Looking like an office worker today! Heading to tsukiji fish market for breakfast!

Food was superbly good! Had a platter and the only thing I didn't like was herring roe. That really tasted like crap

Here's one of the family! Finally dad is smiling in pictures haha

Me and my mum

Now on the metro on the way to shibuya! Shop shop shoppingggg!!!!


It's day 2 in Tokyo today!!! Currently updating cause we're waiting for the parade is Disneyland to start! Freezing our asses off omg hahaha

So so so cold!

Blessed with such good weather from this morning! Super duper happy cause yesterday was so super duper cloudy!

New challenge for myself starting now! To run at least three times a week in the mornings before work!:) could do this at 7 today cause this week I start work at 10 or later this week!
Next week onwards though I'll have to get up at 6. We'll see if this can last! Hahaha

Although if I do end early like on the normal days I suppose I could run after work

This is a start. Hopefully I'll build up more of my endurance!

Post workout sweaty face

Made a friend early in the morning

Love this season the most. T-10 to Japan! Can't wait! Seems like work is all there is to life now of days

In other news, loving the pc glasses that I bought the other day cause it has really helped my eyes to feel less fatigued! Although the boy is convinced that it's a placebo effect

Just bought tickets for my taiwan trip in Jan. It's probably like the 9th time I've been there? Can't help it though, it's really my happy place. The one place I can just go and feel happy without an itinerary, feel at home and really totally relax.
All my friends just exclaimed "again?" when I told them I was going to taiwan though hahahaa. The last time I went was in October 😜
Can't wait for my Japan trip though. Can't wait can't wait

Just spent the first minutes of my birthday in the shower and I will now stone in bed and watch running man

Off to work

First day of being 24. Looking haggard? Hahaha. Almost couldn't wake up for work today. Yesterday was a really extremely exhausting day