A fresh start

It has been 2 years since I last posted. 2 long years.

It’s really interesting how time flies without us ever realising it. Those childish posts as a 22 year old and now an almost 24 year old. My birthday is coming up in a matter of 10 days and if my dad didn’t mention it to be just I wouldn’t even have remembered.

One thing is for sure though, I think I need this space back to sort out some of my thoughts and just as a place for me to share the photos I take on my travels and when I’m hard at work slogging away in Singapore.

Two years. That’s a really long time.

In that time Timmy got into an accident, survived with a hernia, we got together officially, made the downpayment for our flat, graduated, started pre-reg, survived pre-reg and now I’m working as a licensed pharmacist.

Too much has happened and maybe I’ll have time to update once in a while:)

Till then,

Love, Jane


Clearing the cobwebs


It’s been kinda long since I last blogged.
School has really been taking up all my time and it’s just study study study, especially since my boyfriend (we’re not gonna be official for another 3 months due to us being obedient to some church rules) is really focused on studies which makes me focused too.
I haven’t even watched a single episode of Taiwan drama or running man since the sem started!
Quite proud of myself lol.

I have so many things I wanna blog about.
The two holidays I took, CNY, carpenter and cook and so many other things!!!
But i can’t get started on these meaty posts when I have so many tests and presentations to study for.
I mean, finals are in 4 weeks!

Seriously, where has time even gone? I feel like school has only just started and yet now the semester is almost at the end!
It’s really so freaky>.<

I want to go to so many places, take many pictures, share it to everyone
I want to live my life to the fullest!
Really feel so sick of studying now but I know I have to soldier on.


All the best to all uni students!!!
We can all get through this!!!!!
And continue, to fight for our dreams.


Taiwan May 25 2012 Day 3

ok i’m going to post about taiwan day 3!
It takes me forever to do these posts cause I have so many photos and all from different places!

So on day 3 we woke up a little later (yes and missed the sunset cause this time at 4am, it was cloudy)

my pillow:)
and the sleepy heads who were still sleeping when I had already showered and went to the balcony to enjoy the view:)

breakfast on the second day!
It was a hotdog if i do not remember wrongly!
Tasted good!

So our itinerary for day 3 was to go to Taroko Gorge!
One of the must see destinations in Taiwan!
I had already been there on my first trip to Taiwan (via a tour group) but choo and zac hadnt gone before!
It would turn out to be a way different experience as well!

We hired a driver via our minsu (homestay) and this is his namecard below!
He is really a good driver and a very nice man!
He even treated us to Hualien’s famous spring onion pancake! IT WAS AWESOME!
So if you want to hire a driver please consider him!
Mr Li!
It was NT2500 for a 1 day tour for three people. It is a 4 seater car and it works out to be about SGD 109

He first brought us to the 松園別館 which is basically the pine garden. It is a lovely place overlooking the city of HuaLien.
It used to be a military structure used by the Japanese.
But since then, 200 pine trees have been planted here to give respite.

it is a really beautiful and peaceful place:)

there are also great views overlooking the city:)


we were really blessed with blue skies that day:)

wandering around the grounds…

travel buddies:)

we didnt go up to explore the place cause time was a little tight but look at those creepers climbing around the building!
They’re so lovely:)

trying to imitate the statue!:D Do I in any way look like it? lol.

There was a shallow basin with a few shimmering coins in it so we deduced that it was a wishing well! HAHHA.
All of us threw coins and made a wish!:)

caught choo’s coin making a landing… SPLASH!

as you can see, my camera lens started getting wonky.
Sigh, it would turn out that I would rely a lot on my iphone to get pictures cause apparently (I sent it for repairs after the trip) the lens sensor was spoilt. Oh wells.

sunny sunny day! Lots of sunblock needed!

Our next stop was the Cing Shui Cliffs! Where you can see the pacific ocean lap at the base of magnificent cliffs!

those clouds kept making me worried that it would rain! But it never did:) Thank God.

so after much phototaking, we headed for TAROKO GORGE!
and the start of our journey was at the visitor’s center:)

Mr Li!

Although my camera was giving me problems, it also worked fine when Mr Li took over! Haha.
Yup, he took this photo for me:D

Mr Li gave us sometime and we headed to the visitor’s center when something caught Choo’s and my eye….
We dashed like mad hatters and went to hunt for a place to buy the activity book!
Took us awhile but we found it! HAHAH. Cost me NT5o.

ya! Stamping time!

