Here's the silly cat who ran out of the house twice this morning hahahah.
And here's her contrite look when I said no treats for the next week hahahaa.
She was actually teasing my mum who was trying to catch her. Like if my mum would try to grab her from near the neighbour's shoe rack she would run back to our door and when my mum tried to grab her again she'll run back to the neighbour's lol

So now my mum is busy cattifying our metal gate so that we might have a bit more of a breeze through the house? We were surviving with the wooden door closed

Seriously SBS bus drivers. Why do you have to speed past the bus stop everytime!!!!
Now I just missed the express bus service which means that I have to wait another 15 mins. Boohoo

Just read this on Facebook!
This story is incredible

Finally on the bus after waiting 30 mins yay!
Going to see two good friends and two paw friends!
Can't wait!

Heheheh furry minions alert!!!!


TGIF today!!! Can't wait for this horrid week to be over

Enjoying a bit of solitude now. At least half of the day is over. Just another 4 hours more to the end of work. Then meeting dearest Fann and Eddie after:)

So mad angry at work today. Just wanna scream. Or maybe just take a two day mc cause of this imbecile I'm having a massive headache

For a person who acts like she's the best friend of the whole world and the greatest saint, I'm honesty amazed at your lack of concept of grace.

Firstly you vented out your frustration at me who is your superior at work at a mistake I made. That's fine and dandy if I was irresponsible and not willing to atone for the mistake. I was honestly sorry and was trying my best to solve the issue. I did not AND STILL DO NOT deserve that bitch tone you used on me

Just because the patient expressed his displeasure at you did not mean that you could take it out on me. Don't you always act like the patient's best interests are yours too? I did not appreciate your angsty "YOU SHOULD HAVE…" Yes I should have.. The only catch is that I've only been back in this hell hole of a place for 4 days and GRACE, yes grace was something I thought you were capable of seeing at how close you were to all my peers

I admit I was in the wrong for not doing what I SHOULD HAVE. But I was making an effort to rectify the wrong and I don't think I deserved that SASS from you.
Funny funny.. Just as I was going ALL OUT to settle the issue with the patient, you went to tell the boss as well as the other colleagues about what I did wrong… Oh! And conveniently left out your godawful ATTITUDE and eye rolling when you were talking to me.

Don't blame me for replying you with an equally angsty "FINE! I am going to settle it". It was a reflex given that I was accosted by you with that SHITTY attitude you threw in my face.
Guess what? In the end, you who acted like everything was my fault and that you were in the right DID NOT HELP THE PATIENT IN THE SLIGHTEST.
Funny thing then… That the patient who supposedly gave you angst, thanked me with much gratitude in the end cause he could see the effort I made to right the wrong

So screw you. If I had thrown the blame to you or left you to deal with an angry patient alone then I deserve the yelling. BUT I TRIED MY BEST.
And I hope you remember that when you have the SASS to throw at other people, your mistakes when you were working in an unfamiliar section were met with GRACE.
and thanks for telling the whole world about my mistake while conveniently leaving out your attitude. I'm lucky that my reputation is better than what you tried to smear

So my friends are still my friends despite your shitty half truth story

And thank you. Thank you for helping me realize that it was all in God's providence that he sent me to the other section. Cause if I was forced to stay here and work with people like you I would totally die.
At least back there in the place all of you complain about, I find acceptance, camaraderie and grace. I laughed and smiled there. Here, I'm miserable every day.

I just wanna go home so bad.
I'm super thankful to the patient who saw how hard I was trying. It's people like him that help me keep doing what I do.
Who keep me trying.

This weather matches my mood perfectly

Comfort food or drink to be more accurate

So I kinda went on a little shopping spree today cause I was so hopping mad hahahaha.

Spring rain?
I'm feeling a tad nervous today because I'm back in outpatient for 6 weeks.
It's not that I haven't done it before but rather that I've gotten so used to life in inpatient that I have kinda forgotten what I need to do in outpatient. Oh wells
Just have got to grit my teeth and do it I guess

Woohoo! Off work today… Now all that's left is for a good long nap

Love this one to bits and pieces. Bought a new food for her to try today and she ate so much!!! Happy:D
Normally she's so picky till…. I wish I had a dog 😡
I fear for when I have kids hahaha. Hope I don't become an overindulgent parent!