060/365 in a row


Saw these four egrets sitting in a row on the street lamp this morning and thought they looked really cute:)

Reminds me of when I was in kindergarten and we all sat in rows and listened to stories:) hahaha.

Today only happens once in four years but to be honest it felt like any other day:)
I’m just sorry that I didn’t go for the concert today.
Sorry guys!



059/365 tortoise


Sigh. I forgot to upload the photo earlier!!!
I realize that I’m so absent minded these days that it’s getting scary.
Maybe, just maybe, it’s due to the lack of sleep.
Which I guess I’ll try to make up for. Key word = try

Saw my shadow cast by the morning sun and really thought that I looked like a turtle!
It couldn’t be helped cause I had lab and a test which meant bringing lab coat + stack of notes.
I guess the test went quite ok but I didn’t stay for the revelation of answers.
I’ll just wait for results to come out:)

Meeting Jiayi today and being able to make her smile again just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside..
That’s what friendships are..
Being there for your friends when they need you.
It has to be reciprocated in order for there to be a true relationship between both parties.
It’s not selfish although that’s what some people keep doing to their friendships.
But to each their own.
I’m just really thankful to God for great friends who truly care and whom I truly love.
Some of you may be reading this and I just want to say thank you and that I love each and every single one of you who have made a difference in my life:)
Esp churchies, CBD, Heidy, Amanda, random lab clique, Rx prod, Lammy, Zoe and many others
Lots of love from me!


058/365 rainy Monday morning..


Woke up to the clash and bang of thunder and the roar of rain..
It was such a good morning to snuggle in my blankets and continue sleeping but alas, school beckoned.
Rain, just adding to the blues on Monday…
But I’m glad I finished what I had to do today.
Just another test to conquer tmr!


057/365 church


One of the biggest parts in my life:)

Today… Loads of stuff happened…
I dunno why things happened the way they do but I know that I just have to lean on God and trust Him, even when I can’t seem to see His hand moving…

I guess..this is what life is about.
Cherishing the people and the things that are in our lives..
I really don’t want 25th march to come…
It’s not that I’m afraid to perform; I’m actually quite excited..
It’s just that once the performance is over, I won’t be able to see and really hang out with my cast members whom I’ve grown to cherish and love.
People always say that we should cherish the people around us..
And I do! I do!
But what am I supposed to do with the sorrow I feel when they are gone?
I have no regrets but that sadness will still linger.. And what am I supposed to do about that?

Oh wells…
I’ve still got about a month to hold those people close to me.
I’ve still got a month..

I’ve always had a problem with emotional attachment.. But I guess that’s normal?


055/365 look around you


I keep posting late these few days.
I just keep doing my own stuff till I completely forget the time till it is past 12…
Oh wells.
Took this photo when I was out for breakfast this morning. The clouds were beautiful:)
Slow down and smell the fresh air!

Back to mugging!


054/365 a different view


Things would appear to be different when we look at it from different points of view… We have to rmb that…
But for now, I’m washing my hands off this.
I’m washing my hands clean.
I deserve to be happy and to be free of your problems.
To not have to worry about what’s going on everyday.
I want to be able to laugh and smile freely and that’s what I’ll do from now on.