Our market looking really festive today! Can't imagine that I'm doing night shift during national day hahahah but I think it'll be interesting!

And there is my cute mom:)

Officially #dayrebrides

Thanks @benita for creating such a beautiful bouquet 😊😊

The cat and the bouquet 😊

Mins before this my mother accidentally pressed on her paw and she meowed in pain >.<

Am so so so thankful for these people

I think I'll write about the proposal story another day πŸ™‚

Future cell!

Germaine and Tsiu Wei 😘😘

And not forgetting the young ones!

Matt and Germaine!


And the best friend:)


My pretty cat says hi!

Went to Ikea with the boy this afternoon cause we just wanted to have a look see to have inspiration for our own house!

The place was seriously packed!

Before we can start though, we had to have the hot dogs hahahah. Two each to be exact. And a drink and ice cream!

Pardon the ugly sauce hahaha


To be honest though, these didn't taste as good as we remembered them to be

Us and ice cream!!!

Just got bad news yesterday that my hyperthyroid is back so ice cream to help with the mood is a must

I really love the ikea showrooms but we do have to be realistic though. Not everything in ikea can be bought as they don't last long

I saw this display and I seriously fell in love

OOTD taken by the boy today:) He was so proud of this photo and says he is finally on his way to be an Instagram husband thanks to the post on dayre about how to train your husband to be an Instagram husband!

Haven't been updating in a while!

Yesterday the princess made a new friend! The new cat was really super handsome hahaha and he was really relaxed while princess was terrified but curious and kept hissing at him.

The boy cat kept following me everywhere from my lift lobby and went up the lift with me as well!

Took this cause I was curious where the cat went after we shut the door

And it was a super beautiful day today after work:) just one more day to the weekend and the start of my night shift off!

Mama bought durians and they tasted heavenly!!!!!

So so so so awesome

And here are some pictures of the dearest princess and me!

She kinda grew "distant" from me this week and would only want to sleep with my parents

She would keep knocking on the door and would even persist till 4 am in the morning 😱😱😱 I was seriously so exhausted and just let her out and into their room.

But thanks to her and the 4am "alarm" ⏰ I heard such an epic soap opera happening in my neighbourhood with a mother and daughter SCREAMING at each other at the top of their voices at 4:10am because the daughter went out with boyfriend? Friends?

The screaming was seriously top grade and banshee like…

πŸ‘©πŸ»: With a scream with the younger "ζˆ‘η΄―δΊ†οΌŒζˆ‘ηœŸηš„εΎˆη΄―οΌβ€

πŸ‘΅πŸΌ: *cue hokkien* Li diam la! WA SHI LIM LAO BU! δ½ η΄―δ»€δΉˆη΄―οΌ


πŸ‘©πŸ»: *cue wailing*

I love how she looks so badass here #dayrepets

That face!!!!

days of being sick day 4

Seriously… I'm still coughing!!! With tons of phelgm😭😭😭

The princess today 😍😍

I'm really amazed by her jumping abilities Hahahaha but it really wasn't funny when she kept me up until 4am yesterday by knocking on my door begging to be let out so she could sleep in my parent's room>.<

It was crazy…. And the fact that I still love her and am taking care of her…

If this isn't love, I don't know what is

The damage accumulated over 1.5 years hahaha.
This cat really acts like a prisoner, like she is marking the number of days she is stuck in this place

Tired after all her efforts that went into begging to get out of my room by knocking the door desperately at 4am

In the words of my dad "Poor girl didn't sleep well last night" HAHAHA

Like hello daddy!!! Your own daughter couldn't sleep till 4am too😭😭

Heading out today! Wonder if the boy will be surprised to see me later hahaha

It's a happy Saturday ~

Lying in bed now and feeling sad.

Was eager to get back to work today but after the course yesterday I had already developed a very bad sore throat and was feeling feverish.

This morning, the sore throat didn't go away and I was having cold sweat a lot coupled with body aches that made it hard to sleep:/

But I had an enjoyable experience at the NHG poly clinic! It's really cheap and the doctor who saw me was super professional.

I made the appointment online so when I arrived, I was able to go into the room really quickly and I was out of the polyclinic in less than 30 mins!

Saw firsthand how cool the NHG pharmacy system is, what with conveyer belts and medications dropping down chutes. I wish we could have that in OP! Then we won't be running around packing drugs

Day 2 of course today and I'm really enjoying it!

This is lunch! Been splurging abit on food lately >.< bursting the budget this week starting from Sunday alr hahaha

Feeling happy everyday ~~~

I have come to realize that I must consciously choose happiness everyday!
There may be tough situations at work but I can always choose to be joyful and happy and overcome situations while being calm

My throat is killing me.
Not again😭😭😭😭