My grandmother



I wanna talk about my grandmother… my maternal grandma that is:)
This is one of the few photos I have with her… taken today:D
and I love that she knows how to smile when I tell her that we are taking a photo!:D

Being one of the youngest in my extended family (until the 3 bundles of joy came along)
I never had a really close relationship with my grandmother.
My only memories of her were really her feeding me biscuits every week when we would go and visit her.
By the time I even had memories of her, she was already getting old.
That, is my only regret.

As far as I know, my grandmother led a hardworking life as a farmer in a kampong in Lim Chu Kang with my grandfather
They planted papaya and stuff (can’t remember the stories lol.)to sell.
Life wasn’t easy but they made do and brought up a family of 6 children.

My mum is the second youngest and youngest daughter hence she had better education and such, which I really feel thankful for.
This really allowed our family to be better off and have more opportunities in life!
But I digress.

My grandmother always showed love to me and my cousins.
It seemed to me like we were her pride and joy, her precious babies.
Of course, I could never ask her that in words since I only know a smattering of hokkien.
My older cousins had a closer relationship with her.
My grandmother would always ensure that we were fed and watered whenever we were at her house.
It seemed like a treasure trove full of goodies!
So basically when we were young, it would be play with the cousins and eat, play and eat, play and eat.

As time went by, all of us started to grow up and so did my grandmother.
She started becoming a bit slower, started not being able to recognise all of us…
It was then that I looked at her and realised that she had really grown old…

a couple of years back in year 1 sem 1, I got a notice that my grandma was diagnosed with an illness when I was in Cambodia..
I remember that I was filled with fear that time that I wouldnt be able to see her when I got back..
scared that I couldnt be there for her…
regret that I hadnt built up my relationship with her…
Thankfully, she was ok.

A few months later when she had to go for surgery, I remember being there with my mum and aunt and holding her hand before the surgery..
She was so scared and confused… and didnt know what to do..
I was so sorry for her to be in so much fear..
Yet, my grandmother is a fighter…
She came out of everything ok.

You know, living as an Asian, you normally do not see your parents or grandparents for that matter showing much affection for each other..
like not much of hand holding or kissing in public..
So i never really felt that my grandparents had a very strong relationship.
Boy was I wrong!
When my grandmother was in hospital recovering from surgery, my uncle ferried my grandfather to visit my grandmother in the afternoon and he would stay there till dinner time and had to be coaxed to go for dinner cause he couldnt understand why my grandmother couldnt eat with him.
My granddad would not say anything but just sit there next to her.
Some days when my uncle couldnt ferry my granddad, he would still dress up and get ready to go, not knowing that he wasnt meant to go…
When I heard that, I was so touched!
I want a relationship like that… that is so strong and lasting through the years.

My grandmother, is a very important part of my family..
She is so cute!
Although she mostly cannot recognise me (though I think she does) and I cant really communicate with her…
I love just sitting beside her and letting her hold my hand.

Family matters…
and I wish everybody would know that.




Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold: Japanese Village Restaurant 日本村


where are we going???

Yes, I know that there is a test on thursday.
Yes, I know that exams are coming really quickly,
Yes, I know that I need to study harder given my below average grades for CAs (which I am really depressed and disappointed at too.)
Yet, we all need to relax sometimes:)

Mummy left for JB this morning for a 2D1N trip with her friends so daddy decided to take us out for dinner at the Japanese Village Restaurant at Jurong West Sports Complex:)
It’s the Deepavali Holiday today so all non-indians are enjoying and thankful for the day off:)
For me,  it was studying and spending time with my family:)



Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold was being a little naughty and refusing to put on the seatbelt. (actually, the sit belt could hold him hahaha)
But he promised to sit nice and still!



The ordering style at this restaurant is really cool!
If you choose to order their ala carte items (the other choice being the buffet), you’d have to go around to look at the different sections where pictures , prices and descriptions of the food were put up and wooden sticks indicating that order were placed in a small bucket for customers to take.
Each table has it’s own little bin to hold order wooden sticks so you’d just have to take the wooden stick representative of the item you want and place it in your table bin then place the bin at the order point!
It’s really quite interesting!
Needless to say,
SASHIMI was on the itinerary for the night:p
and we ordered a whole lot of food!



the interior of the restaurant.


View that I had overlooking the swimming complex!


couldnt resist a selca:p

been wearing glasses real often recently… (havent put on contacts in a week) cause there’s just so much studying to be done and it’s so much more convenient.



