my pre-wedding experience

I just realized today that I haven't shared about my pre-wedding photoshoot experience!

So here goes!

I found out about Chungdam Studio online and found their prices to be pretty reasonable and I liked that there was no middle man to liaise with and also that their staff could speak English!

We headed off to the studio on the 4th day of our holiday and here's me after getting my make up done

I think I wasn't really fussy so my gown selection process was like 20 mins?

Most of the gowns I wore on I chose immediately lol.

On hindsight I probably should have gone with some sweetheart necklines which are more flattering

Really liked the embellishments on this dress

They liked this on me but I was actually abit meh about it lol

Here are some behind the scene shots!

Found the studio to be pretty cool haha. There was an efficient use of space so each corner had a backdrop to be used

Problem with short legs haha

They had a rooftop segment as well!

The light was a bit too harsh that day though so we had to abandon the rooftop after a while and attempt the shots again later in the day

Never did think I'd look good in a gownπŸ˜…

Loved the veil in this one!

My favourite part of the shoot was when we headed outdoors though!

Loved the cool weather and the natural lighting!

With our cute ahjumma who was seriously sprightly haha

This bridge was really nice. I think I'd definitely plan Seoul forest into my itinerary if I ever go back to Korea for a holiday again!

Loved how the park was pretty devoid of people that day!

It was really a bummer that the leaves weren't very yellow or red yet

Haha T was made to throw leaves at me

The photo that made it to be our εΊŠε€΄η…§

And with the beautiful but smelly ginkgo trees!

And here's a photo with the coordinator Jamie 😊

On hindsight, some things I would have done differently would be to have more photos with my hair down, choose at least one gown with a sweetheart neckline, wear sneakers (cause there is only a little height diff between T and I)

Seriously considering to wear sneakers for the wedding hahaha



Taiwan trip Day 2!

Day 2 of the taiwan trip saw us waking up pretty early at 8am?

Plans for today are to go to Yang Ming Shan and hike!

Love staying at airbnbs cause it really lets us see the local life in a way? Though I doubt many locals actually stay around the Ximending area

Had an awesome breakfast at a breakfast shop Luke found!

Power-packed sandwiches!

and then off we headed to YMS!

I was nervous whether it would actually be a successful trip this time round cause the last 2 times I went up YMS, there were always some hiccups lol

But we made it to the bus interchange successfully with hardly any fuss!

Took a 45 min mini bus ride up the mountain though. Luckily we had seats!

Starting our hike towards δΈƒζ˜Ÿε±± from 冷水坑!

We were all so happy at the beginning hahaha

Steps steps and more steps!

It was really cold up the mountain. It was about 16 degrees in the city and up the mountain it was 10 degrees with strong winds!

Before we went up the stairs

It was a grueling climb cause of the cold and I actually started wheezing cause of the cold and my exercise induced asthma. Ventolin certainty saved my ass

It's kinda embarrassing how in every country I hike in from the Great Wall, bukhansan, 豑山 and now δΈƒζ˜Ÿε±±, the elderly there are so much more fit! They don't pant like us lol.

Here we were dying from the cold but this granny was going strong

Taipei is in the distance!

I wish I had remembered to save the video I took. The wind was so strong that at times I felt like my phone was going to fly away!

You could actually see the clouds rolling in

Luke is seriously an awesome photog haha. @timolol please learn ah haha.

He was asking us to pose and would happily snap away 😁

So here is our girl band photo!

We didn't even take a group photo at the top cause the wind was wayyy too strong

After climbing down we decided that since we were already there, we would hike to ζ“Žε€©ε΄— too!

Here's a photo of the best travel buddies! (Sorry T haha)

We finally reached ζ“Žε€©ε΄— and the funny thing was I didn't realize there were wild water buffalo in this place for real (thought the stories were fake) until we actually saw and smelt the poo hahaha.

Cause i read that locals would picnic here in the summer. How on earth do you picnic when there are piles of poo around? πŸ€”

Was seriously so excited to see the water buffalo!

And the people standing near them are all Singaporean hahaha

And the little boy kept chasing after it.

Kinda dangerous actually

Here's another wonderful photo of us by L!

Girl band girl band!

Heading down the mountain for hot springs after, of which I shall not divulge the photos hahaha

After soaking in our private hot spring, we headed off to Ning Xia night market for food!!!

Gosh the food was seriously so awesome


Cheese potato!!!

Milk tea!!

And this was seriously awesome.
Devil Chicken!!

So much nicer than the chicken at ShiLin night market

After all that food, we went to look for craft beers!

They had such a nice collection of craft beers from all over taiwan!

And these were the ones we picked!

This night shift off has seriously been very homely and restful

I've spent most of my time at home, sleeping in till late (although I set my alarm at 7:30am everyday in an attempt to go run but it has never worked πŸ™ˆ) researching on wedding stuff, cooking, doing countless loads of laundry for mum and tidying up my room

But it's good I guess! Feeling quite rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next night shift!

Put my face on and heading out now~

Hehe set the clock back to post about my taiwan trip! Life has been hectic since we got back (jumped straight to work on Monday when we landed on Sunday) so I've been slacking on updating about anything at all #dayretravel #taiwan #janegoestotaiwanagain

We headed straight to the water addiction fish market once we checked in!

They sold loads of cute creatures like this little crayfish that you can buy and get them to cook

And scary monsters like these!

Though he was just saying hello 😁

And pretty expensive fruits that we were just happy to look at hehe

The sashimi was honestly so good!!! And a plus is that the place was really easy to get to but it was hard to get out of hahah

Looking at this makes me want to go back!!!! Definitely a must visit the next time I go

And the oysters!!!

PY and luke arrived after and we went to eat at a nice hot pot place! I can't really remember the name hahaha

Look at that meat!

And cause it was white day, we got a free rose made up of pork haha

Here with my Taiwanese friends!!!

Had a bit of a boo boo with my memory card this trip πŸ˜”

Bought one from xi men ding but it screwed up horribly over and over. Like there would be error after taking 144 photos and I lost so many photos cause of that πŸ™„

Honeymoon planning

Am so glad to have been able to check one more thing off my list! T and I have finally been able to finalize all our accomodation for the honeymoon!!! And also booked the hotel room for our wedding night!


Feels like a load off my chest.

The plan looks like this for 17 days! Last stop would be back in Christchurch, NZ😊

Can't wait to road trip!!!!! (Although poor T is the only driver hahaha)

Honestly though, I feel more excited for the honeymoon then the wedding hahha

Probably cause it is way easier to plan a holiday than a wedding

#theKOHincidence #TimJanetravels

Also in the works… my mum and I are probably heading to Sydney during my days off before my night shift in August!

I know I'm supposed to be hunkering down and saving money for our superbly expensive honeymoon πŸ™ˆ and Reno and the wedding but how could I pass up the opportunity to travel with the most important woman in my life? Especially when she is still reasonably young and fit 😊

Guess I'll just have to buy fewer clothes and stuff haha

Getting my facial and bacial done now~