The Royal Wedding

So the most epic and most awaited event of the decade happened today. Yep. TODAY.
it was the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge to Katherine Middleton Duchess of Cambridge.
and I’m pretty sure that it was a day that turned almost everyone in England to royalists.

royalists, plural

  • A person who supports the principle of monarchy or a particular monarchy
  • A supporter of the king against Parliament in the English Civil War
  • A supporter of the British during the American Revolution; a Tory
and obviously, I’m talking about the first definition 🙂
I watched all of it.. starting from 3pm to about 8.30pm and like the crazy fangirl I am, I snapped photos of the wedding from the TV.(Hope I don’t get arrested for copyright or anything >.<)
and it really got me thinking… when did our love affair for all things royal come about?:)
and then it hit me. It really all started from when we were young. When Disney implanted in all of us girls that we can all find our prince charming one day and live happily ever after:)
i remember reading those stories all those years ago and yearning for a prince of my own:)
HAHAHAHA. actually now that I come to think of it, I’m still yearning for a prince to call my own just probably not in the literal sense although Prince Harry does look quite fetching…… 😛
there’s something about that British accent that really sets the insides of girls aflutter doesn’t it?:)
I love how Prince William married a girl from the people.
Kate Middleton who is so beautiful and charismatic and one of us commoners..
I guess it really gives people a reason to hope. doesn’t it?:)

i chanced upon this photo while browsing online and I really really love the comparisons..
I remember I was still really really young when Princess Diana died but I still remember it vividly and really how even people in Singapore were saddened by the news.. she really was a princess of hearts. She won people over and I hope that Kate Middleton manages to do that too!:)Lizzo was at Buckingham palace!!!:D jealous much! hahaha. apparently joelle was in London too but didnt go watch cause it was so crowded.
but I’m just thankful that I was able to watch it on Tv and just to be able to see her gorgeous dress and the whole ceremony. It was really an honour:)
Loved the horses too!!!!! like the whole carriage possession can be summed up in one word : AWESOME.
loved the sounds of the hoofs and the soldiers dressed up in their finery.. seriously, after royalty, you’ve gotta love a man in uniform. hahahahaha.
soo anyway, I’ll let the pictures do the talking:)
(all pictures are copyright of the BBC. i was just so excited so i had to snap photos>.< so please don’t sue me!)


her dress was absolutely gorgeous. TTM.







kate’s sister is seriously SO PRETTY. good genes run in their family!


this is by far my fave picture..
i don’t know if those who were watching the live broadcast noticed but the Duchess of Cornwall noticed the youngest flowergirl looking upset cause she was a little on the tiny side and couldn’t look over the balcony.. so she stooped down to talk to the little girl and then because I guess it’s not proper for her to carry the girl or she couldn’t, she asked Prince Charles to carry her and he duly obliged! I caught that moment in between two camera frames, one when she stooped down to talk to the girl then looked at Prince Charles and after going back to Kate and Wills, it panned back to this moment when Prince Charles was carrying the little girl:)
It made me feel warm and fuzzy all over!:D

Here’s wishing them a very very very very happy marriage which will last a lifetime, with God watching over them:)

and here’s a girl who’s still awaiting her prince charming and her own fairytale wedding signing off…

ps: i was really really sad to miss taking photos of the kiss:/ i saw it but missed the moment to capture it!!!


Missing you



life’s been ok these few days..
started out feeling pretty down and out cause of the stress of exams..
but God made my day cause econs and physical pharm weren’t so bad and i could really feel His peace with me:)
LSM was another matter..
to be fair,
it wasn’t AS BAD as i thought it would be..
but it could have been better:)
but God was there with me too!:) could feel His presence.
(this morning while Julian was leading the choir in a time of prayer.. I actually thought of how to do the beta-ox question that i couldnt figure out..SIGH>.< )
so I know that I’m just gonna have to trust Him.
BUT as usual when I’m down.. Ice-cream is the remedy:)
wanted to go to Simply Shiok after the paper but it was raining and I knew that everyone would be fighting to get on 95 so I didn’t bother but I told myself that I would I would I would go after SOT today!:)

