Happy engagement anniversary to us!:)


Spent loads of time writing the invites from yesterday till today 😅

Wrote till I almost wanted to fall asleep haha.

We finally filed our notice of marriage today!!!

Finally got T to stop procrastinating and get it done hahaha.

I really wonder though, is it a guy thing to be so super chill and do everything last min?

On a side note, it's 76 days to the wedding!!!

Time is really zooming by real fast

Got my new camera lens! ðŸ˜Š

Woke up this morning to news that T's 婆婆was at the hospital and would be admitted for pneumonia.

That scared me a little but the comforting thing is that she was at the hospital we work at so we were familiar with how things worked

She's ok though! Just probably will have to be on observation and antibiotics for 2 days before being discharged home

Wanted to go see the gynae today for something that has been bugging me (no not pregnant) but my mum advised me to go at a later time

I finally managed to retrieve my Olympus 25mm F1.8 lens from Ta-Q-bin!

Really so annoyed with their service but I didn't have a choice as to the courier that Olympus chose


Sigh. Be kind Jane, be kind.

Here's how the top part of our invite looks like! Haha

And of course, with new camera gear means new photos of the queen of the household 😂

And T was excited enough to practice his photo-taking skills before we go to New Zealand! Haha

Pardon my messy messy drawers behind

And of course, here is one of my round face 😊

Medical appointment!

Just went for my medical appointment for my thyroid this morning!

Today I really want to thank God for the little things cause when I was having an easy time with getting my blood drawn, the uncle opposite was grimacing in pain for a good minute cause his vein was deep seated and the nurse had to dig deeper to find it

Felt terrible for him and yet glad that I didn't have to suffer like he did…cause unlike him who was so brave and tolerant, I don't know if I'd have been willing to soldier on

Received good news today!

My thyroid levels are finally normalized after 2 relapses!

And I took the plunge and asked the doctor to change my medication to PTU which is safer for pregnancy in the event that there is an accident cause condoms are not foolproof

Hoping that all goes well and that I don't suffer any side effects from the new drug! And that my thyroid levels will stay normal. Praying really hard 😊

Printed our invites!!

Printed our invitation cards yesterday!!

So so exciting as more and more gets done and the days go by 😊

We went over to print at sunshine plaza right after work yesterday and surprisingly the guy told us it would be done in 30 mins!

The quality is quite good and it cost us $147 for 380 pieces of A6 cards at Colorvizio!

It's really so surreal seeing a design that I have agonized on for so long coming to life 😊

Had a date with T back on Tuesday as well! Haha haven't been free to post and I'm too lazy to change the date and time on my phone so everything is back dated 😂

We had iipudo ramen and it was so so so so good.

I have seriously been missing out!

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