Ice cream treat from ystd!


Had a really crappy day today with inexperience staff and obnoxious patients…. who scream and yell the whole place down

So the boy decided to dry my tears and treat me to sinful food (yes I know it's like only a month to the pre wed shoot but we will exercise hahaha)

Hehehehehe @timolol

The food was seriously good though!


Look at that fire🔥🔥🔥


Managed to drag myself out of bed this morning although I only slept at 2 (no thanks to my overactive mind)

Dragged myself out of bed cause I made a promise to myself to be healthy!

Today's 3km seemed way harder than last week's!

Came home and cooled down and now I'm having my eat clean breakfast hahaha

Only able to have these luxuries cause I'm working the late shift today at 10!

Queueing at the post office today!

Had a great sleep in and went for my bacial just now. Now on to more errands to run today!

Saw my credit card bill today and my heart skipped a beat. Had to keep telling myself that the majority of it was the downpayment for the wedding banquet 😔

OMG OMG OMG I caught a chansey when I was queueing at the post office! Hahaha

T was feeling peckish and we decided on a really unhealthy snack hahaha.

We are going to run later so hopefully that helps things abit!

picked this up from the post office today and was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up to take a look!

Take you @jazreeltan ! I think my girlfriend will love it to the moon and back!😊

Close up! Shook it a little so the chain is kinda blocking

Feels good to be on leave today!

Have so many things planned for the day but for now I'm just enjoying lounging in my bed with my cat

Said cat is currently sleeping beside me like this! And she doesn't know what is coming hahaha.

First agenda of the day is eating nice breakfast with the boy! Then followed up by bringing the cat to the GROOMERS hahaha.
Then we will head to meet the wedding stylist to see if we will get to work with her


Mood since yesterday night till this morning

I naively thought that wedding planning would be fun and any problems that arrive can be easily solved.

Well I guess I was wrong?

There was a lot of miscommunication between the fiancé and me as well and it really made the whole discussion like hell

First up, when we were heading back to the fiancé's place yesterday, he suddenly mentioned that the wedding stylist we are looking to hire won't do our business cause we want to deviate from the set package and we don't need the most expensive package.

I was so mad pissed off with him cause I was already so stressed with many points of wedding planning and was hoping this would go smoothly and he just had to be a smart mouth

When I told him I was annoyed with him for his unconstructive comment he just said that he was trying to manage my expectations.

And sometimes I think guys are just so denseeeeeee.
I love him a lot but sometimes I wanna strangle him.

He went on and on about it although I was getting frustrated.

Like he has never even met the person before how is he to know what the person will do????

MEN. Seriously.

After he finally realized I was getting pissed he apologized.

Sigh. I hope that never happens again. It is sucky enough that I'm the main person who is liasing most of the items for the wedding… I seriously don't need non constructive comments

I went back home and told my mum what had happened…
and really


My mum said not to worry. That money wise she would secretly help out

At that point I felt so touched by my mum. I really cant ask for a better mum.
She has always put my needs above hers
Always loved me and had such good laughs with me
She is really my best friend.

I told T that I think I will cry on the day we get married. Cause on that day I will cease to just belong to my parents..