#TJKohadventures NZ Honeymoon Day 2!

So we woke up bright and early on Day 2 of our honeymoon cause we had a bus to catch! The bus was at 7:15am about 15 mins away from our bnb!

The streets looked like the nightmare on elm street in the early morning.

It was drizzling, cold and foggy and I think….. I might have had a brief moment of wanting to strangle my husband for forgetting his license 😂

Here’s how the bnb looked like!

So it was a really cold and tiring walk to the bus station in town with us lugging our bags to dash to the bus station

What was supposed to be a 15 min walk (we timed the day before!) turned out to be a 20-25 min walk with the cold and the bags

Thankfully we managed to leave the bigger bags behind at the air bnb cause the owner was really nice!

The 3.5h bus ride was pretty comfortable (please look at my husband who was sleeping soundly) but we were soon really convinced that it’s better to self drive than to take the bus cause you will always be lulled to sleep and miss all the scenery on the way! Also the bus ride was pretty expensive at around $30/pax one way

The scenery on the way was so gorgeous. We were pretty thankful and also convinced that it was all God’s timing and plan for us not to have driven the first leg cause the road was really windy and we were both still fatigued from the wedding!

And then we finally reached Kaikoura! We were so thankful that the rain eased up and we could see the mountains!

But first, coffee was much needed after waking up at 5:30am

Please look at my cui tired face 😂

Loved that the sky was so blue

This is definitely a place I miss and want to come back to!

The beach was beautiful and the weather was so great in the morning

Took the opportunity to whip out the tripod and take some pictures since we reached pretty early and check in was only at 2!

Was feeling like I was on cloud nine

All along I thought that we would be back in Singapore by this time cause that was the back up plan hahaha. I didn’t want to take bus throughout a 17 day road trip journey so I thought it would be easier to head home

Thankfully my husband persevered and insisted to find an alternative way

Althoughhhhhh…. after we started trekking towards our air bnb which was supposedly a 5 min drive away from the main town center…… it ended up being a 30 min trek and we had to hike up a steep trek called Dempsey trek. (Pictured above)

The views were gorgeous but we were hugging and puffing up with our overnight bags and sweating!!! ( I couldn’t believe I was sweating in the cold weather!)

Cue: glares at the husband hahahaha

After a longgggg walk we made it to the air bnb!!!

Our host was so shocked that we had walked from town and she asked us why we didn’t call her first hahahaha

Singaporeans, always very rule abiding 😂

In fact she said we could have called her even earlier to let us check in earlier! 😂😂😂 we sat at the beach for 1.5h amidst a swarm of midges while waiting for time to pass 😅

This was where we were staying! We had the whole downstairs to ourselves!

And there was also a hot tub!

After resting for a bit we headed out to get lunch at the Kaikoura seafood bbq koisk!

Our air bnb host told us to go via a shortcut through a meadow!

We were super excited to do so! But in true Timothy style, we holland-ed😩

We trekked through waist high weeds down a steep meadow only to come to a barbed fence. It was then we realized we went the wrong way!! Hiked all the way back up then realized steps to cross into a farmland was right next to where we got lost 😞

It was so exciting to hike across farmland though! Had fun “talking” to the sheep (which in reality was me disturbing them) and watching out for bombs on the ground!

It was a steep descend but definitely a shortcut!

The fog had started to roll in when we were on our way to the air bnb but it was still foggy when we went out for lunch! Added to the mystery of it all, hiking down a meadow with no one in sight but sheep

This was what the farmers placed to let travelers know where the exit the farm land!

Felt so welcomed to trespass hahaha

Hehe it was not actually scary but it was really fun!

Came across a large bush of Lupins after and just had to take a photo 😊

Had the best lunch ever at the seafood shack! Had seafood chowder…

Lobster!!!!!! So so so good

And a thick slab of grilled salmon!

My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Headed to the boardwalk after our lunch and it was a lovely walk

And we saw tons of cute seals who were really lazy and rolling around haha

Doesn’t this NZ fur seal look so comfortable and sleepy?

Hiked around the marshland after that and it was so slippery with the moss everywhere.

