Heading to work today! TGIF! Although today is usually the craziest day of the week cause every single patient wants to go home on a Friday.
Wish me luck and pray for me to end work on time today! The last week my colleagues went home at 9😱😱


Wearing my cactus shirt today!
It's really the simple joys in life that makes us happier and more content isn't it?

It's a beautiful day today 😊

I shall be happy and content because it's with God's grace that I'm alive, able to work and able to enjoy this day and make a difference to patients

Got this today to try! Hopefully this becomes something that I can use daily!

was really so impressed by the service at Sephora today. I had half a mind to get the more expensive Marc Jacobs Remarcable foundation but the sales assistant introduced me to born this way instead which was cheaper and she even tried it on my face for me!

Love how it felt like she genuinely cared about how the foundation would suit me! 👍🏻👍🏻

Just a photo of me and the boy who was well fed today haha

First time cooking for the FAM

Good morning!!! I really do love rainy days 😊😊😊
Perfect for snuggling at home and doing nothing haha but I'm going to drag myself back to office to do my presentation later

Having prata for brunch/lunch now! The boy got stopped by a patient he served a few days back and they are talking non-stop now while I wait for food:D
Hungry hungry hungry!

Hello everybody! #dayrepets

Headed back to the office for some quiet time to be able to do some work cause I'm really unproductive when I'm at home!

Loving my new supergas 😊😊

I think the boy shouldn't have told me that our pay came in already hahaha

Headed off for a spot of shopping after doing some work and got a pair of skorts, a shirt and the too faced born this way foundation!

What I bought today!
Super happy with the cactus shirt lol

Cooked pork miso udon for my family today!:) for the first time ever!

Feels good being able to feed my family 🙂 hahaha

Burnt my finger on the hot pot handle though. Was really really careless of me

Silly cat still doesn't want to wake up when she has the whole day to nap #dayrepets

Same old same old.

It's funny how everyone is really happy that it's Friday but I'm not! Cause Friday is usually our busiest day for discharges…. Like almost 100+ patients want to go home and they all want to go home at the same time 😱😱😱

Eating Popsicles at the Kyushu fair at westgate with my good friend!
It was so yummy for $2!
Missing Japan quite a lot! If not for the language barrier I might love it even more

It was a crazy tiring day at work today. There was a flood of patients that we almost couldn't handle
Hopefully the patients were OK with waiting a little

Someone was waiting at the door for me to go to work today haha😍😍 although I think it was less of affection and more of trying to find a loophole to go out to galavant

No idea what happened… Guess I'll be seeing one of my neighbours in the hospital soon? Hope they are ok though..

Wearing new shoes today! New shoes new mood haha. I just realized that u can't give in to my weak physical self and just nua when I get home! I have a list of things that I need and want to do and I'm going to get it done!

Both for myself and work

And one of me!! Hopefully face isn't so swollen this morning haha