It’s that time of the year again:D
A day that signifies love, peace and God’s grace towards us.
It’s really not so much about the Christmas trees and Santa Claus but with commercialisation, every single holiday has a bite taken out of its roots and meaning.

As one Taiwanese pastor said,
“It’s funny how people happily celebrate the season but deny the existence of Christ.. It’s like celebrating a birthday without the birthday boy”

I guess I’m alright with it if everyone is at peace and happy:)

Watched the most awesome Christmas drama yesterday at church:)
Like a friend tweeted, it’s like toy story + MTV + Jesus all rolled into one which = AWESOME! :D:D:D
Didnt take very many photos soooo HAHAHAHAH.
Sorry for the lack of updates as well! I’ve been lazing around at home which equals to no inspiration or subject material to blog about for that matter.
Not gonna put a photo of myself this morning as well cause I look damn cui.

Woke up at an insane time at 10.30am today (latest EVER for me)
to my dad gloating that he had been up and about eons ago and had gone to macs for breakfast without us
AHHHHH. nevermind.
Gonna go to my sixth uncle's place for lunch later and there's gonna be a feast! MUAHAHHA.
though I shudder to think about the weight gain.

Shall post some photos from my dearest iphone:D

Till then, sorry for my inane rambling!:)
too much sleep talking!:D:D:D





Outfit for the day


The title says it all:p
Gonna go off to suntec for some pajama shopping and “Christmas dinner” with the cell!
Let’s not forget the gift exchange!:)))


Ps:let’s hope the train doesn’t break down hahaha



I actually wrote a whole long post about my insights on rain but due to a technical glitch, it was lost.

So all I’m gonna say is that I wish I had a pair of goulashes.
And probably a mug of hot cocoa.
Go figure.


Ps: results are coming out tmr:/:/:/

Hong Kong Day 5 & 6

I decided to blog about the last two days together cause I didn’t have any pictures of the last day:p
Well since we were travelling with a group of adults who didnt really know where they wanted to go, we decided to sign up for a day tour to Ngong Ping and certain other attractions.
It really did seem appealing cause they would provide a bus and we wouldn’t have to travel by ourselves:D
Don’t ask me about the cost cause I really cannot remember. HAHA.
The bus came to pick us up at 7:45am.
Talk about it being crazy early… I was up by 6am to wash my hair and get it blow dried. YAWNS
Our guide was called xiao Zhu (little pig in chinese) and he kept making references to SHOW LUO who’s nickname is also xiao zhu hahaha.
Oh wells…
He was a pretty interesting fella.

The first place that he brought us to was the avenue of stars.
There was this mother and son pair on the same tour as us and they were from Su Zhou. They were really nice so they kind of redeemed the unpleasant experiences I had with some of their fellow countrymen.
The boy was seven and really cute! HAHA.
He was afraid to get down the tour bus cause the tour guide said that if anyone liked Jackie Chan he’d be really upset and LO AND BEHOLD, the little boy’s favourite star was Jackie Chan.
Silly tour guide.
Anyway, It was a beautiful day with clear blue skies:)
Wasn’t really interested in any of the handprints cause Taiwanese stars are my cup of tea, not Hong Kong stars:p
The harbour view was really beautiful though:)

sun rise.

i likey very much:D

Oh did I mention? It was CRAZY COLD that day.
Probably also cause my top was really thin but it was damnnnn cold.
I didn’t have my iphone with me so I didn’t know the temo but I’d estimate that it was about 9degrees? BRRR
it was the only day that I took my scarf out for personal wear.
Normally I used it to wrap my camera which so happens to be super sensitive to the cold weather HAHAHA.

really love the pic of this boy.
His mum set the dials and just told him to take a picture but he knew how to:)
Now i’m gonna work hard to get a D7000:D
There is really a different feel when you look through a view finder to take photos.

the iconic statues:)
I just realised that the one in Hollywood has the same ones..right?

After a short walk around and settling our business in the toilets behind Starbucks,
we headed to the Wong Tai Sin temple where people in Hong Kong often go to pray for peace?
The guide said that we couldn’t pray from prosperity from this God.
At first I was pretty reluctant to enter the temple cause of my Christian belief but after a while, mummy and I decided to go in to experience it a little?
and also cause we were given one and a half hours there and it would suck to stay on the bus.

