The coffee shop

10am, people watching

There's the uncle who ordered a bottle of beer for his breakfast, he's a regular
Counting his money in his pouch, wondering if he has enough?

Then the group of uncles smoking and chit chatting at a table
I often wonder, what they work as and why they're available to hang out at the coffee shop all the time.

Then the doting grandparents with their granddaughter, peeling the rinds off whole meal bread and giving her the soft center. Carrying her when it's time to go

There goes the young coffee girl
How old is she, I don't know
I often wonder what's her story and why she ended up working here
A drop out from school? Or escaping home?
She can't be older than 25 but I do know she calls Malaysia home

An entire family, sharing a vegetarian meal.
Grandfather, mum and dad
And two teens!
I wonder… don't they have school?

And there's the uncle who owns my favorite noodle store
Tall and lanky but pretty old, he sits and puffs his cigarettes one by one
His wife often nags him about relaxing too much and smoking too much but they're still together and I know she cares about him so much.
I hope the day they stop selling noodles won't come so soon, but for now, I'll be a regular for sure


Night #4 and 5 and some thoughts about lift etiquette

OOTD for the night! 😂😂

4th night and 3 more to go~~

Daily activity at 2am. Heating up food!

Thanks to my parents I have been having really good food the past 2 nights 😊😊

Sometimes I can't quite understand the mentality people have when entering and exiting lifts

Lift etiquette

1. Why do people tend to want to immediately close the lift door when it stops and assume in 1s that no one is there waiting for the lift

This has happened to me almost daily at my own block because I meet the same maid at the same time every day 😂😂

When the lift stops at my floor, she takes a 0.5 second glance and her hand immediately goes to the close button but hey! I'm right there!

She will then have a shocked face on, probably shocked that there really was someone there

I wonder whether us living a fast paced life in Singapore has anything to do with it

Trying something new today!

Bought more stuff today!! Like USD 200 worth 🙈

But it's gifts for people so I feel quite good spending that money on them

Here's crossing my fingers and praying really hard that the items come out looking really pretty

Money is really flying out of our bank accounts really really fast this wedding period. This month alone we've spent like nearing $10K or more? Cause we changed quite a bit of money for our honeymoon, then paid $1800 each for our banquet and I bought stuff for our honeymoon and wedding and also facial lol

And banks are actually calling us to ask if we want to take loans hahahaha. Is it cause we are spending too much? 😂

So exhausted over the weekend that I only woke up at 11 today!!! 😱 got a shock when I saw the time when I woke up hahaha

So here's my swollen face 😂

Having such a headache planning for the wedding now in terms of the bridal party briefing and the full dress rehearsal.

Nightmare really 😂

FML. My mother just lost the banquet invites I passed to her to write at least a month ago 😅



Found the invites!!!!!

Today I'm really grateful for the fact that God has allowed me to keep my peace and joy even as people start to revert that they cannot make it for the wedding

I'm thankful that in this wedding process I have not felt let down by friends or any disappointment with regards to my guests and their availability

And God willing, may it continue to be so 😊

Just went round distributing our invitation cards to T's relatives!

Such an old fashioned practice but something we both feel is necessary cause we want to honor them 😊

Really praying that our wedding can be a blessing to the people around us

Also printed our thank you cards and they turned out so good!:)

Not going to show them here cause I want it to be a surprise!😊

Home on MC today after the exhausting night shift cause I was having lots of type 7 bowel movement

And today when I woke up I couldn't breathe 😭

But anyways, am making most of it and designing our actual day PowerPoint slides and I actually completed my vows to T!!

So drama omg haha. I wrote till I kinda teared lol😂