to Seoul we go! Day 1

We are in Korea!!!!

Finally it's our turn!

Some stuff happened prior to us getting to the airport but it's fine and it's settled. Just that it cost us freaking $1K

Finally my turn to travel!!!


Had a fitful sleep on the plane cause the seats were really uncomfortable for SQ lol.

Oh wells~

Managed to see an awesome sunrise and had good airplane food though!

Hehehe managed to put on make up on the plane too!

At our hotel!

For anyone who is coming to Seoul I really recommend the lotte L7 hotel! It's a cute boutique hotel and the rooms are really modern, new and nice! Best of all, all the sockets are international!!!

We headed to have brunch at bonjuk after we set our luggage down!

The portions were huge!
Will add the photo in when I have the time

Headed to namsan tower after that and got a tiny bit lost hahaha

Mummy has been extremely happy to help us take photos this trip hahaha

So here is a huge pic spam of us!

Training T to become my Instagram husband Hahahah

Here's more!

Loving the autumn foliage so much.

Heheheh πŸ™ˆ

Mummy was seriously trigger happy

And here's me with mummy!

Today was a really exhausting day and I'm already in bed preparing to go to sleep.

I think I didn't manage to sleep on the plane at all or maybe just a little and the tiredness and cold really got to me

It's extremely cold in Seoul today with temperatures hitting 6 degrees and lower at 6pm when we were having dinner at akdong

The wind was really killer too! Was really so tempted to go get another jacket

Was acting a little crazy on namsan HAHAHA



Had overpriced churros too! Really a must have


The roads up to namsan were really steep and we commenting how the old people here must be really fit!

Heading down ~










Yes! I managed to sleep at a normal timing and wake up at 9 ish without any waking up in between!


I think I'm back to normal timing 😬

Mani Pedi day for pre wed!

Good morning!

Was able to sleep maybe 4-5 hours last night so that's great!

Woke up at 6:30am naturally though! Good thing is that I don't feel tired. Bad thing is that I only went into deep sleep at around 2 cause the cat wanted to pass motion at 2 freaking am in the morning 😭

I really hate waking up early but I love mornings and when I do overcome the inertia to wake up early I feel like I'm using my time productively

Here's my "just-woke-up-only-slept-4.5-hours face"

Sorry to scare anyone!

Actually I'm pretty nervous to run today cause it means I have to wash my newly colored hair and because I bleached the bottom half I'm worried that the colour will run with each wash πŸ™ˆ

Bought colour shampoo yesterday so hopefully the colour stays

Had a good run! It really feels good to sweat and I think because I'm purging toxins, my skin condition seems to have improved quite a bit!

And also cause I'm diligently practicing the 10 step Korean skin care hahaha

I'm going to miss the easy access to this place when I move a few streets down the following year. Sob sob.

Have a bunch of to-dos today!

– wash cat's waterbowl
– wash cat's litter boxes
– pack luggage
– balm proof my timberlands
– collect shoes from post office
– do nails at bishan at 1

Just for the records, post run face!

Loving the blue skies today

Thank you God, for everything.

Super satisfying meal!

Had half of this small bowl of curry noodles and 1.5 cups of teh bing πŸ™ˆ

In my defense I was really thirsty and there was not that much teh really. It was more of ice hahaha

βœ…wash cat's waterbowl
βœ…wash cat's litter boxes
🚦pack luggage
😑balm proof my timberlands ( I don't know who misplaced the balm proofer!!!!!! So annoyed and no one is owning up but they have all been really helpful in offering suggestions with regards to where it could be πŸ™ƒ)
βœ… cleaned my camera
❌collect shoes from post office
❌ do nails at bishan at 1

I really feel like I'm walking on sunshine today!

Can't stop the smile in my face and I'm happily smiling to all the people around me (yes all strangers)

Even more amazing, today I don't feel like putting on make up, don't feel like concealing the dark circles and stuff and I feel so good!!

Collected my shoes, dumped them with T at the pharmacy hahaha

Now dashing off to go to bishan! Think it'll be one long journey there hahaha

Waiting for my turn!!! So exciting hahaha.

I hardly do mani and pedis so this is really quite exciting haha!

In love with my nails!!

I really feel super pampered these few days hahaha but it's at the expense of spending quite a bit of money

My poor toes that experienced their first ever pedicure hahaha

Was totally getting judged by the pedicurist for the state of my feet

And here are my awesome awesome pretty nails.

With that and tomorrow's facial and yesterday's hair colouring…

I think I'm ready for our pre-wedding shoot 😊

#dayrebrides #theTJwedding #TIMzanfindshisJANE

End of night shift!

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰4 hours more to the end of night shift! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

It is finished!!!

Completed my last night shift of the year!

We had macs to celebrate the end of shift!!

Super duper good and happiness inducing at 4am

Setting many many many alarms cause I'm going to do my hair at number 76 later!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Hope I can wake up

πŸ‘¦πŸ»: I texted her right before I met you so that you cannot say that I didn't do it


So cute this @timolol

Went to do my hair at number 76!

Super loving it

Got my pre wed shoes!!! And these may as well be the wedding shoes too 😊😊😊

Pretty pretty shoes 😍😍

So in love with them! 😍

#dayrebrides #theTJwedding #TIMzanfindshisJane

1h 52 mins till the end of shift!

Praying hard no more patients come in with chest pain, poisoning, alcohol intoxications

Last night today!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

My silly cat staring at her waterbowl

Went for a run to Chinese garden with @jiewenphang just now!

Glad I dragged myself out of bed (still convincing myself that the amazon delivery guy wasn't the one who woke me up)

Then we had an awesome dinner 😍😍😍

Last night here we go!

Bye night #5, μ•ˆλ…• night #6!

2h 11 mins more to go!

Done and dusted with night #5!

Only 2 more to go!!!

Was discussing with Amelia what I should have for breakfast and I decided on my all time favorite!!!

Dumpling noodles!

So satisfied now and heading home to shower and zzzz

Really need to run tonight! Else I'm a fat kid

Yes! Pushed myself out of my comfort zone today and ran 3km right after waking up!

I used to placate myself that 2.2km after night shift is enough but well, I can do more!

The air was kinda still cause it's going to rain soon so it was abit more resistance to running but overall still great!

6 more days till we fly to Korea and 10 more days to the photoshoot!!! Excited and I can't wait!

Here's a post run sweaty face! 😬😬😬

It's a crazy storm today

It really feels like Armageddon

Lightning and thunder scaring the crap out of me…

Glad I managed to get on the bus!

Heading to hopefully collect my shoes and have dinner with T then onwards to night #6

So thankful to God that I managed to get in a run before the storm rolled in

Horns blaring. thunder rolling. lightning flashing. A general sense of unease

Done with night #4, onward with night #5!

Interesting bread with floss, red bean and mochI inside!
Night #4 down 3 more to go!

Scary skies this morning! Oh wells! Praying hard it doesn't rain as I walk home and yay that it'll be perfect weather to sleep!

Super thankful to God that the rain only started when I reached my block! TYJ!

Perfect weather to sleep.. ahhhh.
Thankful for the little things

In denial, don't feel like getting out of bed hahaha.

Didn't run today! Cause I couldn't fall asleep till 10am😭
And the sky was really gloomy too!
But I shall run the next two evenings!!!

Feeling kinda sad that I can't keep up what I planned for myself haha

But oh wells, night #5 here we go!