Feeling domestic today. Mum helped to buy chicken wings and I just marinated them with garlic ginger soya sauce and sesame oil. All these just for #projectlunchhbox hahaha. Let's see how it goes later!


Early in the morning this critter woke me up at 7am with her inside her litter box digging a away.
Sighed in worry and frustration when I noticed it was diarrhea and she had poo stuck to her furry backside.
Bathing a cat at 7am in the morning is no joke btw. And now diarrhea struck again!

And this critter is hiding so I won't clean her butt. This won't work ma'am, this wouldn't work

Dragged her to the bathroom to wash her backside and now someone is giving me the stink eye

Fave photo from yesterday!:) it was Timmy's commencement day and it really felt like it was just yesterday when I was wearing those same robes.
Time really flies.
I'm glad that now he has cleared another big milestone in his life and is heading for even bigger milestones!:)

Sad face of a sad cat