Floor screeding done at #TJKohve

Went to see our new house today! Screeding is done! And it’s done pretty ok to me! Haha. Gonna wait for the floor guy to come and give his verdict

#dayrehomes #TJhome


Feeling greatly down in the dumps lately

For the first time I feel like there’s no Christmas cheer or anything and I think I’ve been feeling this way since we came back from our honeymoon

Just feel like going straight home after work everyday and to just stay home and not go to work

Things at work have been a bit weird lately. Sigh.

Did something real crazy with the husband today 😂

He first suggested for us to eat a really unhealthy dinner cause we had a really tiring day at work and we ended up at *drum roll* LONG JOHN SILVER


Thereafter, he suggested that we run to his parents’ house from my place which is about 4.5km away

Felt good to run though! Haven’t really been exercising that much 😂