Smoggy smoggy day



Yesterday, the smog in Beijing was supposedly the worst it has been in a year – yup lucky me because there had been 2 weeks of clear skies before I arrived.

Today….. IT WAS WORSE.
Now as I look out of the window, I can hardly see the apartment block opposite.
Yes, it's that bad..
And well, no one seems to know where all this pollution is coming from…

But anyway, I'll be heading home tomorrow to warm weather, clear skies and you.
It's funny how someone can worm their way into your heart even though it's only been a short amount of time.
It's funny how whatever anger or frustration I feel at that time or towards you just melts away when you appear.
It's funny how you make me smile… A smile that comes from my heart.

Thank you Beijing for welcoming me here,
For allowing me to have no queues to clear customs when I first came,
For me to experience you in a real different way, kinda like a local.
Thank you for having such early nights that I've had the most relaxed holiday yet!
Thank you for pandas, yes, pandas!

I don't know if I'll be back again but thank you all the same:)

And tomorrow, home is where I'll be,



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