I actually felt really down yesterday and today.. like there’s this SIAN feeling that just comes on like a flood..
when you don’t really feel like moving or doing anything productive.
So when I went for SOT this morning.. I actually wasnt in the best of moods and honestly speaking.. I think i was quite distracted the whole way and didn’t really focus ( oops:/) but today’s lesson was on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, about prophesying and the interpretation of tongues.
and near the end of the session, Pastor Bobby led us all on a practical session.. to be able to receive the gift of prophesy from God.
I was really frightened and doubtful of it all because thoughts like “What if I can’t do it? What if I can’t prophesy into the other person’s life? What if?”
But I decided there and then to take that step of Faith.. because I believe that God can use me to touch the lives of the people around me…
to love others more..
So I prayed for this schoolmate from China called jun hui and i just got to know her before the practical session (cause we had to find partners whom we didn’t really know) and so we interceded for one another..
and she really spoke into my life.. encouraged and edified me.
Her prophesy for me was that my relationship with people would improve, that friendships would be strengthened and that I’ll be able to relate to others better… that I would be able to bring my friends to Christ. That God knows that I have doubts in my heart and that things are not easy but that everything will get better, that my family will be blessed and be at peace… and I really teared and at that point in time all that sianess just disappeared.
Just like that.
Then it was my turn to prophesy into her life and I was still pretty scared but I took a deep breath and asked God to show me what to tell her and I had to speak to her in Chinese.. and I had this burden for her family and I just started to pray from there and I could feel the presence of God on me as I took the step of faith to speak out to her what God had to say because none of the words coming from my mouth was coming from my head.. it was coming from somewhere… it’s pretty hard to describe the feeling…but yeah, needless to say, I left SOT feeling really happy:)

So anyway, I headed to Simply Shiok to have ICE-CREAM! although it isn’t that near to my house but whatever!!! the ice-cream is hand-made! (i know cause i worked there before!) visit to check out where it is!:D
had a nice talk with Gladys bout the upcoming elections and MM Lee’s newest book..
I shall I shall! once my exams are over!:)

had my fave flavour today! Ok.. make that second fave:) (Sesame will and forever will hold first place in my heart!:p)
happy happy! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

headed back to JE to get contact and thank God i managed to buy socks for flats at JE.. (didnt have to go to IMM… phew)
so now I’m at home… slacking abit before I finish studying for Drugs and Soc..

and now as I’m sitting here..
I’m predictably.. as usual… sitting here and missing you.
It’s such a sucky feeling… and I’m THIS CLOSE to just giving in and giving up in what I believe in just to tell you how I feel…
i shall stay strong.
Had a nice talk with my dearest chyebong:)
it’s really awesome to have girlfriends around:)
love you dear!!!!!!

(via tumblrphotographyxox)
All the love that history knows,

is said to be in every rose.
Yet all that could be found in two,
is less than what I feel for you.

– Author Unknown –


ps: I’m starting to get really interested in photography…

I can be so confident and secure,
Jovial, happy and outgoing..
But now of days, I don’t know how to act in front of you, what to say to you..
I guess it’s that fear..
The fear of you finding out and the fear of what you will say or do if you find out..
And what will happen to our friendship..
I’m just praying..
That it’ll all turn out ok.
That I’ll come out of this happy, triumphant and victorious.
That we’ll walk out of this hand in hand.
Cause my God is a miracle-working God.
And I believe and I have Faith.


And here’s hoping tt you’ll wish me good luck for my exams on mon…hopefully it’s not my own wishful thinking

Think of me,
Think of me fondly,
when you’ve said goodbye.
Remember me, once in a while,
please promise me you’ll try


it’s not as if you’ve never been gone before.. but this time it’s different. it just is.

2 Cor 4:17
For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory

Lord, I’m really so tired but I know You will give me strength.
I will be the head and not the tail, above n not beneath.

And you..I don’t even know if you feel the same way bout me as I about you but the prospect of not speaking n seeing you is really depressing and unbearable…
What joy it would bring to me if you felt the same way and if you were afraid of losing me.
If only…
If only…

On the way home to mug now..
Jiayou jiayou jiayou!