These lamps are filled with oil for devotees to light their joss sticks.
I couldn’t figure out if this statue is of Confucius or? Does anyone know?

Temples are such an integral part of Chinese culture just like how Churches are to Western countries.
I’ve been to many Asian nations and temples abound everywhere and are most definitely on the list of places you will visit especially when you go on tours..
For example, the Taiwan trip I went with this group of people plus quite a few others took us to at least 10 temples.
Although I do not share in those beliefs, I do have to admire the craftsmanship of those temples.
The Wong Tai Sin temple is really well built as well.
Here’s a bit of the traditions of the temple.. I couldn’t find any information about the deity in question though.

Annually, from January 1 to 15, the temple receives numerous visitors, such as those whose prayers were answered returning to thank the immortal. Wong Tai Sin’s birthday on the 23rd day of the 8th lunar month, and the Chinese New Year holidays are the busiest times for the temple.

On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, thousands of worshippers wait outside the temple before midnight and rush in to the main altar to offer Wong Tai Sintheir glowing incense sticks when the year comes. As the tradition goes, the earlier they offer the incense, the better luck they will have that year.

Most of the visitors come to the temple in search for a spiritual answer via a practice called kau cim. They light incense sticks, kneel before the main altar, make a wish, and shake a bamboo cylinder containing fortune sticks until a stick falls out. This stick is exchanged for a piece of paper bearing the same number, and then the soothsayer will interpret the fortune on the paper for the worshiper. Often the same piece of fortune is taken to multiple booths for verification purposes. Some booths offer palm reading service.

the kau cim in question

mama and I !
I love pics like this cause I help block mummy’s face and make her look skinnier:p

a taoist ritual.
Uncle Pax said that you cant see this in Singapore anymore cause people are busy with the paper chase and won’t bother being trained in taoist traditions

After visiting the temple,
we headed to the TSL jewelery showroom which was like the United Nations headquarters cause they had staff who could speak in almost all the languages of the world hahhaha.
Some of the aunties bought stuff from there but mummy and I didn’t cause it was really pretty pricey.

We then headed to the most exciting destination of the day.
THE NGONG PING 360 cablecar!
The most awesome thing was that since we had joined the tour, they had bought express tickets for us and we could skip the snaking queue… (mind you it was a really long queue)
and enter the cable car in the VIP ZONE!:D:D:D
The views were amazing!
plus the siew mai thingy we had at the station were oh so wonderful in the cold weather:p

I’m glad that I don’t have a fear of heights hahha.

So after a 25min ride we reached the top of the mountain where the giant Buddha was located.

listening to the tour guide:D

tibetian flags? or rather Buddhist flags.

the little boy:D
He’s feeling all forlorn cause it’s not time for him to go to Disney yet.

Mummy in her new jacket looking like an Eskimo:p
It was really hard to pack that jacket into the luggage BTW.

Then we had the most “wonderful” vegetarian lunch.
Seriously, it wasn’t my cup of tea cause everything was flour. ALL TYPES OF FLOUR.
oh well.
Patriot was the best… he ate halfway, then decided to take out a slice of his own bread from breakfast to munch on. >.<
Once again, no pictures of the memorable food:p
So after lunch,
we decided to conquer the stairs to see the Buddha.
It was pretty funny though cause all the adults were huffing and puffing up the stairs:D

I thought this looked pretty good.

decided to take pictures with the scenery instead of the Buddha haha.

a lazy doggggg. It didnt even bark when I crept super near it:D

After finally getting to eat my Sesame Paste. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I only got to eat ONE BOWL during my whole trip and NO PORTUGUESE eggtart when I was in Macau! *sobs* that just warrants another trip to Hong Kong in the near future.
So after a while, we headed back down the mountain.

