Wicked: my first Broadway musical experience

Had my first taste of a Broadway production yesterday and I must say that it has left me hungry for MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!!!!
I seriously can’t get over how good it was and it really really really made me fall in love with it!
I know im gushing but I can’t help it!
In Sheryl’s words, I’m now an official crazy fan girl!
The greatest impact that the show left on me was how difficult it is to be a Broadway actor/actress. It is WAY HARDER than being a cinema or drama actress and they don’t get that much credit for it!
Honestly speaking, movie actors and actresses are thrown into the spotlight more than these people and that shouldn’t be the way!
These people have to ACT SING DANCE on the spot and there is NO ROOM FOR ERRORS and even if there are, they have to act like nothing happened and continue on with the show!
I really admire their professionalism and they have inspired me a great deal!
I’m gonna use that kind of attitude to face production.
I’ll give it my very best!

I really admire their singing talent as well!
As soon as I have the time and cash, I’m gonna head down to MBS to get the musical CD and David Harris’s ( who plays the male lead Fiyero) CD.
I realise that that is the kind of music i like…
Music that touches my soul, lyrics that speak stories..
so musical music and country music are my fave genres:)

Hopefully my significant other in future will be someone who loves musicals and Broadway as much as I do.
then I’d have company to watch these shows with:)

I’m even thinking of persuading mummy to go watch it with me again:p
Seriously can’t get over it.

Anyway, before I went to watch Wicked yesterday with some churchies,
I went to visit Jon Cai with Ly, V, Ray, Windez and Daryl and while we were waiting for our turn to go up to the ward to visit him,
LY, V and I decided to makes gifs!:p
Hopefully you don’t get dizzy HAHHAHA.

when we finally went up to ward, was happy to see that the DM could finally sit up and not be forced to lie prone like a veggie.

the view from his hospital window..
the sun made the room super hot though since the air conditioning wasn’t really working.

headed to Marina Bay Sands after that and I was really lucky that day cause Bayfront MRT had just been opened that day!!!
and it links directly to the shoppes at MBS! AWESOME! (less walking!!!)
there’ll be a little bit of a pic spam below so bear with me please!:D

sampans ( sands take on the “Singaporean gondola” )

i seriously loved this picture and wanted to put it as the picture of the day but cause the other one was when I was at my happiest so :p
Thought it was a nice take on the idea of looking at things from another perspective:)

It was a pretty long walk from the mrt station to the theatre though but it was an enjoyable walk with all the expensive boutiques popping up everywhere.

the word that sent thrills of excitement down my spine:D

in the spirit of the chinese new year:)

my ticket!!!!:D:D:D:D

my attempt at being artsy:D

The musical was so good.
For those who havent gone, you should go!!!!  You definitely WILL NOT be disappointed and it is seriously worth the money!

and anyway, here is my take on the song defying gravity.. It definitely still needs a lot of work so please don’t flame me!!!

so I guess that’s all for now..
will post my picture of the day later!
Gonna go studyyyyyy.