At the end of the day it's people, the relationships with people which makes everything beautiful.


The most silent New Year ever hahahaha

Don't even have to think of any new year greetings to say cause I can't talk hahaha

Now I'm just nodding and shaking my head to my family hahaha

Laryngitis pros and cons lol

I have officially lost my voice for CNY. Lol.

Sad that I can't eat all my favourite foodddddd

Or maybe… 以毒攻毒?hehe

Feeling so sick this CNY eve that it really isn't funny

Was really so hard to work when I couldn't talk!!

Had two doctors tell me to take care and get well soon when I called for interventions lol

Reunion dinner today!

This will be my last CNY as a single person and that thought in itself is extremely bittersweet.

I've lived a very blessed life with so much love from my family and the greatest despair in my life is just my health (isn't that bad actually) and friendships (having a few good friends is enough)

So to say goodbye to just being my parent's princess is quite hard to say the least.

Just the thought of having to not put them first over my new family is hard enough

My daddy made braised duck with sea cucumber and it was so so so so awesome!

Already asked him for the recipe. I definitely have to learn!

And here are my parents, the people who love me the most and have taught me all things good

I'm so sick today with no voice and all and my mum lovingly served me food and peeled prawns and all that for me

If that isn't love, I don't know what is

Thank you God for blessing me with great parents!

And here is our little family of 4.5 ( including the cat)

Early morning shenanigans

So T came over for breakfast after he was done with night shift and I blearily crawled out of bed. I had already set 4 alarms but somehow switched them all off lol.

After sending him off I heard a voice saying "Go go go!"! I looked up and saw an old uncle on the second floor shouting at a pair of pigeons who were resting on the laundry he had hung out to dry 😅 and they were just ignoring him hahahaha

Ahhh… life in Singapore 😊

T had to help a colleague cover for night shift today cause she was distraught that her dog passed away so after reunion dinner with his family we headed back to the hospital where he worked and I worked on my presentation that's coming up soon

Really have hardly any inspiration to keep working on the presentation which is really so bad of me but ok I managed to work on 6 slides while I was there

That's not too bad I guess

Things haven't been going well in my personal life and on so many days and so many occasions I feel like throwing in the towel.

The feelings of despair, of insecurities and rejection are really so real.
Wanting so hard to belong but feeling like some one else has taken over your place is really such a shitty feeling and from the end of last year till now I feel that people are so selfish…

But what can you do when those people are your family?

When people make you feel like an outcast and don't belong

Not looking forward to CNY this year at all.

Or the next or whatever family gathering..

It's always hard isn't it? Having a new family to try to fit in to.