alrighty so the photos stop there.
After heading down, we went to the citygate outlets which were near the cablecar station at Tung Cheng.
There were too many people to my liking so I ended up not getting anything although I would have liked to get a pair of crocs.
Oh wells.
The food republic there was awesome though!
It totally totally reminded me of home:)
A lady from that particular nation almost got into a fight with a man of the same particular nation as well and nope, they weren’t related.
They were fighting over chairs and I still remember the last sentence she said was “你坐這邊會早死!!!"
yup. and she did reach out and whack the guy a few times.
Scary.. Uncle Pax and I were there to witness the whole thing and ready to run in case things started flying cause we were only two tables away.
So after that, the tour bus brought us back to the hotel where we washed up and headed to a restaurant for dinner and to make up for the vegetarian meal which Uncle Pax hates,
we ordered Shen Zhen Chicken, Peking Duck (my fave!), Fish and Pork:p and just one dish of veggies:p
It came up to about SGD 11 pax so it wasnt too bad.

After that, we headed back to Mong Kok to go visit the H&M at Langham place cause we missed it the day before:p
Aunty Tracee and her sister wanted to find the famous Lao Po Bing (wife biscuit) which had an outlet near Mong Kok so I brought her there while Aunty Pat and her family went to Langham place first.
The shop was really really small and when we got there, the Lao Po Bing was already sold out and Aunty Tracee was told to come back at 10.30am the next day when a fresh batch would come out.
So we headed back to Langham place to H&M. OH HOW I LOVE H&M!
I bought a lace half top from there and decided to get more the next day since Aunty Pat needed to head to the H&M at Central which was their flagship store to get stuff for her daughter.
So we headed back.

Patriot wanted to get a watch from Swatch so I went with him to a store near our hotel while the adults went back first cause they were tired.
We got it and headed back and couldn’t find the adults>….<
While waiting for Patriot, I headed up to Muji to get something for my cousin Zheng Kang and I bought markers cause I couldn't find colour pencils… which I found at the muji store at the airport. ARGH.
Oh wells.

So we headed to the airport after that and that's that.:D



Hong Kong Day 4

Whew, in a blink of an eye, it’s already the 4th day!:D
I decided that I better finish up blogging about my HK trip ASAP else I’ll be procrastinating FOREVER:p

woke up to see this beautiful sunrise.

So it was our last day in Macau and since I had already made known my desire to go see the famous landmarks and not just hunt for food,
we headed to the Ruins of St. Paul. Thank God that the famous pastry shop that the adults were looking for was also located around that area so it was a win-win situation for everybody… except maybe Uncle Paxton:p
So after breakfast, we hopped onto cabs that would bring us to Macau island which was across a really long bridge from Taipa Island.
Can’t remember the cab fare either but when you split it four ways it’s not really that expensive.
The cab travelled through many small alleys which were really nice:)
Aunty Tracy commented that the old folks here were all skinny and healthy cause they have to climb up and down steep slopes daily. AHAHHAHA.
Mummy said that if she relocated to Macau or Hong Kong, she would slim down in less than 6 months. LOL.
So anyway, we reached the ruins of St Paul and I was blown away.
Sometimes I think I’m a bit of a history/ culture buff… Love that something so majestic can be built.

one of my fave photos:D
little kids having a field trip at the ruins of St Paul.
They were all ooing and ahhhing just like I was!:D

someone said that I looked tall in this photo HAHAHAHA.

doing touristy things hahaha.

ying and yang photo.
The adults are all convinced that the photo is ruined by it but I kinda like it:p

I’m pretty convinced that photos of people that I don’t know often turn up more artistic… to me at least hahaha.

Uncle Paxton says she looks like a ghost>.<
It's artistic!!! Not ghostly!!! Besides, she has a shadow!

heading towards Senando Square

So after some contemplation, we headed back to the pastry shop which we passed earlier cause we were afraid that we couldnt find it later.
We actually didnt have to worry cause there were like 5-6 outlets along the way>.<
Anyway, the place is called Koi Kei. Sounds a bit like my daddy's name hahaha.
There were lots of goodies aka 手信 inside.
Loved the peanut sesame candy and although it was pretty heavy, got mummy to buy a pack back to put at home.
BUT! LO AND BEHOLD! when I tried looking for it yesterday… she had already brought it to the office and it was devoured by her colleagues. *heart bleeds*

I got bored after awhile and headed to the opposite souvenir shop to see if there was anything I could get for my friends..
Unfortunately, every single thing was overpriced… SO NOPE. nothing.
Happened to see this little boy chasing pigeons and I couldn’t help but take a photo of him.
No, I am not a pedophile although my friends say that I am cause I take photos of kids whenever I’m on holiday… I mean who can help taking photos of them since they’re so cute???
(Sigh, me and my biological clock)
I really can’t wait to have kids of my own.. Love them when they’re at the age range of 0 to 5 yrs hahahha.
There’s just something about their innocence and how they view the world..
they also remind me of my own childhood.

