Here’s praying that…
1.ah ma will be ok and get out of the icu
Daddy God, I’ve just gotten to know her and I wanna know more abt here so pls keep her safe and let her recover

2.for my voice to come back cause I wanna be able to talk again and sing

3.that I can climb elephant mountain to get that drool worthy shot of taipei when I’m there for mission trip. Cross fingers.


Will update more once I’m done with preaching tests!



i guess people may have been wondering why i have a sudden obsession with rainbows:)
it’s cause my AWESOME POSSUM TEAM 1 at camp was named RAINBOW! 😀 thanks to lee jia liang.
and we had to perform a song for campfire and it was really super duper last min>.<
had to think of something to perform and thank goodness we had Jeremy who was a volunteer from Simei center who knew this song called rainbow from Hillsong Kids.

it goes like this:)

It’s not a secret, it’s not a fairytale
It’s not made up, Jonas was in a whale
For three whole days, 1,2,3!
The greatest treasure, the Word God’s people wrote
It’s in the Bible, where Noah built a boat
And it rained and rained

The rainbows in the sky to show God’s promises are true
THe rainbows in the sky to show the world
He’s the only way for your everyday

and it’s really cause of that line that i italicized that i’ve started on this love affair with rainbows:)

I remember being a little girl and being absolutely delighted with that bible story about God putting a rainbow in the sky to show his covenant with Noah.
To me, it really showed how loving and gentle my BIG BIG GOD was!:D
and everytime i saw a rainbow in the sky, I can’t help but smile and breathe the word BEAUTIFUL.

And rainbows really speak into our lives in a deeper way.
Rainbows only appear after rain, a storm.. and when the sun shines afterwards..
It just really tells me to keep walking.. just to keep walking in my valley of darkness, of shadow and death, to lean on God for strength, to smile at the storm because I know that God is with me and with Him, I will be able to walk out of my storm, my valley to see the light, to see the beauty of everything.. and to see that rainbow in my life.
That is my God, a covenant keeping God who still shows us rainbows even in this day and age.
I love Him and I love the rainbows:)

The rainbow in the sky to show God’s promises are true…
The rainbow in the sky to show the world that He’s the only way, for your everyday.


This thing called a relationship.

Just came back from the VER zone youth encounter camp!!!
Had a great time in the PRESENCE OF GOD, fellowshipping, playing games, SLEEPING, eating, doing CIP and PERFORMING!:D
but not such a great time killing mosquitos and BEING THEIR FRIEND!!

quoting JC,
“I am a friend of mosquito, I am a friend of mosquito, I am a friend of mosquito, she calls me food!”

seriously though.. my legs are starting to look just a tad diseased.
But I really enjoyed myself and got to know a lot of new people!
and I really came to terms with myself and some of the barriers I’ve been facing in my walk with God.
I HAVE BECOME STEADY! from being unsteady!
Was really blessed by Pst Kong’s preaching as well and yesterday was pretty much the closest I came to him.
I was a little disappointed that he could not watch the performance cause he only entered the room after our performance ended but it’s ok:) as long as everyone enjoyed it and that we did our best for the glory of God.
I’m really thankful for the sound advice that a friend gave me a few months ago..
that indeed, everyone has 24 hours a day and it really depends on you what you do with it.
Stop complaining that you have no time cause everyone has the same amount of time.. it’s just how you choose to make use of it.
I’m really glad that I decided to take that sacrifice and spend a whole sunday out of the house, morn in church and evening till late at dance in order to really fellowship with church friends more, because I’ve really found a bunch of people I can talk crap with, have laughter, tears and joy.
Thank you GC! Merrien, Jian Ting, Li Yun, Jon, Seili, Jun Wei, Venis, Raymond, Xin Yi and little Joy:p
I’m really thankful to have found friends like this and I made a wish yesterday about you guys that I really pray will come true.
I shall not only wish it true, I shall pray it through!:)

Indeed, friendship takes a lot of sacrifice.. and I’m glad to have been able to make the conscious effort to step out of my fear of dance to really do my best.
INDEED, HARDWORK IS THE BEST!!! + of course talent
but like Thomas Edison once said, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% determination!:D

I’ve not had any inspiration to blog until today! hahaha. (part of the reason is cause i just came back from camp today)
So anyway,
Just read someone’s blog post about something and it really identified with an issue that i’ve held in my heart for pretty long.
and like the title says, It’s about this called called a relationship.
I know that I’ve put this thing at number 7 in my new year resolution list (if anyone can be bothered to go to the archives to pull it out again:P)
that I will get a boyfriend by this year but although many people are anxious to see me get attached, for example Jia Liang
I’ve come to a conclusion in this whole matter.

People say that I’m picky and all when I tell them that there is no guy who fancies me or that no one has ever made of move to woo me.
In all honesty, the latter is true that no one has ever expressed their interest in me and  it is also true that I’m picky. (kinda contradicting but picky in the sense that when people suggest others for me to consider I always have a thousand and one reasons to turn them down)
When I tell people my list of criteria, they frown at me and tell me not to be so picky but this advice always falls on deaf ears:)
It’s because I’ve come to this conclusion : WHY CAN’T I BE PICKY?

For me, I’m one who wants to get into a relationship that is geared for long term, geared for marriage.
I don’t want to go into a relationship for fun or for companionship or just to try things out.
I want to go into a relationship for love, for my spiritual life, for my soul, for life.
So if I’m not picky, I’ll just prepare myself for hurts over and over again.
In the past, I used to get jealous of girls who somehow have guys fawning all over them and being able to change boyfriends like they’re changing clothes or like how they can just break up with someone and then quickly have someone else falling for them cause it never ever happened to me.
I’m in my 5th year of singlehood from my last relationship.
It came to a point when I would start asking God and questioning myself saying things like “Am I not good enough? Am I ugly? Am I disgusting?” and the like but I’ve come to a point where I realise that I’d rather have patience and wait for the right guy to come along rather than be like those who can have many boyfriends because they do it due to the fact that they’re searching for love in all the wrong places.
I’ve found that love and it is in God.
and I know that He will provide for me a good Christian guy who will honour me, love me and put me at 2nd place in his life (God first), treasure me and my family because they are very important to me, never cheat on me, be one who can provide for me and be one who loves to serve God and is a loving person.

Another thing is that it is my own personal belief that the guy should take the initiative.
I don’t really care about the new age guy thing where girls have to take the initiative cause I see more and more of my friends being the one who has to blurt out the i like you word first.
Call me old fashioned but that’s how I am..
and I asked for God to make that His sign for me.

I had a little bit of a crush a while back but now I think I’m gonna let it settle.
Going to go with the flow and see how things go.
I’m not going to kill myself over this cause there’s one thing I am going to have, and that’s patience.