The Proposal

Today the boy is meeting his friends for dinner so I figured since I'm home early today, I shall write about the proposal😊 #theproposalstory #theTJwedding #dayrebrides

It was a lovely and beautiful day on 31 July 2016

In all honesty I knew that the proposal was going to happen soon since we knew we wanted to get married in October 2017 and we had already booked the pre wedding photoshoot in December. It didn't help that @timolol left the ring box on his table and I saw it 😅😅 and also some other clues hahaha. But anyway, I kind of suspected something was up cause when one of my friend's asked me to wear nice clothes to go out for early dinner with them I felt it was weird?

I actually met the boy at church in the afternoon that day before the proposal and he seemed really normal? So I was kinda confused hahaha. But I just went off to meet the girls after that for early dinner at seorae

It was a really good tactic by py, Jie wen, Yuen Teng and Sheryl cause the food was really super duper good! And I was so happy with the good food that I kinda forgot about my suspicions. I miss the food there!!! 😭😭

Okok I digress.

I was really sure the proposal wasn't going to happen by the time the meal ended cause Sheryl and Louis suddenly said they had to leave! This was the photo we took before they left hahaha.

We went to walk around the cold storage fair at Plaza Singapura first and really saw loads of alcohol and stuff we wanted to try! I bought two bottles of cider as well! After I walked out of the fair with Yuen Teng, a dark shadow suddenly appeared above me!

So this happened!

I was blindfolded and lead through PS to the ?taxi stand? And lead into a car! Then the car drove off with a silent driver and the girls kept asking me to guess who it was hahaha but I seriously had no clue and kept thinking it was my future BIL.

After a while I kinda got motion sick (which in retrospect the boy's bestie kinda told him it might happen) BUT I didn't puke! And we arrived at the venue before my motion sickness got worse!

After getting down from the car, I remember I could smell the scent of nature. The air felt cool as it caressed my skin and it felt like there was air conditioning? THEN… There were the stairs, many many stairs. Stairs that rounded and never seemed to end. I bumped my shoes into many steps too!

Hahaha. The stairs were seriously a nightmare and it was a miracle and more likely the love and support of my dear girls that I didn't trip and fall flat on my face

As we were walking, the girls asked me more questions which I couldn't answer but to my credit, when they asked me where I thought I was, I said Botanical Gardens as my first choice!

Then suddenly, PY said "Ooooo, got SCORPION"! OMG I seriously almost freaked out but then we realized that she was talking about a yoga move hahahahaha

So while I was having dinner and all, the boy had loads of help from our friends to help him set up

Sze wee!


Looks damn happening somehow hahaha

He was really sweaty cause right before I arrived he had to go to toilet really urgently an he had to run to the toilet and back before I came!

Lovely lovely friends all waiting for me!
*shy* hahaha

Apparently the boy contacted all of them on quite a last minute basis and they all turned up!

Really felt so loved by all these people that God has placed in our lives.

And here I come!

With my two trusty guides hahaha

My reaction when I took off the blindfold!

Seriously though I think I'm not demure at all hahaha. In most of the photos I'm making weird expressions lol.

But when I took off the blindfold I was really blown away. I was surprised to see so many of our friends and shocked to see the pavilion.

I did tear there and then cause I was so touched that the boy had put in so much effort for me

When I took off the blindfold i saw this scene! Kinda!

There he was standing there holding flowers from @benita for me!

When I saw him standing there I couldn't help but tear ❤️❤️❤️ 1000 points to you @timolol

Couldn't help but hug him first haha

It was really overwhelming to take off the blindfold and right in front of me, the beautiful pavilion and fairy lights, the friends and the boy standing there waiting for me.

I was really so overwhelmed and was in tears when I hugged him.

I felt so loved, so blessed and grateful all at once

He made me sit down on the bench with the flowers.

I was really so in love with the flowers! I never imagined that he would really come through with a bouquet by floralsbybenita

I felt really self conscious sitting there by myself while staring at him and knowing our friends were around hahaha

Then he whipped out a guitar and started to sing our song

"Thinking out Loud" by Ed Sheeran

Mesmerized by him HAHAHA

And, darling, I will be loving you 'til we're 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

So, honey, now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I'm thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are

Then he started to give a speech to me hahaha. But halfway through he started to talk about me in 3rd person??? 😅

Like he turned to the camera and said
"Jane is a really good person…" Lol to a point where I asked him to look at me!

It was a beautiful speech though, because the boy is not normally an expressive person and there he was telling everyone how he felt about me

Then he knelt down and asked the most beautiful 4 words I've heard in my life up till now!

"Will you marry me?"

I said YES! But he didn't hear😅 then he said why never say yes! But I was like "I said yes!!!"

#ourcommunicationbreakdowns hahaha.

And then he put a ring on it! But erm apparently it was the wrong hand???

we changed it after that! 😅

I still love this photo even though the ring was on the wrong hand. It's the symbolism that matters right?

I thought we looked really good here!

On a side note, anyone looking for a lower end camera that is under $1000 can consider the canon g7x mark II! It is a really good compact camera!

The happy us😊

The newly engaged us 😊

The ring! It is less than 0.3 carats and it's really ok.
I'm so in love with it and I'm glad the boy got it for under the budget we set cause we've got so many big ticket items coming up like the wedding and our house

I wanted him to get me a cubic zirconia ring from ORRO at first but he said

"You deserve a real diamond"


See how unglam I am with my friends! Hahaha. It was really hot lol.

Thanks to all our wonderful and lovely friends for being there and lending a hand to make the proposal happen

Love all of you!

Matt and germaine😊

And the future BIL and SIL on the left and the boy's bestie and gf on the right! I'm too tired to resize the photo so I'm so sorry Xiaohui!!!!