St Dominic’s Church

The only regret that I have is that I didn’t manage to go into the buildings as I was the only one interested in them..
So it wouldn’t be fair since it was 6 to 1.:p
Besides, we didn’t have much time.


We found a little street market and went in and boy was it epic because it sold stuff WAYYYY cheaper than at Zhu Hai!
My mum and two aunties got jackets at MOP 199 which is about SGD 30 compared to RMB 400+!
Although mummy didn’t realise that her jacket had a fake mango logo on it till it was too late:p

love taking photos of alleyways:)

We headed back to the hotel to checkout soon after and we made the dreaded journey back to Hong Kong:/
Took the 1:30pm ferry and YET ANOTHER of those women of a certain country irritated me.
She kept pressing so close to me even after I told her off and since she was must taller, she was almost shouting into my eye when she spoke on her mobile.
ARGH. They seriously spoilt my trip.
Although Chye says the ones she met in Shanghai are ok hahaha.
The trip back was really bad.
Dad says that in dec, the sea is really choppy and IT REALLY WAS!
Could feel the boat rocking in circles and some people puked.
I was feeling really dizzy and tried to sleep to no avail..
I despaired even more and wallowed in self pity when I saw that Patriot who was on my left and mummy on my right were sleeping soundly!
(I later found out that they were faking it. HMMPH.)
Wanted to get up and walk around but was afraid that I would fall. SIGH.
Never ever felt that way when I was rowing my own boat…
If I ever go to Macau again, I’m gonna splurge on a helicopter ride. Seriously.

Went through the MTR again and somehow managed to lug our luggage up stairs and across uneven pavements back to the hotel and that was the part that was the most tiring HAHHAHA.
Checked in and rested for a bit. Mummy and I didn’t want to rest cause we only had an hour so after a bit of washing up, we went to walk around the hotel.
Headed to the shopping mall near by called the Mirama which was linked to hotel Mira (quite high end) and headed to Uniqlo and Muji.
Didn’t see much cause everything was winter wear but we should have bought a pair of jeans for my bro cause it’s SGD20 cheaper in HK.. Opps.
Bought pens and MASH MELLOWS WITH JELLY!:D I seriously have a sweet tooth hahahaha.
Mum and I also hunted for a money changer with the best rate:D
Went back to the hotel before the stipulated time and mummy kept knocking on the wrong doors. (inside story.not gonna tell)
So anyway, after everyone was done, we headed for dinner opposite our hotel cause we couldnt be bothered to walk around to find stuff to eat.
The food was really really really x infinity oily.
My wanton noodle soup wasnt that bad.. Mummy’s beef tenderloin noodle soup was crazy. There was a 0.5 cm thick layer of oil on it.
Take a look for yourself!


So that sums up why I can’t be bothered to take photos of the food.

Anyway, We headed to Mongkok after that to go visit Ladies Market and Langham place.
It was really really crowed cause it was a Saturday night so I didn’t really take photos.
Pretty nice place to shop except that you have got to bargain which was pretty lazy to do so I only bargained a little.
Bought three iphone covers since Dad called when we were in Macau that he had ordered the iphone 4s for me!:D YAY!
wanted to buy more stuff but Uncle Pax wanted to get out of the place quickly hahaha.
We almost went to Langham place but Uncle Pax saw an entrance to the MTR and quickly ushered us down it cause he was tired. LOL.
But it’s alright cause we got to go the next night.

OH! forgot to mention that I got mummy converted to using BB creams! HAHAHA. She bought a Dr. Jart BB cream to use as well!:D

So I’ll be blogging about day 5 and 6 soonish. Probably later.


Ps: not gonna comment very much about the mrt breakdown. Having travelled pretty extensively, I still am very thankful to God for Singapore and I love it very much.