The scenery was beautiful though

Looked like a scene out of Nat Geo!

It was a really wonderful day in Kaikoura and I honestly think it is a must visit for anyone going to NZ!

Headed to the pier hotel for dinner upon the recommendation of our Airbnb host and we really enjoyed ourselves and had a wonderful time!

Tried the local beer (which I have since forgotten what it is called) and it was 👍🏻👍🏻

The calamari was to die for!

And Timmy’s favorite was the beef shank!

It was so easy to tear off the bone and it just melted in our mouths~


Audio house! Washer, Dryer, Oven, Hob and hood

Just for memory’s sake, we bought our oven, hob, stove, fridge and washing machine from audio house today cause they were having a warehouse opening sale!

(Trust my penny pinching husband to notice the ad in the newspaper 😂)

The warehouse was at Bendeemer (so far from our house!) and we had a first month celebration for my nephew (cousin’s son) at aloha loyang!

We were so efficient in deciding that it’s a bit scary hahaha. Took 1h to decide and spend $3.2K hahaa

#TJKohve #dayrehomes

Woke up early and made breakfast for the family!!

Followed Gordon Ramsay’s pancake recipe and it was soooo successful!

His recipe made 29 pancakes though 😅

Wayyyy too many!

So pleased with myself haha

Only took a nice photo after I was halfway eating cause the husband who was tasked to take photos of my nice plating didn’t take a nice photo 😂😂😂

TJKohadventures NZ honeymoon Day 1!

This is such a back dated post because the honeymoon started about a month ago 🙈

Haven’t had time to post so here I am trying to record what I remember!

So we had an awesome wedding day although there was a little hiccup but thanks to the hiccup we managed to get a photo with our photographer 😂

Always looking on the bright side right?

Will post about the wedding when I get the photos!

So after a really hectic half day back home packing we rushed to the airport to catch our flight to Christchurch!

It was a relief when we finally got on the plane and sat down

Then one hour into the flight, my husband (still get a kick out of saying that😁) suddenly turned to me with a worried look on his face….

👩🏻 “what happened?”
👦🏻 “Dear… I have some back news for you… I forgot to bring my driving license”
👩🏻 😱😩

There was an immediate sense of doom hahaha

My mind kicked into high gear and we wrecked our brains thinking where the driving license was

Problem was I can’t drive (yet) and we were going on an NZ ROAD TRIP! Haha

And my dear husband thought that he had his driving license in his wallet for a whole year but it wasn’t! He took it out the year before when we went to Korea for our pre-wedding shoot and never put it back.

His mood was really bad for the rest of the 10 hour flight to Christchurch and I was so sad for him.

I kept telling him that it was alright and that we could just book a flight back home but he wasn’t for it

I just felt tired thinking that we would have to take a bus everywhere we went hahah

Anyway the plan was to call his mum immediately when we landed cause it would be 6am Singapore time and ask her to DHL the driving license over!

We did just that and his mum had to go through 3 whole piles of cards in 3 diff locations before she found the driving license in an unused backpack!

My husband is a little messy hahaha

(He promised to work on it though)

The missing driving license was really the first test of marriage hahaha and T said I passed!

We spent near 2 hours at the airport utilizing the WiFi and trying to figure out a solution

We managed to get bus tickets for bus to Kaikoura the next day and back to Christchurch the following day and also booked a hotel in Christchurch on Day 3 so the DHL would be able to deliver the driving license to us!

Took a cab to the Airbnb and we were ripped off! NZD 50 for a 15 min ride!

Our host was such a lovely lady and room we rented from her was so lovely!

Headed out for dinner soon after

Walked 15 mins into the center of town and headed to the container mall! But it was a dreary day and kept on raining and everything at the container mall closed at 4! We reached there at 5😒

Ate spicy lamb wraps from a Lebanese food cart though and it was really good!

The lady was really cross though haha

Christchurch did really seem quite dreary to me especially with the rain!

There was loads of construction going on too because of the earthquake from a few years back

There were cute sparrows stalking me for the crumbs I dropped!

They were really fat and cute haha and not like the SG ones

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