I must be crazy to be up at this hour cause of this

As the title says, I must be crazy to still be awake at this hour (1:48am) just because I decided to look through my past blog posts and was appalled that I was more insightful last year than this year… And that my pictures have almost dried up( a picture a day scheme: ultimate fail.)

Sigh. Year 3 sem 1 really got me down!
In this remaining 25 days of the year, I’m gonna reflect, take more beautiful pictures and make life count!



Taiwan Day 5 27 May 2012




Alright…. now day 5!:D it was a sunday!
So I woke up early and took a cab to go to New Life Church!
This is the school auditorium that New Life Church holds its services on Sunday.



the offering envelope.








Left the service halfway to go meet Jiayi and Zac and we headed to Wulai!

A short description of Wulai taken from wikitravel

Wulai (烏來) is a small town in Taipei CountyTaiwan, famous for its hot springs and aboriginal culture. The name of the town derives from the Atayal phrasekirofu ulai meaning “hot and poisonous”. Don’t let this scare you away from this lovely town! Consider going during the week if you can as it is quite crowded on the weekend. Also, in the summer, it might be a few degrees cooler than Taipei, but the elevation is not sufficient to provide real cooling.

Yup! So we headed to Xindian mrt and went to wait for the bus. This option is way cheaper than taking a taxi.






We stopped for lunch at this little place that Jiayi and I had been to once before.
They have really good 濡肉飯! I had that and stir fried cabbage.  It was really good!



the prices are really reasonable too!






It really is such a picturesque town with a river running through its heart.
We were feeling a tad warm so we went to get mango ice!!!!



Such a huge bowllllll… i think it was NT100?
The mango chunks were nice and juicy as well:)








headed across the river to go soak in a hot spring!!!
Zac had to wait for us for about an hour cause it wasnt worth it for him to have his own room, HAHA.

But after we were done, we went to take the little trains that cost you NT50 for one way to WuLai waterfall.
If I am not wrong, these little trains used to be mining carts that were converted.








I was really lucky to have the chance to sit next to the driver!
Some other uncle said that the driver will drive better today cause a pretty girl is sitting next to him..
Yes, I can remember that even 5 months later.:p



there, the WuLai falls,
it’s pretty isnt it??






such a sweet photo…:)










ahhh… here is the catch about this place…
When we went, it was late spring going into summer so you know in spring, animals mate and have babies…
Well so did the butterflies.
And my dearest choobs, is scared of them…




here’s a firey red and hairy one.






really like this photo.






vroom vroommmm




and another one…










We walked back through the lovers walk, skip over many caterpillars and arrived safely back at Wulai old street.
We went to buy some souvenirs and mochi and then headed over to XiMenDing






hot spring eggsss.




I think we were changing trains here…






thought it was interesting how he sat on his instrument case!


Then we reached XiMenDing!
The place for all young people in Taipei!
Went to see the Xi Men red house first.
It used to be  a theater in the past but is now converted if my facts are correct.





then off we headed in the other direction to find food!!!




We had this, a sort of hotpot thingy in one of the upper restaurants haahha.




then we walked around and shopped!:D

and headed back to rest for the early wake up time we had set… cause we were going to the WATER PARK!!!!!








Taiwan Day 4 26 May 2012


Alright, I have decided that since I’ll be heading to Taiwan in another 23 more days, I’d better hurry up and finish posting about my summer holiday to Taiwan.
Life was busy LOL.

We slept in quite happily and once again, missed the sunset.:p
We just dont seem to have a good relationship with the sun.
I had previously booked the tickets to the taroko express two weeks before we would take the train… mind you, I woke up at 6am just to buy train tickets.
You probably would have to be as kiasu as me cause the tickets get snapped up really fast!

If you are unsure of how to purchase the tickets, just refer to this website

This is for the taiwan railway administration and not the high speed rail.

The minsu owner provided free transport for us to the train station and we got there with a lot of time to spare.
I think that the next time I come back to hualien I’ll definitely stay with them again!
They are really such nice people, the toilet is really big and the view is to die for.