Hong Kong – Macau – Zhu Hai 2011 Day 3

On the third day, we woke up early again and had a buffet breakfast at the hotel which was OKKKKKK i guess hahaha.
We then headed out to take taxis to the Macau – Zhu Hai border.
Once again, the queues at the custom were WAYYYYYY long and full of people trying to jump queue slyly…BUT FAILING CAUSE I WAS ON AN ALERT FOR THEM!
I shan’t mention the country these people come from but I’m sure you know whom I’m talking about.
I have many friends from that country and I find that most of them are nice and I was willing to give most of the country at large a chance amidst all the criticism that the people around me have for them..
and I was really really really disappointed.
Uncouth, rude, ungracious and a turnoff. These are the four words I can use to describe them… especially those of the female gender.
I’m not being racist or sexist.. i’m speaking from the truth of what I experienced and I would safely say that I will not go back to Zhu Hai again on my own will.
No way.

ANYWAY..back to my travelogue.
This one will be mostly pictures cause I have no idea where we went. HAHAHA

view of the border crossing at the Macau side.

so once on the other side, that is the Zhu Hai side, Uncle Paxton found a driver who was willing to be our guide for RMB 250 including a vehicle that could ferry 7 of us.
That works out to be about SGD 50 for all 7 of us so it was a pretty good deal.
The first attraction he brought us to (other than the toilet) was the fishergirl statue.
The weather that day was pretty bad with howling winds and what not so the sea was very choppy.
It seemed to be at high tide as well so the waves kept splashing onto the path. Because it was so cold, we stepped out of the van for like 5 -10 mins for photos then dashed back into the van again.
One thing that struck me was that there were many beggers around.. something that I didn’t really see in Hong Kong.
The beggers would keep pestering us and I would run around in circles with them while keeping my bag close cause I was afraid they would steal something.
Oh wells.

Just to show how windy it was!

Ok the tour guide didn’t tell us what on earth the fishergirl’s statue’s history is so I googled and this is what Wikipedia said

Legend has it that an angel descended to earth one day and fell in love with the beauty of the land. Reluctant to return, she turned herself into a fisher girl, weaving nets and searching for precious pearls to earn a living. In addition, she unselfishly used her knowledge and powers to heal villagers who were ill, and so was well loved by one and all. Soon she met a young fisherman named Hai Peng and they fell in love. Not long after, however, Hai Peng heard and believed malicious accusations, and demanded the fisher girl to give him her magical bracelets as proof of her affection. The fisher girl tearfully explained the origin of the bracelets. While she was still the daughter of the South Sea Dragon King, the eight bracelets were given to her by the eight palace mistresses, to guard her against the thought of abandoning immortality. She would die if she even removed one. Tragically, Hai Peng did not believe her story and turned to leave. The fisher girl, to prove her love for Hai Peng, removed her bracelets and died in his arms instantly. Hai Peng was filled with remorse and grief. His great sorrow moved the Jiu Zhou Huan Elder, who taught him the way to bring the fisher girl back to life. For this he had to travel to the Jiu Zhou Island to find the Resurrection Grass, which must then be fed with man’s blood. After much difficulty, Hai Peng found the grass and grew it with his own blood. Days turned to years, and the grass was finally ready and used to revive the fisher girl. Henceforth, the fisher girl became a true mortal. On the day of their wedding, all the girls together found a gigantic, magical pearl at the seashore. In gratitude, the fisher girl presented this to the reverent Elder.

OK so that’s that.
Next we went to this place that has chairlifts that will bring people up to the top of a hill.
It was pretty cold up there so my camera kept giving me problems cause the lens couldn’t focus.
SIGH. I think I need to buy a hot water bottle for it the next time I go somewhere cold.
The chair lifts were pretty fun though! But it was a little steep at RMB 70 which comes up to about SGD 14

nice people waving to us:D

Hit the top of the hill and it was wayyyy cold.
It was really touristy though… like they had pythons that were available for photos and what not.
So anyway, after walking for like 10mins in the cold, we decided to head back down hahaha.

