Clearing the cobwebs


It’s been kinda long since I last blogged.
School has really been taking up all my time and it’s just study study study, especially since my boyfriend (we’re not gonna be official for another 3 months due to us being obedient to some church rules) is really focused on studies which makes me focused too.
I haven’t even watched a single episode of Taiwan drama or running man since the sem started!
Quite proud of myself lol.

I have so many things I wanna blog about.
The two holidays I took, CNY, carpenter and cook and so many other things!!!
But i can’t get started on these meaty posts when I have so many tests and presentations to study for.
I mean, finals are in 4 weeks!

Seriously, where has time even gone? I feel like school has only just started and yet now the semester is almost at the end!
It’s really so freaky>.<

I want to go to so many places, take many pictures, share it to everyone
I want to live my life to the fullest!
Really feel so sick of studying now but I know I have to soldier on.


All the best to all uni students!!!
We can all get through this!!!!!
And continue, to fight for our dreams.



It’s the third week of school


It’s the third week of school now and the first CA is just round the corner.
School has been exhausting to say the least… Then again it was never easy, just that this sem, I have four 8am lectures and a 9am lab on that 5th day.
Trying hard to sleep by 11 but well, that has never been easy.

I really wanna thank God for everything this sem though.
My year started out with a bang and i think I have a smile on my face everyday:D
Life’s good.

Was just walking to lab this morning when I realized that the back of my heels all had blisters fresh wounds on them and it really hurtttttt!!!!
But I saw this beautiful sight in front of me (the picture above) and that lot a smile on my face instantly. And I thanked God.
This led me to think… Do we still want to thank God through the moments when we are down?
Will be still be willing to praise His name?
I guess we really won’t ever know but it’s at the point when we are at our most down that we should really make a conscious effect to give thanks to God for whatever good He has given us.

Typing this in my new iPad mini:D

I promise I shall blog about Taiwan and Beijing at the end of February!!!

Shall go and do my tutorial now:p


I’m back

It seems like it was just yesterday that I just stopped blogging altogether when life in this busy island state just caught up to me and threatened to swallow me whole.

Yes, it was the examination period for University students in Singapore (at least the major universities). The DREADED examination period.

When they (being seniors) mentioned that Year 3 Sem 1 of pharmacy school would be the hell year a.k.a the worst year in your 4 years of academic life, I was skeptical. I mean, come on! Anyone who has been in pharmacy school (at least in NUS) would know that not a single semester is easy.

But now, on the last official day of the semester with my holidays stretching wide in front of me, I eat my words. This was indeed one of the worst semesters.
The work load was just mind boggling with the amount of content that we had to cover, the number of tests we had to sit through for each module and me being a smart aleck went to take a language module (which by the way I do not regret one bit).

I’m just really thankful to God that He has seen me through this whole process.
It really has been a crazy semester, with the past two weeks being even crazier. The late nights and waking up early, staring at the pile of notes and not having any motivation to study, feeling like nothing could go into my head anddddd my dearest dad and the noise he generates (hehehe. it’s normal just that in a highly stressed state I was very sensitive to any external stimuli) really almost killed me.
Sometimes I think to myself and wonder what life would be like if I didn’t have God and Jesus in my life. Being the driven person I am, I think I might just succumb to depression or something worse. So TYJ for loving me and giving me the strength to carry on.

Today was the last paper – Pathology.
In some ways, it was worst than all the other papers due to the fact of the sheer amount of content that we needed to ingest and understand..
I remember that just yesterday, I was feeling all forlorn and tired at 7pm telling mummy that I really didnt want to study anymore but Mummy told me not to give up. That I just had to persevere and read the notes slowly and then by tomorrow everything would be ok.
I’m glad I took her advice.

I ended this series of examinations with a trip out with a gang of 9 guys… (where are all my female friends????)
to watch Argo.
It is really a brilliant movie that had me gripping my seat in fear…. well… I just don’t take violence, gore or horror very well.
But that, made it brilliant.

