Amazon prime haul!

So excited to receive my items from amazon prime!!!

Didn’t expect the delivery to come so fast! I ordered everything on 12 Jan and everything came today on 16 Jan! And everything flew from the US!

Unboxed to see loads of packing inside

Mostly bought things from joseph joseph for future kitchen use!

Haha crazy right. My vinyl is not even laid yet and I’m buying kitchen utensils 😂

Bought the rolling pin! Hopefully I’ll be making cookies and the like in future when we move!

Bought the C pump to use in the kitchen

Bought a stainless steel sink organizer from OZO! It looks really good!

Hopefully it will work well too!

A potato masher for when we make mash potatoes

And one of my favorite purchases!

The elevated carousel! I know most people get the nylon ones but I’m afraid of it getting worn out so we decided to get the stainless steel ones although they were more expensive

Comes in a set of 6 different tools

We used nylon ones on our holiday in NZ and many of them were damaged!
So T was really against nylon but we are going to get one pure nylon spatula for non-stick pans

Also got the nested mixing bowl set with measuring cups!

Silicone baking utensils

And a whisk with scraper

Also got the chopping board set from them cause I like how there is a diff board for different types of food!

And also the lotus steamer that I noticed quite a few people on dayre have.

I’ve seen many of these things being sold in robinsons and they are priced really exorbitantly!

When I realized amazon prime was selling them for mostly 50% cheaper, I didn’t hesitate and bought everything, much to the dismay of my husband lol😂

Also got some baby clothes as a gift for friends of ours who are expecting and also a sharpening stone for knives!

#dayrehomes #TJKohve #amazonprime


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