Hydroflux water dispenser

Bought our hydroflux water dispenser today!

Went all the way to ubi to listen to the sales talk that we arranged this morning only to be given a slot immediately in the afternoon lol

Talk about a whirlwind decision

At first we were only intending to listen cause T wasn’t keen to sink a four figure sum on a water dispenser and was keen to just get those water filtration jugs you see being sold at departmental stores

By when we got there and listened to the product demo, the machine really was quite sleek and given its functions (5 diff temps and child locks as well as uv sterilization) we were quite sold on it

It came at a pretty penny though! But comes with 4 year warranty and we can pay in installments over 12 months which is what I prefer 😊

It was quite an impulse purchase I would say, but I believe that it will be something that enriches our lives

#dayrehomes #TJKohve

On the topic of Reno though, we have met with so many delays that I’m starting to see red.

The ID has promised that the tiles for the two bathrooms be completed since two weeks ago and that dateline has been revised three times.

He promised that it would be done by this Sunday so we are going down to spot check.

Seriously pulling my hair out at all the nonsensical delays

So I’ve been happily buying lights, fans, appliances and furniture with no where to place them cause as of now, only my floor has been laid. Even that almost didn’t happen because they didn’t check the HDB floor screed carefully until it was too late 😡

So annoyed.

Just because we aren’t rushing to have the house done before CNY does not mean we are the last priority


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