Looking back at the past year, I feel that I’ve accomplished a lot, grown a lot, matured a lot.
I even acted in my first ever production. Something that I never thought I could do!
Went to Taiwan again in June for my first encounter with wild dolphins and meeting old and new friends. Had preceptorship and was lucky enough to meet the best preceptor in the world. Went through this sem and roughed it out but came out alive at the end with all my friends. Celebrated my 21st birthday having a birthday party for the first time in my life.
I’m thankful.

December is always a month that makes people feel poignant about the things that have happened to them over the year and the resolutions they have yet to fulfill.

These were/are my resolutions for this year:
1. Exercise regularly
2. Head to Taiwan again for a long trip where I can go up the mountains
3. Practice singing more
4. Do my best for pharmacy production
5. Study my hardest
6. Save $200 every month
7.Spend quality time with good friends
8.Be more mellow and less tempermental
9.Draw closer to God
10.Be happy
11. Get a boyfriend?
12.Learn the guitar

It’s when you look at these resolutions that you know exactly how much you have grown…now that I look back, these resolutions seem so childish… I’ve tried my hardest for no.10. I still have my down moments but I try my best to recover quickly!
I’m still a lot of work in the making..

As for the boyfriend part, well, which girl doesn’t wish to be loved by someone and be their world? To have someone to care for you when you are down to have someone to shower care and love upon to have someone to call your special someone who knows secrets that only exist between the two of you.. I’ll try my best to find that person but I guess it’s not really on my own time…

Ah well, single for 6 years and counting..

Till next time!
I’ll start going round to take photos of Christmas trees and take in the holiday spirit!:)


Closer and closer to freedom

So it’s currently three down and one to go!:D
I can just taste the freedom in the air hahahhaa.
So i’ve got three days to study for dfd and finish it on friday and then study for biz law!
It feels so good knowing that the holidays are so near:D

Anyway, one of the things that I did while taking breaks in between studying was to watch hair tutorials!
I figured that since I bothered to leave my hair so long I should learn to do up my own hair nicely:D
So i learnt an awesome way to do a wraparound pony that doesnt need bobby pins and doesnt drop!
(see pictures below)
(it’s a little messy cause i was lying down on the bed before this hahaha)

and here are some random pictures from this morning when I was getting ready to go to school.. HAHAHA. Too happy that i’d be done with yet another paper.LOL.

really cant wait for the exams to end..
I havent had a proper holiday in a really long time and I’m really in need of R&R and days of no worries.
Once the exams end on next wed, I’m gonna bring my camera out and go on photowalks:)
Do things that I always wanted to but never managed.
I will live life to the fullest!


1 down 4 to go!

cooked this yesterday but was a tad too lazy to upload the photo cause it’s only ONE photo hahaha.
(man… really really mad love the picture quality from my Olympus EPL-1 <3<3<3… ok i digress)
in case you were wondering, it is not just an ordinary bowl of instant noodles!
In fact, the only thing here that came from the packet of instant noodles is the noodles! *beams* (ok people may be starting to think that I’m mad.)
The soup base was actually lovingly boiled by my mum over the weekend using chicken breast, onions, carrots and radish and then she filled up several tupperwares and them into the freezer to freeze the soup so that my bro and I can cook by ourselves and not have to eat out!:D
So my mum also bought other ingredients such as mushroom balls (as seen above) and beef balls but cause I felt that I needed to have some veg, I went to buy some broccoli to add into my dish 😀
and of course, the most precious egg was not forgotten as well!:D
mmmm… love homecooked meals:D

Well today was the first day of the exams and it already feels like my last>.< gosh.
After SP today, a few of us namely Gims, Gen, Brandon, Sherman, Wei Liang, Vincent and Sze han went to have lunch at Ajisan at THE CLEMENTI MALL cause Sherman DROVE! YAY FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE CARS AND CAN DRIVE! (of which criteria i totally do not fulfill :/ )
so anyway we ate and talked and gossiped really happily and after that WE WENT TO PLAY BISHI BASHI AT THE ARCADE!!! hahahhaa.
It really seemed as though our exams are over when in fact, we just started.
oh well.
i must start psyching myself up to study for pharm anal. I MUST I MUST I MUST!



ps: still missing my iphone really really really badly.