Dan the rabbit who is afraid of the cold and me! ❤



rotating conveyor belt of sushi!



kor’s beef teppanyaki!
It smelt really good, so much so that when we got home we all really needed a bath:)


my ribeye beef shabu shabu<3<3<3<3
The beef was really awesome!!!!
and it really wasnt that expensive!
around $13 after GST.




Daddy’s always on his phone:p


Three of us:)
picture is a little blurry though since it was taken by an auntie who was one of the staff.

I’m really glad for moments like this when we can spend time together as a family ( though it would have been even better if mummy was around:p
And now,
I’ve got to go back to mugging.
Pray hard for me!


Guess what?

Hey guess what!!!!
It’s confirmed!
Mummy, Kor Kor and I are going to be in taiwan from 27 December to 5 January!!!!!
Yes! I got my wish to spend New Year’s in Taiwan!:))))

I’m really grateful to God for it:)
That there is a silver lining in all the dark clouds looming before me..
Like med chem test on Friday. BRRRR.

I think it’s really important to not do anything against your parents’ wishes..
Like how when I was actually going to go to Taiwan at the same time period with another friend, mum violently opposed and although I didn’t agree with her reasoning, I decided to listen to her and not go against her wishes… Which ended up in peace with the family and now this:)

Thank you mummy! Love you!

The original plan was for us to go to Korea but my dear brother suddenly said that he only had 3 days of leave which adds up to 5 days he can be away including weekends!

This meant that we could not go to Korea on a group tour! My mum was reluctant to go free and easy cause we aren’t familiar with the language (although I’m taking Korean this semester!) and it’ll be REALLY COLD.

Daddy then suggested Okinawa but honestly, hardly any tour agency in Singapore has tours to Okinawa! And so,mummy looked at me and went.”Ok. Let’s go somewhere nearer, let’s go to Taiwan! You should be really happy now!” Hahahah.
I was!

You see, anyone who knows me will know that I am Taiwan mad. I love the country, the people, the scenery, the beauty, the food..etc
And it doesn’t help that I now have many good friends from Taiwan! Hahaha.

So it was like a dream that when mummy went to do the laundry, she passed me her credit card to do the booking for the flights and hotel. So far I’ve only booked the hotel for taipei and we’ll be there till 30Jan! Then we’ll head to Tainan to spend New Years with my friends from Rhema Harvest Church:)
We’ll be flying by scoot and it’ll be a midnight flight!

I actually convinced mummy not to take SIA although she really wanted to support our country’s airline hahahaha. I mean I wouldn’t mind since she is paying but the flight times for SIA are not favorable (well in my case since I want to maximize our time) and well, SCOOT is SIA’s budget arm! I saved her more than $1500 for three tickets! Imagine that!
I’m a good daughter. Lol.

Alright! Gonna shower and head out the house to give tuition before heading home to mug some more!!!!!

(I have now found a renewed vigor to blog about my Taiwan and Bangkok trips. Will do so when I finish this round of CAs! Wish me luck)


Happy birthday daddy and 老母darling

My dad and mum’s birthdays happen to fall on the same day in the month of Feb so we went to a restaurant today to celebrate!:D
Went to this restaurant called the Asia Grand Restaurant located at Oden (sp?) building.
It’s near raffles hotel and the food is GOOD!!!!
It’s a Chinese restaurant and they’re pretty famous for their Beijing Duck!
It’s real good!

mummy ❤

BEWARE, pictures of food incoming!

what i loved most about the peking duck was that they actually wrapped it for you!
Normally they just slice the duck for you and leave you to wrap all the stuff yourself but at the restaurant, the waitress will actually help you to wrap each piece of skin with veg and sauce!:D

It was a really wonderful dinner:)
Love my family loads loads loads.
I really am blessed.


Ma Maison – celebrating bro’s birthday

went to Ma Maison’s today with my family to celebrate my brother’s 24th birthday.
It’s a pretty nice place with awesome decor and it serves Japanese-Western food!

the menu actually came in a leatherbound book which was WAYYY AWESOME!

here’s how the deco looked on the inside!:D

We ordered the chef’s pizza and it was soooo good!
Real Italian  style complete with the thin crust!!
pair it with cheese and you’ve got HEAVEN! 

Dad and bro had clam chowder soup as well and it was good!:D

Mummy had the sirloin steak, daddy had the seabass and bro had the hamburger steak while I had the tonkatsu curry and the tonkatsu was WAYYYY GOOD!!!!

and last but not least, I shall put a photo of myself! MUAHAHAHA. :p
really becoming increasingly vain as I grow older >.<