#TJKohve Reno updates!

The husband is on night shift for the week so I decided to make pancakes for him this morning as his “dinner” before he went to bed!

Wanted to be sweet and have it all ready for when he reaches home at about 8:30am but the hiccup in the plan was that I snoozed all my alarms 😂 and woke up only at 8:20.

Poor T had to go shower first and wait till 9:30am to eat 🙈

Shared my two pancakes with my mum and bro and then the three of us left the house for a hearty second breakfast at the market and to leave T in peace to sleep hahaha.

Mee sua is awesome for this sweater weather!

Did some ironing and then popped by the new house in the afternoon for a bit!

Haven’t had time to come over since before we went to HK!

So exciting to see the stacks of vinyl!!!!

Apparently they are going to lay the vinyl on Tuesday? *crossing fingers that it actually happens* LOL. Cause our ID is a nice guy but not exactly good with his time management skills.

Actually I’m not sure what all the black stuff on the wall now is lol but we are screeding over all these surfaces cause we are going for an industrial theme


Curb is up! And drying I believe.

Not sure if it’s just me or that the curb isn’t even lol

Going to go do another spot check on tues or wed to check it

These will be our toilet floor tiles!!

Mad in love

More pre-screeding of the toilet walls

Screed screed screed

Saw the half done MBR toilet wall tiles!!!

I am very madly in love right now.

I suddenly burst into smiles just now when I first laid eyes on it. Nevermind that they were supposed to finish laying the wall tiles on wed lol but I’m so impressed by how even it is! Both cut tile panels on the extreme left and right look even!

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Went for a 1 hour plus walk around Chinese garden to enjoy the scenery and play Pokémon hahaha to pass time.

Didn’t want to go home so early and disturb T. Feel so bad cause I woke him up once already 😅

It was quite quiet there with the wet weather effectively keeping people away and in the emptiness there really was beauty

Saw a king fisher in the trees as well!


HK Day 1!

Off to HK with Mr Koh!

It has only been less than 2.5 months since we came back from NZ but work has been so hectic and sian that it has felt like forever since we have had a break

Woke up at 4:30am (actually only the husband 😂😂… I snoozed till 4:45😂) and got ready to leave!
Think the cat could sense something wrong so she actually got up at 4:30am with us and T gave her treats haha

So happy but tired!

We had ya kun for breakfast although I really wanted Ippudo express haha. Had some miscommunication between the husband and i (he wanted Ya kun and I wanted ippudo but we both wanted to give in to each other).

Oh wells!

The tea was necessary to keep my eyes open though!

Got on the plane with minimal fuss but it was quite funny at the security screening cause there was a lady in front of me who brought 1 big bottle of 葱头油 and 2 bottles of samba paste and of course she got stopped by customs.

Found our seats on the plane and as it turns out, we are sitting at the aisle (T’s favorite seat) and next to the toilet 😂

Pictorial evidence 😅

I’m guessing that there goes sleep if everyone wants to go to the Loo 😂

The flight got delayed!!! At first we thought that it was due to two tardy passengers but in the end the captain said that it was because there was heavy air traffic over Vietnam so they were limiting the number of air craft flying over

Another funny moment was when the flight was ready to push back and take off and there was someone using the toilet!

The steward kept knocking the toilet door but there was no response so they thought that they locked the door by accident. He brought the master key over and slid the door open and there was someone doing big business 😂

Seriously though. This flight is full of funny people today

Landed and headed off on the airport express after clearing customs!

Somehow had a two people promo for the airport express tickets so we got them for HKD150 for 2 tickets so we saved HKD30


Tired tired faces haha.

Didn’t catch a wink on the plane cause of all the toilet flushing 😂

Somehow smart alec me found the free airport express shuttle bus from kowloon (all the planning was done by T, so I don’t actually know what was happening) and we managed to get to the hotel at about 2:30

We’re staying at the Dorset Mongkok!

They offered a room upgrade to a suite but we would have to pay an extra of about SGD650 for 5 nights so no way! Haha

Had to wait awhile for the room to be ready so we asked for a recommendation for a good wonton noodle place and it was such a good meal!

