when you feel like you have no friends..
Way to go clueless.

And I guess if a person who is not as mentally strong had the same experience,
They might have just committed suicide there and then.
Would you have been able to live with being the cause of another person’s death?

So what I gained from my own pain is that we really should watch what we say to one another…
You might think you’re just teasing, but the other person might not be able to take it.

Love your friends, and act like you do.


this weekend is gonna be a busy busy busy one for me!!!! I’ll try to finish the top ten loves by this week but really no guarantees!
I’m going out of the house in approx 30mins to watch bryan’s hall production!!!
Then I’m gonna camp over someplace and go send Meilian off at 5am at the airport..