Good morning 🙂 had a great night yesterday:)


Scooting out of here!!! Off to Kaohsiung for 8 days:) it's been a long time coming ahah. Last holiday was in April! I really feel that after starting work, rest is the most important thing.

Had a nervous few moments as the flight took off. I think working in a hospital and facing life and death situations everyday makes you feel that life is really so uncertain. A kind of in of your face uncertain. But trusting in God is the most important thing. I

Feeling abit bummed cause this is my current view. I never could sleep during flights so I chose the window seat so I could watch the sunrise. But this is all that I see hahahah

Ok I just had an epiphany hahahah. Shucks I'm so dumb. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner does not have window shades so the windows are tinted!!!! And the pilot can control the amt of tint I think! Ok no, I just realized that we can control the Amt of tint

See the tint turned darker! Lol! I was still thinking why is the sky so oddly blue today. So sad. I really wanted a nice photo of the sun and sky since Kaohsiung is like raining now cause of the typhoon

The tint controller. Decided not to make it too bright cause my seat companions are sleeping. I envy them. Haha tired but can't sleep

Managed to sleep an hour on the plane. Yay. Feeling so much better now and not as groggy.
This tinted windows thingy is kinda cool but it's giving me a headache with everything looking green.
It's like I'm going to the Emerald city to see the wizard of Oz.

Traveling alone is a chance for you to get to know yourself better

First drink at a random cafe here called donutes! Ice plum tea. The first taste was exceedingly sour lol but after awhile I got used to it and the taste was awesome!

Waiting for my friend at the moment. Think she is caught up at the Uni. Gonna be staying at her place:)

And we might actually be going to Kenting later cause according to the nice taxi driver who drove me just now, the weather will be the best these two days! Hope he is right