It looks so unassuming but it was soooo good!

There are 3 wontons underneath haha that were huge and had two prawns in each!

Was HKD24 per bowl

Headed out after we checked in and rested for about an hour

Hong Kong is really such a busy and fast paced city. Can’t say I’m impressed by the brashness and speed that their people move but the food has really won my heart

We headed to Argyle center to look see and I’m proud of myself for not walking out with anything haha

At just 26 years in age my priorities in life have certainly shifted lol

Also walked down ladies market and sneaker street!

Dinner was at one dim sum that was recommended by a colleague!

And it is really quite an unassuming place with good food

So happy with the siew mai!


Glorious dimsum!!!!



The baos were very fluffy!

The spread!

I must seriously be getting old. The lightings and plumbing shops we saw on our walk back to the hotel after dinner actually caught my attention more than clothing shops 😅

#TJKohadventures NZ honeymoon Day 4!

Day 4 in NZ and we finally got our rental car!!!

So so so so relieved and happy cause it’s really tiring to go by bus!

Headed to Lake Brunner today via the Arthur’s pass!

This was totally not in our plan as we were supposed to head to Abel Tasman National park but we couldn’t do so as we had to head back to Christchurch to get our fedex of the driver’s license and get the car

The view was to die for.

Everywhere on the South Island the view is so breath taking and it really does feed your soul

Loved how we could stop whenever and wherever to take photos haha

The mountain ranges were really so gorgeous and I made the husband take many many many photos 😂

First stop was castle hill!

Climbed up and it was so so so scary cause my shoes didn’t have that much grip

The view was so amazing when we climbed up though

This is how the castle hill looked like!

Loving the sunshine so much after days of rain!

Totally recommend people to check castle hill out if you are in the area!

It’s really beautiful

Headed into Arthur’s pass national park next!

Hehehe our true selves

We were on our way to see a waterfall!

(Im typing this 2.5 months after we went so I can’t remember which waterfall it was hahaha)

Pic spam

Had a tiring climb all the way up to see the waterfall up close!

It doesn’t look dangerous here but we could have rolled down the cliff we had a misstep

And here’s the waterfall!

It’s really majestic in real life and I find that pictures don’t really do it justice!

And a lovey dovey couple shot to end it off😅

Ended our day at our Airbnb at lake brunner where we were given the option to kayak on the lake!

The whether started turning dreadful though

Ended it off with one of the best dinners I had in NZ! Cooked with love by our Airbnb hosts!

Monk fish 😋

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#TJKohadventures Honeymoon to NZ day 3

Day 3 in NZ in Kaikoura was really really gloomy!

We woke up with great excitement because we were supposed to go on a whale watching tour!

When we got to the office, the person told us that all the boat tours that day were all cancelled because the wind at sea was way too strong 😭

They offered us a helicopter ride instead and we took that up! But we would have to wait 2 hours till 11

So we wandered around taking photos but the weather was really so bad

Managed to get a glimpse of the mountains though 😊

And had really awesome fish and chips!

This was really really really good

And my serious looking husband on the phone with the courier company with regards to his driving license

Most unfortunately though, the weather continued to get worse and the rain got heavier so we decided to cancel the helicopter tour as well cause we wouldn’t have good visibility as well

*sob sob*

So we just took the bus back to Christchurch and finally managed to get the driver’s license and picked up the car!!!

#dayrebrides #TJKohadventures #NZ #honeymoon

Feeling greatly down in the dumps lately

For the first time I feel like there’s no Christmas cheer or anything and I think I’ve been feeling this way since we came back from our honeymoon

Just feel like going straight home after work everyday and to just stay home and not go to work

Things at work have been a bit weird lately. Sigh.

Did something real crazy with the husband today 😂

He first suggested for us to eat a really unhealthy dinner cause we had a really tiring day at work and we ended up at *drum roll* LONG JOHN SILVER


Thereafter, he suggested that we run to his parents’ house from my place which is about 4.5km away

Felt good to run though! Haven’t really been exercising that much 😂