Then paper rubbing!

Hard at work! HAHHA.

We then headed to the Shakadang Trail!
We were given an hour to walk and soon, we were on our way!

the steps down from the bridge with many lion heads!

under the bridge.

we met another Singapore couple (and we would meet them like another 3 times in Taipei. lol. ) and they helped us to take photos in exchange that we help them tale theirs hahaha.

The path to walk.

the scenery was beautiful but my mood was little dampened by the fact that I had to keep trying to fix my camera. Oh wells.

worker coming through! This was really tricky cause the path was really narrow and we had no where to move to give way to him.

Saw a ginormas spider!!!!

and a furry (or rather, hairy) caterpillar 😀

thought I made him look modellish:p

sweaty hahah.

It would be wonderful to have a dip in those clear blue waters…

the many lions that guard the bridge:) But I think they are unidirectional. Only facing one way.

male lion. Due to the ball. Female stone lions have a baby lion under their paw.. Well.. it also helps that this male stone lion has a big penis carved out. Pictures are a little obscene so i didnt bother to post them.

With some luck,
I spotted some colourful bugs that I had never seen before in my life!

arent they pretty?:)

As we were getting a little hungry at about 1pm, we headed to the eternal spring shrine rest stop to have lunch! (On hindsight we should have asked the driver to bring us to buy bian dang’s from town before we set off)
The eternal spring shrine was the only place that I had been to on my first holiday to Taiwan all those years ago.

We were lucky that we got there early because while we were eating, busloads of China tourists started pouring in. Sigh.

We ordered two set meals at NT 250 each and two rice dumplings at NT30 each. The food was really pricey and the rose tea tasted really weird.
BUT.. the rice dumpling (meat zongzhi) WAS REALLY GOOD! we actually ordered one at first and then cause it was so good, we had another one!

The spring coming out from the rock on the way to the shrine.
I could hear a bird chirping in the cave but couldnt see it.
Heard a frog and saw it though!

Mr Li mentioned to us that many people died to build the shrine and create roads through the area…
It was only with his guidance that I noticed the shrine on the left when you first go down the stairs,
There were huge plaques with the name of those who perished with a statue of the goddess of mercy and free joss sticks if you wanted to offer prayer to them,

I think the order of my photos are a little funny. Oh wells.

The shrine. We didnt really explore cause of all the China tourists around. Disconcerting really.

Next up, we headed to the swallow’s grotto.
Here, we had to wear hard helmets rented from a small entrance office before you enter the place. More China tourists. but not as bad as the eternal spring shrine.
According to Mr Li, a landslide had occured just a few days prior and washed out a bit of the road but we could still drive on dirt.

the couple with HDR filter

many of the boulders in the rivers actually come from the mountains! CAN YOU IMAGINE IF A BOULDER OF THAT SIZE FELL ON YOUR HEAD???

we also saw the Red Indian Chief Head!:D

Taroko Gorge is mostly made up of marble cliffs.

The rock face.
The reason why it is called the Swallow’s grotto is because of the swallows that live there!
I was really amazed and happy to see the little swallows dart around and chirp.
You cant really see them on pictures because they’re really small and fast.

Mr Li then brought us to the highest point (Settlement) of Taroko Gorge. Tian Xiang.
There were shops there to buy food! (should have asked Mr Li to bring us here for lunch instead!) and beautiful scenery.

BBQ taiwan sausage! Choo had one everyday!

and there, the pretty girl in question:)

we went for a little walk after buying food and snacks…

and went to the bridge that we saw on the way to Tian Xiang.


we had no time (or tenacity) to climb up to see the pagodas! On hindsight, maybe we should have. Hahahah
(OMG while typing this post, the lighting struck around my area and scared the hell out of me… my hands still feel fuzzy! Ahhh.. Singapore weather)


To conclude our tour, Mr Li said that he would bring us to walk on a hanging bridge since I mentioned that I missed out on a chance to do that the last time I was in Taiwan.

It was so beautiful!

view in between the cracks! haha.

Choo and a random Caucasian dude who was visiting the area in SLIPPERS. now, who said Singaporeans have bad fashion sense?

the beautiful winding roads of Taroko.

Mr Li.

Ok, I’ll admit. We actually went to see the Frog prince rock sculpture but somehow, I dont have pictures. but i remember taking them. HAHAH.

Mr Li then brought us to the entrance of Taroko. He mentioned that he brought us here at the end of the day so that there wouldnt be so many tourists and he was right!
There were some shops around the area and I bought a whole stack of postcards from here.