So after the chair lifts, we headed to see the summer palace or something like that:p
According to Wiki, it’s called New Yuanming Palace (圆明新园)
Anyway, we decided that the entrance fees were not worth it and were just content to stay outside and take pictures with it as a backdrop hahaha.

mummy trying to be a Chinese warrior? 😀

there was a vendor selling corn, sweet potato and peanuts by the road side and boy were they welcome! SUPER WARM AND TOASTY when the weather outside is cold!

me and my jump shots:p

So after taking photos, the guide brought us to Wanzai Seafood street.
I think that was the part of the trip that made me the happiest!
First you choose a restaurant and then someone will lead you out to the back to choose what live seafood you want!
Everything there was alive and swimming around.
We bought a lot of seafood!
Had oysters, two each including the guide, abalone two each as well (which didn’t taste rubbery), a sole fish which was not bad, prawns which were super fresh, hairy crab, cuttlefish and sea urchin which was tasteless?
Below is the picture of the cuttlefish and it was really epic cause it squirted ink when we lifted it out of the water! HAHAHHAHA

Sorry for the lack of photos of the food!
Was too busy eating!:p
So after we chose the seafood, the person from the restaurant would bring it back to the kitchen to cook and then you’d have to pay the vendors outside for the seafood and the restaurant the fee for cooking your food plus other dishes like veggies and some sweet yam cake.
It was really good cause everything was fresh but the adults still felt that it didn’t really meet their standards cause Singapore cooking suits them better:)
Oh well, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

After that, the guide resorted to tricks to bring us to a silk showroom and then a TCM showroom which provided free foot massage which wasn’t quite what we were looking for so we got a bit upset..
Then we headed somewhere to shop!
Once again, I have no idea where except that it’s a street with many little shops.. a bit like bugis street?
The things there were wayyyy overpriced though! Thankfully, all the clothes were winter wear and nothing really caught my eye.
Patriot tried looking for shoes but they were all priced at about RMB 400++ which was about SGD 80++ for a shoe which has no brand..
and they kept telling us that the prices were non-negotiable.
like wth…
someone in our group also managed to get many nice name cards of girls called Rou Rou etc etc HAHAHA.
There were whole rows of bars of girls soliciting that kind of business and they all looked about my age.
I’m pretty thankful that I don’t have to be like them.
Of course, the person threw all the namecards away:D
The only thing I was tempted by over there was food!!!
I wanted to get those pancake thingies but I didnt have RMB so I couldn’t :///
Saw so many nice street snacks too! oh wells!!!

so after shopping at the shopping street, we headed to the Gongbei underground mall!
It was really huge but we didn’t walk very much of it which was a pity cause Aunty Pat, Uncle Paxton and Patriot did and they found lots of stuff!
By the time we realised that there was so much that we had not explored, it was too late HAHAHA.
So we hunted for a place to have dinner and somehow managed to get food for all of us with the SUPER limited RMB we had and we used up every single last cent! HAHAHA.
and had to beg the girl to let us off the few cents that we still owed:p
The food was not bad and I gobbled everything down cause I was so hungry and tired.
Shopping + cold weather takes a lot out of you!

After dinner, we headed back Macau and went back to the hotel to rest.
So when we crossed the border, I went to the toilet..
The toilet lock wasnt constructed very well and was pretty flimsy.
While I was peeing, a woman from that particular country came to BANG on my toilet door and it opened and I freaked out and screamed at the top of my lungs.
MIND YOU SHE DID NOT EVEN SAY SORRY! Instead, she muttered in Cantonese saying why scream so loud? what you have I also have.
LIKE WTH. The best thing is that open she said that she forcefully banged on my mum’s door and my mum scolded her and she said that oh not my fault, you didn’t lock the door. WTH.
When I got out of the toilet, she just rushed in and didnt even say sorry!!!
AHHHHH was so damn pissed off.

that concludes day 3 and I’ll start on day 4 later.
Just went for an eye check and found that my left degree increased by 50 and the right by 100.
need to protect my eyes… hope my degree stabilises enough for me to get lasik in the near future.


