Woke up to this girl beside me this morning. Kinda sweet cause she rarely ever ends up sleeping right beside me but I was really having to ease out all the creaks and pains cause sharing a single bed with a cat is really really hard!

Day 3 of the 5 day break before night shift starts on Thursday night! I'm really enjoying the break and not regretting not leaving the country!

Currently bumming at turf city while waiting for the princess to be done with grooming.
Think she's not going to be sleeping beside me anytime soon hahahah
She was seriously struggling so bad when I was trying to put her in her carrier just now and thankfully treats did the job.

Was looking through some ID photos just now and I just fell in love with some of these!
Seriously though, the thought of planning a wedding + paying for Reno within these 3 years is giving me a headache

Super love this bathroom!!!

This is so gorgeous too!

Beautiful beautiful day. Finally out running about a gazillion years!

And here's one of my sweaty face

The feeling you get when you struggle to get out of bed and when you get ready to go to work at 7 in the morning and you realize that all the other members of your family got off today but not you.

And to add insult to injury, you already worked 3 out of 4 days this lunar new year and they were resting and enjoying themselves

Sigh. No wonder I feel more drained than rested this holiday

Happy new year everyone!!!!!!
And to all my colleagues working today, all the best!

I'm just lying in bed now and refusing to get up to shower hahahah. The whole house is quiet save for miss princess and her bell

Honestly have no idea why I feel like a train wreck every morning when I wake up.
Hair is a mess, face is super bloated and the bloat only goes away after the walk to work

Work in outpatient is seriously draining. I used to like it but recently it really feels like a thankless task.

If we don't give patients their meds fast enough sometimes we get mean patients who yell at us when actually we were just checking their prescriptions to make sure nothing is wrong

I find that most people have the mentality that filling your prescription after a clinic visit is like shopping. Just take and go.

They also think that all a pharmacist does is to pack the prescription… Kind of like how you go to buy TCM herbs.

But #thetruthis we do much more than that.
We check your prescription against your national records to see if the dr ordered the right medications for you. We also check whether the dose is safe and whether there are any conflicts with other meds

We also ensure that there is a purpose for whatever medication you are taking