Lunch today!

Now going on a scrimp and save diet lol.

Been loving brown rice more and more😊😊


It's another rainy morning which made it so hard to get out of bed!!!

But the weather is really lovely. Coupled with the fact that the bus came in like a minute after I reached the bus stop 😊😊


Overcast skies but awesome cooling weather

Goodnight world!

Today was our second work anniversary!

It seriously astounds me how far we have come from that fresh grad, nervously awaiting instructions on the first day of work in good ole Alexandra hospital.

Loving all these people so much and missing some of them!

Went to watch finding dory with the boy today and the movie was sooooo good!!!!

It was so lovely and funny at the same time!
The only part I really couldn't understand was about the dead fish going into destiny's tank….

But ok. No spoilers hahahah

Photo after the movie!

Thunderstorm at 6am with extremely loud thunder..
Woke up to find princess gone but I heard some plastic rustling

The poor cat crawled into the cupboard to hide

It's a lovely morning after the rain~although the thunder was really booming in the morning

the 3rd dating anniversary

It's our 3rd anniversary today!!
Both of us took leave today to spend time together

Slept in to my hearts content and the boy surprised me with flowers at my door!

Headed to pince and pints for a lobster lunch!!

Been thinking about it for a long time haha and the boy finally brought me again!

One of my giant face haha

I think it's both a curse and blessing to be born with a round face

One of our nicer couple photos!

Most photos today were taken by the new canon g7x mark II!

Found a nice wall to pose at

Look at those lobster meat pieces. Omggggg.
Looking at me makes me want to eat it again
💸💸💸💸💸 for the boy hahaha

Found some nice backdrop to take photos

Then the boy planned for us to go to the skypark at duxton

Omg we didn't how far block 1G from 1A
The walk it took us just to get our tickets was tiring to say the least
I'm thinking we won't make that mistake again hahaha

Found some nice pavilions to take photos!

The view from the skypark!

It was beautiful and the weather really cleared up after the rain with a nice bit of breeze going on. But after awhile the sun got abit too much

And I must really give the boy A* for effort for this hahaha. He wanted to carry me and I still thought piggyback cause he has a hernia and can't carry heavy weights and I'm definitely a heavy weight lol.

What you don't see is us rolling on the floor after the photo was taken hahaha

A kiss for the effort he made

Walking walking walking