Last day of 2015!!!!

To be honest, this year just flew by and it really doesn't feel like it's the last day of the year

In fact the year was just filled with a lot of work work and more work. Hahahah omg I sound so sad like this. Let me try to do a recap

Left was us on 31/12/13 and right was 31/12/14

This is us today!
Looking older hahahah (working in a hospital does that to you) but I think our faces are not that much fatter??? Hahaha
Been struggling abit with weight and self-confidence issues cause of the thyroid problem. When I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism I was at 47kg and even then lamented that how come the text books always said that people will have their weight drop drastically but I didn't (49kg->47kg) now I'm on meds and hovering around 51kg

Last year I looked cui cause of pre reg training and this year it's the boy's turn! But I think he's still looking pretty good hahahah 😘


saw Vincent and I featured in the pharmacy department's website with a mega awkward photo.

Where we experienced our first controlled drug disposal (omg really looked so bad hahahaha)

Got my first wisdom tooth taken out a week before my competency examination as well! One of the most stressful periods ever. Then again, since when has any pharmacy exam or viva been not stressful.


CNY with us and princess!:)

Outfit for this CNY! Can't stand the chubbiness omg hahahaha. Shall exercise more!!!!

Tribute to healthcare workers:
As of now I've been working in a hospital for about a year and a half and u just want to write a little something to honor healthcare workers.

Today on the eve of Christmas when most people are given half day off and are rushing home to spend time with family or friends, please remember those people who are still slogging away to ensure you get your medications, to ensure you get medications at safe doses, who take care of you

We know and we understand that you are rushing home too, happy and thrilled that your family member has finally been discharged from hospital and that you want them home as fast as they can leave…

Well, just remember that you are not the only one feeling this way and that there are tens of people going home from hospital today too.

Please don't get mad at the doctors who are a little slow in prescribing your take home medications, don't get mad at the nurses who try their best

Most of all, don't hurl words of abuse or mutter and be unhappy if the queue at the pharmacy is long. We are trying our best.

Of course we could give you the medications faster if we didn't check it, if you would want to bring home medications that are at their wrong doses. It's not instantaneous that a doctor prescribes medication and you get it.
Much has to be done that you don't know about.

Breakfast before work today! Rush rush rush!

Beautiful weather today but I'm on my way to work! Hahaha. Oh wells. #woesofahealthcareworker
Crossing fingers that everything goes smoothly today and no one is on fanciful antibiotics that needs monitoring

Thinking of going into town for a spot of shopping but we'll see about that!

Snack at work! Yay 2 h 15 mins more!

Stoned face on the way to work today. Zzzzzz I like doing the review shift though. Time passes a whole lot faster!

end of the first day of work after my holiday hahaha. Felt so drained cause I kept waking up the whole of last night like at 5:30am, 6am etc… Which is madness cause I just had 8 days of waking up without alarms and I always woke up at 9 or 10!!!
Think my brain was really paranoid that I wouldn't wake up in time for work hahaha.
Shall post about my holiday later! Too lazy to backdate:p