Bye hualien… I’ll miss you.
I’ll miss your beautiful coastline and rugged mountains.
But I’ll definitely be back… probably next year…





the passing scenery.



The ride was really comfortable and took about 2 hours to get us from hua lien back to songshan train station.
We had bought some refreshments from the shop at the train station!
My favourite 麥香紅茶 malt fragrance black tea haha.
Took the time to prewrite all the postcards:)
Do you spot your postcard in here?


Read Songshan train station and proceeded to walk to our hotel which was a 10min walk away.
Everytime I stay in Taipei, I stay at the Wonstar Hotel Songshan.
It is a small nondescript hotel at the side of wufenpu garment wholesale center but it is good enough for me.
Haha. It’s location is really quite convenient!
Wufenpu is just downstairs!
Since we could only check in at 3, we deposited our luggage and went in search of lunch!
Jiayi and I brought Zac to eat at the dumpling king, the place that when I fell off the chair due to exhaustion when I was 18, a handsome waiter helped me up><
Their noodles are really good!





what I like about taiwanese restaurants are the side dishes that you can order for a nominal sum like NT30 ~ SGD1.10


my prawn noodle!
So after lunch, we went to check in and take a short nap.


we booked a triple room with two beds (one supposedly queen sized and the other single but Jiayi and Zac were complaining that the beds were about the same size and I had it all to myself:p)
There was a nice large bathroom with a Jacuzzi bathtub!!! woohoo!

After our short nap, we went to go hike 象山 elephant mountain cause it was something that I had wanted to do all this while!
If you want to do how to get there, go look at this blog!

we took the train to taipei city hall station which is also where you get down if you wanna see Taipei 101 and walked along side a main road and came to a residential area.








i love how taiwan has diagonal crossings at stipulated times of the day!:D
Happy happy.
I actually took this photo cause of the rhino sculpture in the distance lol.



yay the entrance!



steps… more and more steps…
It was actually a short hike but being as unfit as I am, those stairs really killed me! Probably also cause of the weather. Haha.



the residential district surrounding the area



after about 15mins of huffing and puffing and sweating, we made it to the lookout point!
and there, Taipei 101.

The view of the city.
I think that if I went there alone, I would probably just sit there the whole day and look out at the scenery…




I climbed up a rock!



There were many photogs staging themselves there to! Waiting for the sun to set:)





the couple…. and me in the background lol.







bad choice of outfit that day… looked like I wasnt wearing shorts

So after the hiking, we headed down the mountain / hill and headed stright to the nearest 7-11 we could find to get some refreshments and fuel cause we were so tired!!!
I love Taiwanese 7-11s! They have all sorts of cooked food and everything tastes absolutely wonderful. The bigger 7-11s especially in the residential areas all have seats for you to sit and take your food. They even have a nice clean TOILET.



After the brief (kinda) snack, i separated from the couple cause I wanted to go shopping and choobs wanted to bring Zac to see Taipei 101.
I decided against going cause I have gone so many times!





I went to Xin Kong Mitsukosi at XinYi New Life Square and I love this place…. cause it was featured in so many dramas and is pretty whether in the day or at night!



Taipei 101:)

Like a beacon of light in the darkness:)

While waiting for the two of them, I headed to the pharmacy at Eslite Xinyi bookstore..
Really interesting to see what they sell here…
I got some cream for insect bites.. (it would turn out that I had gotten bit by fleas) and for aching calves and thighs haha.



I waited and waited and waited… and waited and waited..
I was quite dismayed to find that the Starbucks that was at the bookstore was replaced by the Agnes B cafe..
but, it was still nice to have a cuppa hot cocoa there while waiting for them.
They took about 1.5 hours to come back cause the queue for the elevator was about half an hour and they got lost coming to find me.


After we met up, we headed to Rouhe night market near where our hotel was!
This is like one of my first few pictures with this sign cause I always just go straight in without pictures hahaha.

There were too many people around so I couldnt get many photos…
Oh wells. maybe I’ll get some this time round!




This was the.best.thing.ever!!!!!
They deboned a chicken drumstick and barbecued the whole thing then stuck it on a skewer!
So tender, juicy and flavourful!
We had to wait half an hour for ours!

