The last day of a great year

It's the last day of the year!

This year has flown by so fast that it is crazy!
Had a 5km run ystd with T and a colleague and hopefully that means I'll be healthier in the year ahead?
Shall try to do a throwback on my year!😊


Married a good friend off! Had 2 days MC after that hahahaha but it was real good fun 😊

Scooted off to Taiwan after that for a short 5 day trip with the boy and my mum and bro!

It was a great time and it was fun showing my mum that air bnbs were really awesome!

It was funny cause my mum being a mum even bought supplies to keep the host's house clean and so we were highly rated as guests hahaha


Feb was CNY! Love this Qi pao so much!!! But for this year I think no Qi Paos cause like once you buy one, you have no other occasion to wear it!

Gosh to think about it, next CNY will be my last as a single person! 😱

Feb 14, our 4th year celebrating Valentine's Day together😊

Told him no flowers, that they were overpriced on this day and we should just have a good meal at our favorite Italian restaurant, which we did!


First night shift of the year!

Over time, I've really been enjoying night shifts haha

Pardon the Chui face

Become more artsy in march! But sadly, I've kindly lost my mojo in terms of this and one of my resolutions next year is to spend more time learning how to paint water colour as learn calligraphy!

It really made me so happy being able to play with colours

Made many many paper flowers too!

Started learning how to cook for family as well!

This was a learnt recipe from one of the people on dayre haha

I'd better learn as well cause T's cutest 婆婆has already nagged that I need to learn how to cook hahaha

This is something else I want to work on in the year ahead!


Nothing much exciting happened in the month of April to be very honest!

It was mostly work work and more work with the occasional outings hahaha

I know I know; the boring life of a pharmacist!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

No wonder no one wants to make a drama of us hahaha. There are dramas about doctors and nurses but none about us!


May was an exciting month for all of us! T got his license and things started looking really bright for us cause it meant that he was earning a much higher salary and the both of us could really focus on planning and saving for our future!

One of the hardest hurdles in the life of a pharmacist would be clearing your Pre-registration phase and getting registered.

It's a time filled with so much doubt, uncertainties and insecurities but I'm so thankful to God that both of us made it

We had our company D&D as well and can I just say that I thought the both of us looked mighty fine that night πŸ™ˆπŸ˜

With my batch mates! So much love for them all

Sorry that some of them got cut off!!! Square crop seriously lol


Celebrated our third official anniversary on June 15th!

So much love for this boy and on hindsight, dear, you are such a patriotic person! Hahaha

Red and white for the bouquet

Had an awesome lunch of lobsters 😊😊😊
Then headed up to Duxton to see the view!

Oh I remember seeing someone's notes fly away too! Seriously though, who goes on a study date with their loved one in the middle of the afternoon on the top of a very very tall building πŸ˜…

Celebrated our 2nd year of working together on June 23rd!😊😘

I honestly dread the day that some of us may go our separate ways but I'm so so thankful that I've gotten to know and work and spend time and insightful conversations with these guys


Nothing much happened in July either! Oh gosh, looking back I've really not been living life to the fullest have I? Hehe. Oh wait! Yes a very very very important event happened this month!

This was a car rally we went for at my future FIL's church and I only joined halfway and boy was it tiring

Never again; hopefully? Hahaha

Started preparing for the second night shift of the year and the first I would have with T 😊

T proposed on July 31st!

He managed to surprise the normally unsurprisable me and I was so very touched with all the love I received from him and the love that our friends had for us!

This was a dream for many years and finally it was becoming a reality 😊


Then we had night shift together which T will forever complain about cause gone was the loving gf/fiancΓ©e and out came the super fierce senior in me hahahaha

I shall endeavor to be more loving but well, at least this way no one can say that we aren't professional at work!


Then we had a wonderful date at paddy hills when 7 nights of night shift were over ☺️


Went hiking together in September! We hardly go out on proper dates so all these extra effort dates seem to be really really significant milestones haha

It was a super exhausting climb but it was fun! 😊 hopefully we get to do it a lot more


October was one heck of a busy month!

Went for pharmacy congress (which was a mighty tiring weekend) and then rushed over to Sentosa to witness the proposal of a very dear friend

Prepared the groomsmen cards!

Had another night shift (third and last of the year) where I really really enjoyed myself and nope; this time it wasn't with T! Haha

Spent a bomb and got my hair dyed at number 76!

The price is exorbitant but I have to say though, the service was awesome!

And then off we flew to Korea for our pre-wedding shoot!😊

October was really a month filled with so much joy and preparation! I love traveling but practically and leave issues make it really hard at times

Us! Not pictured are my mum and our family friend


Had the time of our lives there! T and I hardly travel together cause of not wanting people to talk cause of chastity and stuff lol. So my poor mother had to chaperone. Thankfully in less than a year all these issues will be non-existent! I seriously cannot wait!

Took so many awesome photos and these are places I would want to revisit

Hehe πŸ™ˆ

The lighting there was so beautiful

Took our pre wedding shots which I seriously love!

Wanting to do a casual shoot though! But we'll see whether we will DIY or hire someone cause T wants to save money if possible ☺️

The scenery is really really beautiful

Spent my birthday in Busan!
Most awesome birthday ever! If not for us having to eat hagfish hahaha.

Married off a cousin as well!

Happy for a chance to dress up 😊

Witnessed the marriage of my future BIL and SIL

December! 🌲🌲

To be honest, December was a really tiring month for me! I hardly felt like there was much of a Christmas spirit cause I was just dashing about at work

Grateful that after some heart to heart talk to T about our relationship, we went on more intentional dates!

Working together really makes us lose the initiative to go out so we really had to try our best! This was when we went back to Carpenter and cook for deserts one night after work

Had our company Christmas party!
It was really quite fun but tiring this time around

Headed to botanical gardens to see the lights as well cause I was complaining to T that I had no Christmas cheer in me hahaha

Had a wonderful Christmas meal with my very special friends 😘

And also worked with a bunch of very special people on Christmas Day!

Christmas dinner with the cell was awesome!!!

Feeling extremely productive today aside from the fact that I woke up late haha

Changed my bedsheets
Washed the old sheets
Cleaned both litter boxes
Bathed the cat!

Now I'm going to edit the save the dates and invites!

Can't wait for January to roll around so that I can confirm my florist!
Hopefully she is still available haha


What are the chances that a cousin on my dad's side is getting married on a week before my wedding (when I alr told them my wedding date eons ago) and a cousin on my mum's side is getting married a week after?

My family for one can't care less about pantang but guess what? The families of my cousins and my cousins care a lot!

People wait till after their wedding to chop their hair off… I chopped mine off 1 month after my pre wed shoot and 5 weeks after I just dyed it ombrΓ© for a lot of money πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

At least I got a director's cut today for the price of a normal cut!

And it's exactly 10 more months to the wedding!!!

I'm up!
Having my version of breakfast for champions today 😊
I really don't know for how long the Aunty and uncle are going to be able to do business cause they are quite old so for now, I'm going to enjoy this as much as I can!

Had a long talk in the car with T yesterday about some of our issues such as communication and it was really such a good talk.

First task of the day done!
Cleaned and washed and refilled both of princess's litter boxes! The day is off to a good start!