Mr Li was nice enough to drive us to buy HuaLien specialties since we had already been to CiQing beach the day before.
On the way, he also went to pick up the mouth watering spring onion pancake with a half boiled egg that he had ordered for us earlier.
no pictures cause we were too busy eating!

After we bought the specialties. I really expected him to drop us off at the minsu and leave… but he actually asked us where we were going for dinner and when we said 自強夜市, zi qiang night market, he offered to send us there! Even better, he offered to pick us up after dinner and drop as at the minsu!
AHHHHH he is such an awesome guy!

the night markets in Hua Lien are generally smaller but have no lack of good food as well!
We were a little full from the spring onion pancakes so we gave the seafood BBQ stall that I saw on 食尚玩家 a miss. so sad!
We had porridge and assorted snacks for dinner instead!

After dinner, we called Mr Li and he said that he had just finished dinner at home and would be coming over!
So touched!

yup so he sent us back!
Pb and his friend had just arrived in HuaLien so when we headed back, he asked for me to bring the two of them out.
So off we headed to Zong Zhen Road again!
Ah I really miss the goose.

I’ll start preparing to post Taiwan Day 4!



It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I know that I still have 9 days of my taiwan holiday and my bangkok holiday to blog about but you know when lazy grips you, it just does…
and there have been many things going on in my life recently…

It’s kinda ironic that I’m blogging at the point at which I feel the most stressful…
But it’s because I have this huge pressure on my chest that I really need to get rid of else I cant breathe easy…
I’ve got two tests coming up this week on Thursday and it happens to be a core mod + korean vocab which is new…
have two tuitions to give on wed…
and at this current point in time I can only just pray to God to let me remember things better because I’m finding it so so difficult to remember anything…

Other things are weighing on my mind too..
a lot of other things..
but I know that I can smile through all of these cause God is here with me all the time, never letting me go.

If you read this,
please keep me in your prayers…
I need all the prayers I can get.
Thank you:)


Taiwan May 2012 Day 1

Alright, I admit. I’ve been reallyyyyy lazyyyyy when it comes to blogging for the past two months what with my taiwan trip then now work.
Time really passes fast.. it’s been about a month and a half since I came back from Taiwan and I miss it so much!
I’ve just got to apologise for not finishing my project on photo of the day what with me having preceptorship so hardly any photos are taken.

Enough of the rambling. I’ll get started on sharing about my first day in Taiwan on May 23 2012

dear daddy driving choo and I to the airport at 5 am in the morning <3<3<3
just realised that there are a lot of heart shapes in the picture:)))

Choo and I early in the morning hahahhaa.

new decoration in T1’s departure hall that makes me think of the big alien fish from avengers hahahah.

at the departure gate:)
when im almost overwhelmed with happiness hahahah

mandatory airport toilet shot! HAHAHAH


booked a jetstar flight due to budget constrains:)
it’s really not bad just that i’ll probably take novomin next time when I’m on my flight back in the night to help me sleep.

rainy rainy day. I always love to have the window seat on daytime flights:)

the two travel buddies!

the lighting was good so couldnt help but take a few selcas. hahhaa

take off! wheeeeee taiwan here i come!!!!

bye Singapore!!!!

can you see the rainbow?:)

i just love seeing white clouds and blue skies every time I fly.
It makes me fall in love with flying:)

selca #2

selca #3

look at this!:)

hi Taiwan! I’m back!

the mountain ranges of taiwan:)

The immigration queue was really crazy long. LIKE CRAZY LONG!
The best part was when the airport police brought a lab retriever round us to sniff out bombs and drugs and it was SO CUTE!
No pictures for obvious reasons hahaha. (NO PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED)

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Terminal One had undergone a renovation (and is still ongoing) since I was last there the year before and the bus bay had been upgraded!
It was really nice:)

We chose a bus company that had buses to taipei main station!
But it was actually the wrong one ><
yes, it was the cheapest at NT90 butttttt it had stops a long the way making it a journey that was longer than an hour. BOO.


new bus bay!!! 🙂

waiting for the bus!

There was a model train in front of taipei main station:)
Had to do the touristy thing!:D

Then I sent Zac and Choobs to go get lunch first while i went to collect our train tickets to Hua Lien.
We were going to stay in Hualien for 3 nights:)
I ordered the train tickets two weeks before the train departure so as to get the timing we want.

