I think I've really been scarred by what happened yesterday cause I dreamt that T and I upgraded and bought a penthouse that had NO NEED FOR RENO. HAHAHAHA

Was at a wedding at church today! Full of feels 😊😊

Loving my make up today for some reason hahaha

Now back home and going to nap before the wedding dinner later!

I wonder if non-Christians ever face the same issue of having to attend the wedding of a couple twice in the day?

Cause all through growing up this has been something that we've gotten used to but it never gets less tiring although it's really FUN!

Ordered this print off KEJJ.co and I'm so pleasantly surprised that is printed on pretty textured paper!!!

Bought this for the future house 😁😁😁

Highly recommend you guys to go check out the online store if you are looking for prints!

It's an local art collective started out by a few creative designers and they sell handmade jewelry as well!


The great ID Disappointment

The great ID Disappointment


So our estimated key collection date for our BTO is in 3rd quarter of this year and T and I have started to source for IDs and look around on Pinterest and Qanvast for ideas on what we want our future home to look like

Through qanvast, we requested for IDs to be matched to us and out of the 5 they assigned, 2 replied.

So we arranged to meet them both

I didn't meet the first ID with T cause my grandfather actually passed away 2 days before we arranged to meet so the ID meeting was actually on the day he was cremated.

It didn't feel right for me to go so T went alone. He had a really great time with the ID and had a 2 hour discussion with him!

I went along with T to the second ID who contacted us on another day. We were feeling so happy and hopeful about it cause of T's good experience with the first ID

To our dismay, it was anything but a good experience.

In short, the workmanship at the showroom was shoddy and in asking for his advice on a open or closed concept kitchen, he totally insulted me and said that if I were to cook 5/7 days as I planned, I would have to quit my job

That I would have to start cooking at 3:30pm just to serve dinner at 7

Like what is his problem? If I want to cook and have dinner late I can't? And do I need so much time to prepare???

Needless to say, it left a very sour taste in our mouths and the passion for the ID search or anything to do with the house just kinda died there

It was until recently that we arranged with ID #1 to go for a home viewing for his completed work. This was a house where the home owners had moved in for a week

There was good chemistry between us and ID #1 and the house visit was a roaring success! We were still really touched that the home owner allowed us to visit!

The ID was very passionate in his explanations and at the end of it told the home owner that he would treat her and her husband to a meal

Things were honestly looking up and my house mojo was back on! I really researched like a mad woman and started budgeting and planning our finances for everything

Then came the bomb.

Today, T was asking me to watch their company video on their Facebook page.. it was a good video but at the end there was a group photo of all the staff and in it, was the female home owner we had just met on Monday..

T and I were shocked! Cause does it mean that she was an ex-employee cause she was a home manicurist? But T also suddenly remembered seeing a photo of ID #1 and her together with 2 kids and it seemed that she was his wife???!!!😱😱😱😱😱

We quickly went over to his FB page and scrolled through and lo and behold we found the picture

We were flabbergasted…. Did we just visit our ID's own BTO?
And if we did, why did he keep addressing his own wife in 3rd person? "The homeowner this and that"…. "the husband isn't free tonight…", "oh can I show them this and that?"
And what was with the "thanks ah! I will treat you and your husband to a meal"


I honestly don't get why it was even necessary to trick us and stage an elaborate act?

He could have been honest and said that there was no renovation house to be seen. Or that we were going to see his house which was also done by the same workers

We decided to text and ask him whether the house was his… normally, he replies immediately. Today though, it took him a whole 1h to reply us and he said "no la, my house where got so nice"

We then decided to question further and asked him "isn't XXX your wife?"

Half an hour later, a reply came saying "Aiya, was paiseh to tell you"


What is so necessary to lie about this? And the fact that trust is very important in this line of business and you just totally broke our trust

The sad part is that we were 90% going to go with him cause the rapport felt right

So now, we're back to square 1. Contacting and arranging to meet more IDs…

We actually have a meeting arranged with him next Thurs but I think we probably will not go.

On a positive note though, I guess it's a sign from God showing us his real character. That thankfully this happened and we were sharp enough to catch it so that we don't suffer down the road