Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold: Japanese Village Restaurant 日本村


where are we going???

Yes, I know that there is a test on thursday.
Yes, I know that exams are coming really quickly,
Yes, I know that I need to study harder given my below average grades for CAs (which I am really depressed and disappointed at too.)
Yet, we all need to relax sometimes:)

Mummy left for JB this morning for a 2D1N trip with her friends so daddy decided to take us out for dinner at the Japanese Village Restaurant at Jurong West Sports Complex:)
It’s the Deepavali Holiday today so all non-indians are enjoying and thankful for the day off:)
For me,  it was studying and spending time with my family:)



Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold was being a little naughty and refusing to put on the seatbelt. (actually, the sit belt could hold him hahaha)
But he promised to sit nice and still!



The ordering style at this restaurant is really cool!
If you choose to order their ala carte items (the other choice being the buffet), you’d have to go around to look at the different sections where pictures , prices and descriptions of the food were put up and wooden sticks indicating that order were placed in a small bucket for customers to take.
Each table has it’s own little bin to hold order wooden sticks so you’d just have to take the wooden stick representative of the item you want and place it in your table bin then place the bin at the order point!
It’s really quite interesting!
Needless to say,
SASHIMI was on the itinerary for the night:p
and we ordered a whole lot of food!



the interior of the restaurant.


View that I had overlooking the swimming complex!


couldnt resist a selca:p

been wearing glasses real often recently… (havent put on contacts in a week) cause there’s just so much studying to be done and it’s so much more convenient.



Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold and me! ❤



rotating conveyor belt of sushi!



kor’s beef teppanyaki!
It smelt really good, so much so that when we got home we all really needed a bath:)


my ribeye beef shabu shabu<3<3<3<3
The beef was really awesome!!!!
and it really wasnt that expensive!
around $13 after GST.




Daddy’s always on his phone:p


Three of us:)
picture is a little blurry though since it was taken by an auntie who was one of the staff.

I’m really glad for moments like this when we can spend time together as a family ( though it would have been even better if mummy was around:p
And now,
I’ve got to go back to mugging.
Pray hard for me!



Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold : love

Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold saw how hard his mom was studying that he told her not to worry!
That he is there to give her comfort while she studies through the night:)

So mom decided to thank him by giving him a hug and telling him that he will never be alone either. As long as mom is around


Dan the rabbit: new friend


Dan the rabbit who is afraid of cold was just wondering how he was going to have a good night’s sleep at night with the air conditioning blowing at him when someone tapped him on the shoulder…
It was sweetie, the dog that had been with mummy since she was 8! And she was a nice big and friendly old dog:)
And so, they snuggled together, ready to have a good night’s sleep.


Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold


Hi everyone! Say hi to my newest friend who came to stay with me on my 21st birthday!( ok technically one day before:p )
This is Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold.
He was a present from Zhi Ying and I fell in love with him right when I took him out of his wrapping:)

Yes yes, I do know that his name is really long but don’t you agree that it fits him? He’s always wearing ear warmers and a sweater. Although he is wearing shorts. (I should learn how to knit and make him new clothes)

Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold had a really busy day today!
He had his first car ride


Really love this photo:))

He also helped to complete a birthday card puzzle from my Rx prod people! Took him a long while to think with his fuzzy brain but we managed it together in the end!


He then studied together with me!
We both agreed that it is really difficult:( but we will try our best!


He fell asleep while we went for dinner!

Maybe, just maybe, he’ll share more adventures tmr:)

(I’ll blog about my birthday after all the tests are over!:)
Really thankful to all who came. Love you guys!