You can buy the tickets on http://twtraffic.tra.gov.tw/twrail/English/

Instructions on how to do so are on  http://taiwan2009.wordpress.com/2009/05/04/how-to-book-train-tickets-to-hualien/


when i entered the atrium where I could collect my tickets, I gasped.

the nice ceiling

I collected the tickets and headed to the food court on the second floor to meet the two of them.
We decided to walk around and in the end we went to a food court which only sells noodles!
I think many people who have visited taipei main station have been there cause I’ve seen it in the travelogues of others.

The couple had beef noodles and I had jia jiang mian. 🙂 炸醬麵

beef noodles!

jia jiang mian!:D

The food was ok although pricey.
Ah well, that’s food courts for you! It’s the same in Singapore so I have no complains.

After lunch we headed to buy some refreshments to have on the train ride and then off we went for my first trip on the TRA! (Taiwan Railway Administration basically the electric trains)

What I love about the Taiwanese culture is that due to the Japanese   influence, everyone is more gracious and polite.
As such, they even have special areas for ladies to wait for trains at night!:)

We bought tickets for the 4:40pm taroko express which is the fastest train to hua lien:)

I finally got to drink my favourite red tea from taiwan!:) I just found out that it’s now sold in Singapore as well under the name Myshine Teh O. It costs $2 a bottle at 7-11 though! SUPER EX!

One of my fave cities in the world… then again. I LOVE ALL CITIES IN TAIWAN!
HEHEHE. I’m TAIWAN MAD! the Taiwanese tourism association should just hire me to do a round island travelogue.

our train!

The seats inside were really really comfy and the only sad thing was that I didnt get a window seat:/
The person who got the window seat was an uncle who kept nodding off:/ Sigh. Should have asked him to change with me. oh wells.
I’m a sucker for views and scenery and nature… cept insects… lol.

Lady selling things from the trolley:)

I particularly like this selca:) So my irises are actually brown:)

The passing scenery was really beautiful:) Everytime the ocean appeared my spirits would lift!
It’s the pacific ocean! and not the South China Sea that surrounds Singapore.
The pacific ocean is really really really blue.
Blue as can be.. I really sigh at the memory of it.

It was about 7 when we arrived at Hua Lien train station and our minsu owner came to pick us up!
It was the beginning of the wonderful stay:)
We booked the Sea View Type A 4 person room and the ROOM WAS HUGE.
There were MANY POWER POINTS enough for 5 people and A HUGE BATHROOM and a HUGE TUB and a most wonderful view of the ocean (show you in the next post!)
If you guys are interested, the minsu details can be found at

I ensure you that you wont regret! The minsu owners are wonderful and they really care for everyone who stays with them.
The location of the minsu is great too!
I mean just one step away from the bike path that will take you 13 km all the way to Seven Star Lake (or rather beach)
15 mins from a night market
and 10mins from the whole shopping district of  Hua Lien.AND THE RATES ARE REALLY CHEAP!

but do beware if your luggage is huge like mine was. There are no lifts and the stairs are quite steep so yeah hahahha. Thank God for Zac and then later PB who helped:) cause we stayed on the 4th floor:p

It suddenly rained (more like a moderate drizzle) so the min su’s lady boss told us that she would give us a lift to the shopping district where we could have dinner!
She even passed us umbrellas to use:)
I’ll add the name of the shopping street here when I can recall it from my fuzzy memories haha.

The lady boss named a few famous stalls and told us to go try.
The first we tried was the steamed bun (bao) shop!
It was really cheap, good and filling!

we later just walked around, drank fruit juice, bittergourd juice for me, bought local delicacies for friends and family members and headed to a famous goose meat place!

Will update more soon!:)
If you have any questions just leave a comment!:)




I actually wrote a whole long post about my insights on rain but due to a technical glitch, it was lost.

So all I’m gonna say is that I wish I had a pair of goulashes.
And probably a mug of hot cocoa.
Go figure.


Ps: results are coming out tmr:/:/:/


(picture taken at one of the temples in cambodia)

Life has been a bit quiet without my iphone.
No whatsapp, no facebook, no twitter…
I really wonder how I survived without my iphone last time  before I had it..
technology has really changed our lives hasn’t it?

now that exams are over, I’m really at a bit of a loss as to what to do in my free time.
True, I can go to many places alone but it does get kinda lonely.
im counting down to HK though! SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT!!!!:D:D:D:D
will post again later… need to do some editing for pictures I took when out on a mini photowalk just now:p