Gosh, night shift has made me an old lady

Sleep early, wake up early. I haven't been up so early on a weekend in a long long time

Getting ready to go for a good friend's wedding today 😊

First of our batch to get married!

Thoroughly enjoyed Amelia's and samuel's wedding today!

Truly a pair who are deeply in love ❤️

Love the set up for their solemisation 🙂


The canopy of fairy lights were really super duper pretty!


Woke up at 5:30 am today even though I tried to stay up till 11:30pm ystd haha… really am getting older! Not sure why it's so hard to switch my body back to normal mode after this night shift

I was doing ok health wise this time round but the moment night shift ended I started getting flu like symptoms and I think there is a cyst in my ear that is making the whole left side of my face numb 😒 and on top of that got a sore eye last night

First out of 3 night shifts this year!

Let's see how I fare for the next two

Honeymoon tickets booked!

Yayyyy another milestone down!
We finally booked our honeymoon tickets! And saved $470 in the process cause we used the miles we accumulated on both our miles cards 😁😁😁

And booked 1/3 of the accommodations for our 19 day honeymoon! 😊

So so so so relieved haha.


If all goes well we'll save another $300 from all these bookings cause of our rebates card! I seriously feel so Aunty for being excited about all these savings but honestly, a little goes a long way!

In other news, our album from Korea actually arrived before CNY! Their service was really fast!

Jamie whatsapped me one Thursday telling me that they will be sending it out and we actually got it on Monday!

I was really impressed!

Our album came in this cloth bag together with the CDs with all the raw photos

Sorry I don't have better photo but the album cover is grey cloth material which I think is ok. But i did prefer their older blue leather version haha

Love the quality of the print though!

One of our favourite photos 😊

#thechungdamstudio #theTJwedding

In other news,

Technically the money we saved from the tickets and all that will be used to pay the deposit forfeited from our first photographer >.<

It was my mistake actually to not research more and just let T support his friend. Cause I realized he didn't have many wedding portfolios and his style just wasn't what I wanted.

So….. we actually forfeited the deposit (which was a lot of money!!!) and I met up with smittenpixels

It was a super awesome meeting!

Fiona put me so much at ease and there was no awkwardness at all!

It was such an enjoyable meeting that I confirmed them on the spot and paid them the deposit the next day.

Their style is everything I love, emotive and bright photos 😊

So the only dark spot in this wedding planning journey is probably that? Cause that was a lot of money 😔 but like T says, money can always be earned and it's more important that we don't have regrets.

And I'm actually doing quite a few night shifts this year lol so can earn back la lol.
In fact I'm starting one tonight!

Super cheap thrill ystd too! Went to ntuc to pick up some supplies for night shift and while doing self check out, T said, let's try to claim link points! And lo and behold, my $10.50 worth of groceries was FREE hahah.

Really super cheap thrill

T is also in the process of liaising with the Buffet vendor for our church wedding and honestly I've been so tired that for that part, I'm super happy to let my mother-in-law deal with it with T. Cause she's the one who really knows what she wants to order haha.

Like how many extra durian puffs etc and she's really shrewd too! So she won't just agree to add $1.50/pax

So the next agendas will probably be the invitations which actually I'm almost done with and to order the banquet ones off taobao haha

And the wedding video that is proving to be more difficult as well as the background montage that will play when people are steaming into the hall

Updates on house 🏡

So one day while scrolling through Facebook, we saw on our BTO's FB page that some blocks had their key collection date bumped up to 3rd quarter of 2017 instead of the 4th quarter

I can't say I'm surprised cause the company my mum works at is working on some aspects of my BTO and the handover date for my block is like march 2017?

But we still kinda panicked lol. Cause my budgeting didn't account for this happening so soon

Anyway, we submitted request for quotes on qanvast the day before and already got calls from IDs ystd night!

Our first meeting with one is scheduled for next Sunday so that should be exciting haha