Clearing the cobwebs


It’s been kinda long since I last blogged.
School has really been taking up all my time and it’s just study study study, especially since my boyfriend (we’re not gonna be official for another 3 months due to us being obedient to some church rules) is really focused on studies which makes me focused too.
I haven’t even watched a single episode of Taiwan drama or running man since the sem started!
Quite proud of myself lol.

I have so many things I wanna blog about.
The two holidays I took, CNY, carpenter and cook and so many other things!!!
But i can’t get started on these meaty posts when I have so many tests and presentations to study for.
I mean, finals are in 4 weeks!

Seriously, where has time even gone? I feel like school has only just started and yet now the semester is almost at the end!
It’s really so freaky>.<

I want to go to so many places, take many pictures, share it to everyone
I want to live my life to the fullest!
Really feel so sick of studying now but I know I have to soldier on.


All the best to all uni students!!!
We can all get through this!!!!!
And continue, to fight for our dreams.




I just thought about this topic – priorities
I think this is one of the things that can ruin things in a person’s life if care isn’t taken to get the priorities in the right order.
Which would you place first?
Your family? Your job? Studies? Hobbies? God?

I think setting our priorities straight is something that has been much overlooked by people and I guess it requires a constant self reflection about what we are doing at the current moment and whether it follows our priorities

I just self-evaluated and I think that I should work harder to set my own priorities straight.

My list looks something like this now
5. special someone

I think many people will question why church and ministry ranks below family and the main reason that is is because we can’t ever just get caught up with work and forget about what matters most.
Family is important, really important
Many families break up because the dad or mum has spent too much time at work or busy earning money and that causes a rift in the family cause not enough quality time was spent with each other.
It’s easy to say that parents are earning money so the kids can benefit but more often than not, kids just want their parents to love them, spend time with them, guide them on problems that they need advice for.

Let’s take the time to reevaluate our priorities in life and well, lead a more balanced and happy life:)


It’s the third week of school


It’s the third week of school now and the first CA is just round the corner.
School has been exhausting to say the least… Then again it was never easy, just that this sem, I have four 8am lectures and a 9am lab on that 5th day.
Trying hard to sleep by 11 but well, that has never been easy.

I really wanna thank God for everything this sem though.
My year started out with a bang and i think I have a smile on my face everyday:D
Life’s good.

Was just walking to lab this morning when I realized that the back of my heels all had blisters fresh wounds on them and it really hurtttttt!!!!
But I saw this beautiful sight in front of me (the picture above) and that lot a smile on my face instantly. And I thanked God.
This led me to think… Do we still want to thank God through the moments when we are down?
Will be still be willing to praise His name?
I guess we really won’t ever know but it’s at the point when we are at our most down that we should really make a conscious effect to give thanks to God for whatever good He has given us.

Typing this in my new iPad mini:D

I promise I shall blog about Taiwan and Beijing at the end of February!!!

Shall go and do my tutorial now:p


Happy New Year and HELLO 2013!

Hey everyone!
I’m now sitting on the toilet bowl in my room to type this.
Yes, you read it right.
The toilet bowl.

Cause the only available plugs for me to charge things is in the bathroom above the toilet so I’m making use of it to charge my phone. Hahaha.

So anyway.
Crowded on a beach in Kenting, Taiwan with a multitude of other groups of ppl beside who are really friendly and non-stop and I really mean non-stop fireworks!
It was awesome fun!
Sitting on the beach, drinking peach beer, admiring the fireworks and of course not forgetting the SCREAMING when fireworks were set off too near to us!

I’m thankful for the chance I have to countdown here. It’s so special to me to spend time with people whom I really consider my family although we’re not blood related.

We counted down and at the stroke of midnight, a large mass of fireworks erupted non-stop for 15mins! It was awe-inspiring madness.
Pure madness.
But wonderful madness (provided the people do clean up after)
The group of us gathered together to shout our wishes and my wish was “我要幸福 (I want to be blessed and happy)”
Yup no more boyfriend thing cause a good friend of mine said that you shouldn’t wish for it because love will come when you least expect it.

So anyway, as per tradition I will list down a new set of new year resolutions!

1.Draw closer to God and listen to His guidance more
2That my family will have more than enough, be blessed, to happy and to be healthy.
3.To do well and pull my cap up by at least 0.5
4.To make more time for friends.
5.To be happy and joyful
6.To manage money well
7.To go to Taiwan for SEP
8.To grow wiser
9.To love more
10.To volunteer more

Ok so that’s all I can think of for now!
Should really get off the toilet bowl!

May 2013 be more awesome than 2012!


