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  1. Hihi,i stumbled on your blog while googling. I am going to hong kong next week!!! its my 1st trip, i am wondering do you know what kind of clothes are they selling there now, is it really all winter clothes or we can find summer clothes like those we can wear in sg???


    • Hey! Thanks for reading:)
      The normal shops around mostly sell winter wear but you can find some non winter wear. H&M is a gem cause you can find quite a lot of non winter stuff there. go to the main branch located at central:) the best thing to buy in HK would be cosmetics and such though. You could also try argyle center which is a shopping mall located at Mong kok. for more info on how to get there, you can google that or go google this blog called cheeserland by a girl called cheesie / ringo. Have fun! Feel free to ask me if you have any other questions:)

    • Basically all the stores around like Sasa which is on almost every corner, color mix and there is one other store which you will see quite often. It’ll be good for you to keep the exchange rate in mind when you shop:) there’s another place called lung shing dispensary which you can google. It’s like a pharmacy but with cheap cosmetics from brands like Clinique etc. it’s on Granville road which is near tsim sha tsui.

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