So it’s back to sch again today…
I think i really slept my recess week away hahaha…
But thankfully, I had time to do some revision cause I had a sudden realization that I have a test on thurs>.<. Oh wells.

I think God is really really good to me because for the past 8 weeks of school there was no stats lab on Monday afternoons.. So I get up early, go to school for a lecture from 8-10am, print notes, then head home…
So I guess I have a tiny bit less of Monday blues then everyone else.

Next week, the lab starts..
But I guess it won't be all that bad… Just a four hour break from 10-2pm
But I could study in that period of time:)

It has made my life more mundane, stressful and boring…
But I guess it's part and parcel of life.



My God is a motion-sensitive God

been going through some stuff lately and the funniest thing is that it’s my own fault.
i’ve had this bad habit of doing something and by the grace of God, during the 6 months of SOT i managed to stop it once and for all…
unfortunately, after SOT, i succumbed to the temptation to the habit again..
It really pains me that I’m so weak yet it really teaches me that I can only fight this with the grace and strength of God.

i believe in my God and I know that with Him, I can stop it. fight the temptations and grow stronger.
Yes, I am not perfect but I’ll do my best for God, because I love Him and I don’t want to hurt Him.

i can overcome.