031/365 on my own!


Saw this mr on my way to school today:)



029/365 friends:)


Ever heard of the saying,

friends are flowers that never fade?

Well I’m really blessed that my friends are like that:)
It’s amazing how a few games can make us literally roll on the floor laughing and lift our spirits up!
These are friends who never fail to lighten my mood whenever I’m feeling down:)

I guess all of us need friends like these.
Friends who are there to pick you up when you fall or if they can’t, they’ll just make sure you don’t fall:)
Although I’m really really tired now from a sort of adrenaline crash after the crazy laughing,I’m really happy.
And it’s the kind of happy that comes straight from my soul to my heart which then envelopes my whole body:)

Thank you God for friends like these:)


028/365 swing swing swing



There are two pictures for today:D
Does looking at the pictures remind you of your childhood?:)
I love swings.
The feel of the wind in your hair,the freedom, the ticklish feeling in your tummy that makes you smile all the more:))
We all started with someone pushing the swing for us…
And then we gradually learnt how to use a lil bit of physics to swing on our own.
I don’t know about you but swings played a huge part in my childhood and I’d be really sad when old playgrounds that had swings had to make way for new ones without swings.
I even remember once saying to mummy “doesn’t the government know? Swings are the BEST part of the playground!” 🙂

Won’t you agree with me?:)