We took the food to go and headed back to our hotel to eat.
After a short rest, we headed downstairs to WufenPu to shop!!!
It was awesomeeeeeee. (although Zac kept asking to go buy slurpee)

Alright. That’s it for Day 4. I’ll try to blog about day 5 by today or tomorrow!:D



ps: all the best to the brave warriors who are fighting the war against the exams. You can do it!!!!


I’m back

It seems like it was just yesterday that I just stopped blogging altogether when life in this busy island state just caught up to me and threatened to swallow me whole.

Yes, it was the examination period for University students in Singapore (at least the major universities). The DREADED examination period.

When they (being seniors) mentioned that Year 3 Sem 1 of pharmacy school would be the hell year a.k.a the worst year in your 4 years of academic life, I was skeptical. I mean, come on! Anyone who has been in pharmacy school (at least in NUS) would know that not a single semester is easy. Not.a.single.one.

But now, on the last official day of the semester with my holidays stretching wide in front of me, I eat my words. This was indeed one of the worst semesters.
The work load was just mind boggling with the amount of content that we had to cover, the number of tests we had to sit through for each module and me being a smart aleck went to take a language module (which by the way I do not regret one bit).

I’m just really thankful to God that He has seen me through this whole process.
It really has been a crazy semester, with the past two weeks being even crazier. The late nights and waking up early, staring at the pile of notes and not having any motivation to study, feeling like nothing could go into my head anddddd my dearest dad and the noise he generates (hehehe. it’s normal just that in a highly stressed state I was very sensitive to any external stimuli) really almost killed me.
Sometimes I think to myself and wonder what life would be like if I didn’t have God and Jesus in my life. Being the driven person I am, I think I might just succumb to depression or something worse. So TYJ for loving me and giving me the strength to carry on.

Today was the last paper – Pathology.
In some ways, it was worst than all the other papers due to the fact of the sheer amount of content that we needed to ingest and understand..
I remember that just yesterday, I was feeling all forlorn and tired at 7pm telling mummy that I really didnt want to study anymore but Mummy told me not to give up. That I just had to persevere and read the notes slowly and then by tomorrow everything would be ok.
I’m glad I took her advice.

I ended this series of examinations with a trip out with a gang of 9 guys… (where are all my female friends????)
to watch Argo.
It is really a brilliant movie that had me gripping my seat in fear…. well… I just don’t take violence, gore or horror very well.
But that, made it brilliant.

Looking back at the past year, I feel that I’ve accomplished a lot, grown a lot, matured a lot.
I even acted in my first ever production. Something that I never thought I could do!
Went to Taiwan again in June for my first encounter with wild dolphins and meeting old and new friends. Had preceptorship and was lucky enough to meet the best preceptor in the world. Went through this sem and roughed it out but came out alive at the end with all my friends. Celebrated my 21st birthday having a birthday party for the first time in my life.
I’m thankful.

December is always a month that makes people feel poignant about the things that have happened to them over the year and the resolutions they have yet to fulfill.

These were/are my resolutions for this year:
1. Exercise regularly
2. Head to Taiwan again for a long trip where I can go up the mountains
3. Practice singing more
4. Do my best for pharmacy production
5. Study my hardest
6. Save $200 every month
7.Spend quality time with good friends
8.Be more mellow and less tempermental
9.Draw closer to God
10.Be happy
11. Get a boyfriend?
12.Learn the guitar

It’s when you look at these resolutions that you know exactly how much you have grown…now that I look back, these resolutions seem so childish… I’ve tried my hardest for no.10. I still have my down moments but I try my best to recover quickly!
I’m still a lot of work in the making..

As for the boyfriend part, well, which girl doesn’t wish to be loved by someone and be their world? To have someone to care for you when you are down to have someone to shower care and love upon to have someone to call your special someone who knows secrets that only exist between the two of you.. I’ll try my best to find that person but I guess it’s not really on my own time…

Ah well, single for 6 years and counting..

Till next time!
I’ll start going round to take photos of Christmas trees and take in the holiday spirit!:)