And germaine!
She was really awesome in volunteering to help the boy a lot!

One with all the gorgeous licensed drug dealers 😘😘

And @eastmeetswest 😘😘😘

The cellies!

I'm really grateful to this bunch of people because they accepted me with open arms when I came over and just treated me like I was one of them from the get go.

That's true love 😊

With the bestie and my maid of honor:)
Spent a great 4 years in school with her!

And that's our proposal story😊

I never thought that I would be so overwhelmed with joy when the proposal actually happened especially cause I was expecting it

But I was really so touched that he made all the effort he did for me.

And it makes me extra sure that i made the right choice for the person I will spend the rest of my life with😊

Being engaged is kinda surreal haha. The feeling of joy just never seems to leave! We are really so excited and looking forward to the wedding next October!

I love this photo of princess and the flowers


The creative part of me has been having a blast starting to plan the wedding and dealing with making the bridesmaid and groomsmen cards, preparing their gifts, thinking about save the date design ideas and staring at our invitation card and wondering if I should change it. Haha you get the drift

But there were some hiccups that came rather unexpectedly along the way. Problems that I never thought would happen to us

Basically, it was an argument of one parent wanting a lot of space for her guests… And I guess cause we are not having a banquet so… She wants her guests to all come for the church wedding…

And there is limited space available….
And then came the grumblings and the constant thought of changing venues

And this all stresses me out! We chose our church cause it is significant to us and cause of people we don't know we have to change venues???

I was really dying on the inside every time a confrontation for this issue would happen.
I was so sick and tired of staring at the guest list, DELETING my own friends from the list to make space for the extra guests and yet getting pissed off attitude that we apparently were not compromising enough…

And to keep peace, I could only rant and keep compromising.

Hopefully the issue is settled for now if not I really have no idea what I should do anymore

The haze just gets worse and worse!
The burning smell is really giving me a headache.
I wonder if the people actually burning the trees are also suffering?

Rest in peace Sir, thank you for your contributions to the country.

Managed to watch the state funeral and I was really touched by all the eulogies.

Happened to do a search on google after and was then in disgust after I saw what was being written on allsingaporeanstuff, TRemeritus and those anti government websites

Some mentioned that he has been paid more than enough and we should not need to honor him. Others called him a relic.

It really disgusts me how small minded some Singaporeans are.

Unless you have been in a position of great authority, you would never realize the difficulty and stress one has to go through at the top.

And if a person has contributed to the country greatly, should we not be grateful just because he has been paid much?

Next came the people who mentioned how aunties and uncles who collect cardboard should be honored as much as Mr Nathan has been honored because they have also contributed greatly to the country.

I do agree that all our pioneers contributed to society a great deal but we have be honest that people like you are I have not contributed as much to our country as much as our leaders have, be it PAP or opposition.

And we have to give honor where honor is due.

May our nation only grow from strength to strength and in unity and may the keyboard warriors learn and understand that we need to work together and not just complain to make Singapore a better place for all

taking stock

Taking stock of my to do list!

✅wedding date (7 Oct 2017)
✅pre wedding photoshoot in Korea
✅bridal studio with MUA
✅AD photographer (legacy studios)
✅invites designing
❌Chinese invites
❌printing of invites
❌sourcing for wedding stylist vs DIY
❌Groom's suit
✅Groom's shoes
✅basic design for slides
❌bridesmaid outfits
❌groomsmen outfits
❌music selection

✅ design of bridesmaid cards
✅printing of bridesmaid cards
✅bridesmaid gifts
❌groomsmen cards design and printing
❌sourcing for wedding stylist vs DIY
✅Venue! (the boy's church. Got confirmation from the caretaker:) )
❌confirmed guest list
✅solemniser (my FIL is a pastor 😊)
❌worship team
❌MUA for MIL

#dayrebrides #TIMzanfindshisJANE

Received goodies today!
Thank you @jazreeltan 😊😊😊
My bridesmaids are very very happy with them!

Pretty necklaces that my girls are looking forward to wearing!:) although the actual day is still quite far away hahaha

Heading for a hair cut now! Trying a new salon and I'm nervous haha

Liked the salon quite a bit but the stylist was an Aunty hahaha and she was not very gentle😅
She poked me in the forehead with her clips quite a few times and conked the hair dryer on the side of my knee…. But I'll live hahaha.

Now the question is… Should I continue with them? Or should I continue my hunt for the perfect one haha.

Thinking of going to dye my hair at number 76 before the photoshoot

Just changed my lock screen wall paper today. Hahaha.
Just looking at the photo makes me smile😊

The boy just asked me the other day whether I am looking forward to be married and after some thought, I really really am!

I really am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with this man who has always been so steadfast, faithful and loving.

There will definitely be ups and downs in our relationship but we love each other enough to keep fighting on

I once read an article that mentioned about how the author's marriage fell apart as they didn't communicate or fight, her husband just agreed with her and even when he or she herself should get mad at a particular situation, they still didn't. It was a very peaceful marriage

Upon reflection, the author realized that not fighting at all meant that her husband didn't feel that the marriage was worth fighting for.

It is when you are truly passionate and treasure that relationship that you would

Want to guard it and foster and build it.

With love, you have the desire to fight because you feel strongly about the person and about your lives together.

That's not to say that a couple should fight all the time but that occasionally quarrels are normal and considered healthy!

This was the crowd at Chinese garden yesterday!!! Everyone was catching Pokemon omg. Totally regret cycling there with my mum and Timmy

On a good note. Got nice pictures cause of the setting sun:)

Bathroom renovations are almost complete! Kudos to my dad for drilling and drilling and drilling the whole day yesterday hahaha.