I just thought about this topic – priorities
I think this is one of the things that can ruin things in a person’s life if care isn’t taken to get the priorities in the right order.
Which would you place first?
Your family? Your job? Studies? Hobbies? God?

I think setting our priorities straight is something that has been much overlooked by people and I guess it requires a constant self reflection about what we are doing at the current moment and whether it follows our priorities

I just self-evaluated and I think that I should work harder to set my own priorities straight.

My list looks something like this now
5. special someone

I think many people will question why church and ministry ranks below family and the main reason that is is because we can’t ever just get caught up with work and forget about what matters most.
Family is important, really important
Many families break up because the dad or mum has spent too much time at work or busy earning money and that causes a rift in the family cause not enough quality time was spent with each other.
It’s easy to say that parents are earning money so the kids can benefit but more often than not, kids just want their parents to love them, spend time with them, guide them on problems that they need advice for.

Let’s take the time to reevaluate our priorities in life and well, lead a more balanced and happy life:)