Doing wedding nails today!

So exciting!

Loving the nails a whole lot!

Enjoyed my time at the nail salon today. Can’t believe that the last time I went was last year before the Pre wedding shoot hahaha

Really love the intricate details!

There was a rather interesting interview going on at the salon when I was there

An elderly retired uncle was interviewing to be a manicurist!
Apparently he learnt the craft from skills future courses and he has been teaching courses to elderly folks as well

Doubt he will get the job though cause apparently the designs he knows how to do are pretty old fashioned and he likely won’t be able to catch on to the latest trends fast enough for the salon

Still it was interesting to see his tenacity in pursuing his interest!


Completed the bridesmaids bouquets this morning! The first bouquet which I did on Monday night took me 2 hours so I was surprised that I finished the remaining 4 in two hours today

I think it’s cause I already kinda know what I need and also cause I laid everything out first

Feeling extremely accomplished today

Last order for the day would be to pack my lugagges!

Really love how they look

Honestly I think I ordered way too many dried flowers and spent more than I needed lol

But I have to blame it all on inexperience cause I really didn’t know how much of each type of dried flower I would need

Can’t wait to see them in official pictures!