#TJKohve 3D drawings

Thought that I’d share about the 3D drawings of our up and coming new home!

We’re going for the industrial style cause it feels easier to maintain to me (I might be wrong) and I do like my house to be a bit on the darker side (I used to love white minimalist but I don’t know what changed 🙈)

Love the visualized bathroom and can’t wait for all the black subway tiles to be up!

It will cost us a pretty penny to overlay the shower side of the toilet wall and floor but I think it will be so worth it!

Think it’ll really feel like a hotel bathroom haha

The rest of the walls will be cement screeded and we decided to go for Veener doors for the toilet cause bifold doors are not my thing

Our kitchen and island!

We decided to deviate from the norm and move the island counter outwards to where the proposed dining table is in the HDB floor plans (ours is a 5 room)

Hopefully by doing this it gives us more room to play around

Our walls will mostly be cement screeded as well cause we are aiming for the industrial style

Our shoe cabinet! The 3D drawing has the cabinet facing this way to make it easier for my ID to draw haha. It’s supposed to be facing the side of the door of course!

The wire mesh is also supposed to go up all the way to the ceiling!
We’re going to use it to hang up some of our bags!

The only thing that concerns me is whether there is enough space between the island and the shoe cabinet area for us to walk through as they are almost in a straight line.

Hopefully it turns out fine!

Our bomb shelter will be next to the wire mesh of the shoe cabinet area and it will be painted with black chalkboard paint!

There’s another wall of the kitchen that will be painted with black chalk board paint as well. Thought it would be nice to write the WiFi password there for guests and also for our future kids to draw there!

What’s missing from the 3D drawing is also that our ID is reconstructing the DB box cabinet next to the door to be more space for shoes!

This is the 3D of the living room! Our windows are meant to be longer till the window settee (hence why I wanted a settee in the first place!)

Also the craft brick we are using will be red in colour cause T and I love the New York vibe

Our sofa is also a camel brown leather one from castlery! No cloth sofas for us cause of the 🐱

Our 1.8m dining table from Tao bao will be placed behind!

Our MBR! Not sure if the laminate on the wardrobe will look like that though cause if I don’t remember wrongly our ID said that he wanted to change it haha.

Leaving all the artistic stuff to him cause that’s why I hired him 😜

#dayrehomes #TJKohve


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