It’s the last day of 2012


It’s the last day of 2012 and I think I’m out to make full use of the day.
Woke up at 4:30am to shower and pack up to head to KENTING!
My dearest Rhema harvest family are bringing us to spend the last day of the year at kenting:)
I can’t think of a better way to spend it.. Except well I guess with you.

Got lost at one point and payed at the same toll 3 times but I still that’s all part of the adventure!:)

As the year is coming to an end…
I just reflected and I really want to thank God.
For everything.
For my family,
For my friends,
For the scholarship,
For coincidences
For experiences
For love. (From people around me)

When I met up with the people from Rhema Harvest yesterday,
All I could do was laugh and smile because my heart was so full of joy!
The temperature was the coldest of the year but I couldn’t feel the cold.
All I could feel was happiness and joy.

I felt so blessed that so many came to spend time with me although they had other commitments!
I’m blessed.
I really am.
And I’m gonna take note to count my blessings.

It is really a blessing from God that I got to know them and be a part of them.
It’s all in God’s planning
And that He knows what’s best for me.

Thank you God:)

No matter what comes my way I’m gonna continue to lean on You.
My fortress and my strength
I’ll let go and let God.











Sorry to all my readers who cannot understand Chinese!

今天, 在台灣的第四天。


12:01 就要和可愛的台南見面了。





about love

Credits of this photo do not go to me.

I was just thinking about this topic… that of LOVE.
That four letter word that almost everyone craves but many do not dare to admit that they need and want it.

Many girls (and guys for that matter) have long lists about how their perfect partner will be like, what attributes they will have or just how handsome or beautiful they will be..
but at the end of the day,  many will tell you that you can have as long a list as you want but more often than not,
you will end up dating someone who doesn’t fulfill your criteria..

That I believe, is true to a certain extent.
Let’s face it, no one is perfect.
If there was that someone, we would have known about it.
Even the most beautiful actresses have drug habits or smoke.
They can cuss and swear.
Even the most handsome actors or sportsmen, have times when they lose their temper.
And, because no one is perfect, we CANNOT expect that our other half will be..
but that, doesn’t keep us from dreaming about a guy so handsome that he makes you weak in the knees, so gentlemanly and kind, always taking care of your needs…..
in short, romance.
Every girl wants to be treated like a princess by their other half, to be loved and cherished, put in first place, to always be taken care of..
and that sometimes leads to the absurd criteria that we have towards our other half…

I was just pondering about this the other day that I came to this conclusion: that we will never find the perfect guy… (even if we do it’s often impossible for you and the guy to be together.) but we can find the PERFECT GUY for us.
The guy whose flaws you can accept and not get upset over, the guy that you love with your whole heart and not compare him with others. The guy whom you’re willing to take care of and give him your all.
What I think girls look out for is not a guy that is good in all ways, but rather, a guy who if is lacking in knowing how to be gentlemanly and such, will make and effort and be willing to learn how to be gentlemanly, to do things that will not make us upset, to hold us in their arms if we are upset, to be there for us…
Similarly, we as girls cannot just expect to receive and give nothing back in return but in fact, we have to care for the guy, not make unreasonable demands, care for his family, not nitpick at everything, to also be their pillar of support in their down times just like they are for us.

Love is give and take…
and loving someone is to accept them for who they are.
We must learn to never ever take the person who loves us for granted… it would be a shame if we only learnt how to cherish after we have lost.

I remember how at one of my friend’s wedding, the pastor mentioned this very important thing..
That love means doing whatever the other person likes and spending quality time together..
Like for example, if the girl’s favourite past time is shopping, the guy cannot just say that “ok, I’ll drop you off and come back to pick you later”… or that “ok, I’ll wait for you at Starbucks”. Love is you actually following your wife and girl friend into the shops and giving her sincere opinions if she asks for it.. cause when she does that she actually really wants your say in her life..
Before you guys flame me and say what about guys????? I shall also say that the pastor also mentioned that if the guy’s favourite past time is to play computer games then the girl can also attempt to pick up the game even though she may not like it.. because this is showing love.
Even if the wife really loathes the game, she should also spend quality time with her husband by being in the same room as him and well maybe watch him play?
In short, spending quality time together doing each other’s favourite activities.

Your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend should be your bestfriend.
The one you can confide in about everything.
The one whom you should be truthful with (in that way all the melodrama from korean/taiwanese/hong kong dramas would be non-existent causing viewers that much less angst.)
The one whom you should tell about everything first.
A relationship and a marriage doesn’t only take love..
That is only the beginning as well as the foundation.
A relationship and a marriage takes work. Loads of it. From both parties.
Take time to go back to your first love with your spouse or bf/gf time and time again.
Bask in the joy of having someone who loves you.

To end off,
here’s a very familiar bible passage…

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

These are just some thoughts of mine… so please dont flame!