Had a really enjoyable Sunday! First in a long long while😊

I honestly think that if we are able to afford a car, T and I should really go for it especially once we are planning to have a child

Cause it really allowed us to go places and spend more quality time together and to me, that is priceless


Headed to church after a hearty breakfast lovingly bought by my dad in the morning and had a good service and then lunch!

Had about an hour to kill before visiting a completed project of the ID we are likely confirming with so we decided to pop by IKEA tampines!

It was really huge!!!

In fact we went back again after the viewing cause we didn't have enough time hahaha πŸ˜‚

Pretending that this is what our kitchen will look like πŸ˜…

Taken by my instagram husband-to-be lol


So jaded with life at the moment…
The unending quarrels and miscommunications are seriously driving me nuts

Happy Monday's Day to the best mum God could have ever given to me😘

My mum has always been such a hip and happening character and I do hope that I can live life with the vigor that she has

My mum is like my best friend. I love that about her and our relationship; that I can pour my heart out to her and talk about anything under the sun

Spoils from the Robinsons CM sale!

Bought this tencel quilt after much discussion and touching many many many quilts haha

We were thinking about silk but we fell in love when we touched this tencel quilt.

I'm just hoping it's not too hot for when we sleep with the ceiling fan!

πŸ’Έ $159

Bought this set of two ovensafe glass containers cause my colleague who cooks a fair bit said lock and lock is expensive and that the price they had this was a steal!

It was much bigger in real life than on the catalogue so I was sold the moment I put my eyes on these!


And of course the WMF knives that I was eyeing

Love that they are made in Germany!
Now the only sharp objects πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we lack are scissors (get from IKEA probably) and a cleaver!

Wanted to get the other 6 piece set that had a cleaver but it was not on sale and was $30 more expensive


And last but not least, another set of balmain bedsheets!

These are not the hotel luxe collection but they are good enough!

Still thinking of whether to get another set of the hotel luxe one but it would be at least another $100 more

πŸ’Έ$200 (after rebates)

Thoughts about church

So excited for the all important email to come today!!!

Here's hoping the ID does live up to his words and send me the quote today!

I believe and pray with all my might that things will pull through!

Dum dee dee dum dum.

Couldn't resist some online shopping lol. Oh wells. Time to cut down on the food budget and not eat out so much! πŸ™ˆ

Best decision to bring a knit sweater to work!!!!

The aircon has been freezing at our pharmacy for a while now and the cardigans that I own honestly don't cut it

Going to look for a zip knit cardigan later cause I can't function when it is cold!! ❄️❄️❄️