Hong Kong – Macau 2011 Day 2

look for the second day!

woke up nice and early at about 7am the next day and had a good shower and met at the lobby at 8:30am where Aunty Pat gave me the task to find the directions to the famous dim sum restaurant located near Yau Ma Tei.
the instructions online were that although the shop opens at 10am, you need to be there before 9am to queue… well we reached at 9:30am….

the queue was CRAZY…
and the most awesome thing was that the restaurant was crazy small and only had space for 9 tables>.<
We had a party of seven so we had to wait quite a while

while we were waiting……

our representative queuing!

did I mention that we had to wait quite a while? Make that two hours..
We queued to get a queue number and a promise that we should be able to eat by about 11.15am.
While we were waiting for the shop to open at 10am, we got peckish and Uncle Paxton bought some muchies for us to eat!
Ham Jin Bang and sesame balls?
Relatives of dough fritters!:D:D:D

so after we got our queue number which was no. 9, we headed to walk around the area and we found an open air wet market!:D

dried meats


mum thought this was really interesting!

after awhile, we headed back to the shop to wait in case someone jumped queue>..<
So anyway, we settled down like refugees huddling at the ledges at the entrances of shops that had not opened for the day…
and so we sat..
and sat..
and sat… till our butts hurt..

let’s call those shots views from the ledge…

ok so at about 11.30am, we managed to get into the restaurant..

and that’s the only picture you’ll get of the inside of the restaurant cause I was busy eating and damn tired of waiting.. :p
actually… that is why you won’t see many pictures of food in this series of travelogues cause most of the food that I ate wasnt exactly worth remembering.

So after breakfast that turned into brunch,
we rushed back to the hotel to check out to head to Macau!
The most epic thing happened when we were in the cab back to the hotel!
Our cabby decided to drive through the road that went through the wet market and got stuck behind an ambulance…
and cause we couldn’t wait,
we paid the flag down fare got down and headed to the main road to catch another cab and we saw an old lady with cotton wool over her teeth being carried away on a stretcher and blood on the ground..
So Hong Kong drama like..

so anyway, we checked out and lugged our luggage through the super “tourist with lugguage” unfriendly MTR and headed to Seung Wan station to take the ferry to Macau.
The queues for the customs were super duper long!

the ride there was… memorable…
first time getting seasick…
little did I know what would await me on the trip back… but I guess that is for another time….

so anway, we got to Macau at around 4ish 5?
was pretty excited cause I wanted to go sightseeing..
the first impression that Macau gave me was that it was SUPER COLD!
when we got off the ferry,
the sea breeze was crazy cold!!
but quite shiok!:p

other than the word cold, the one thing that hits you when you reach the Cotai Strip where the Venetian is located on Taipa Island is how grand and overwhelming the whole place is.
We passed by one of the newest casinos in the line of resorts called the Galaxy and were seriously blown away.
It made our hotel look pretty pathetic in comparison so that’s why there arent any photos:p
I mean you can’t really compare it like that..
USD 300 per night vs USD 100

The Galaxy

caught a marvelous sunset:)
I love sunrises and sunsets… other than the fact that the camera has a mode directed to them so I get perfect shots:p
There’s just something so refreshing about thanking God for the new day and saying goodbye to the one that has passed.
Doesn’t hurt if there’s someone you love watching it with you as well.

We stayed at the Grand Waldo hotel which was really pretty empty..
the casino in the hotel had a few customers who were happily smoking away so we retreated real quickly.

after checking in, the adults and I went for a bit of a high tea which came with a drink, Portuguese eggtart and porkchop bun.
after which, we went on a little bit of a walk outside but after 15mins, the adults couldnt take the cold and we headed back to the shelter of the hotel hahaha.
Went to get Patriot and we headed out to get dinner.
Thought that there was a good cheap buffet at the galaxy but it ended up really expensive>.< at SGD 50 pax so instead, we retreated to the food court there where I had the all familiar PEPPER LUNCH!

there was a pretty crazy diamond fountain thingy in the foyer of the Galaxy!
I can never really understand such opulence and grandeur but oh well.. Im ever the practical girl-next-door.


after dinner, we went to the Venetian!:D

mummy took this!
although technically speaking it’s not a very good photo cause it’s blur but i’d like to think that it’s really artistic:D

group photo!:D

so that concludes day 2!
whew… took 2 hours +++
shall continue tomorrow!:D