Clearing the cobwebs


It’s been kinda long since I last blogged.
School has really been taking up all my time and it’s just study study study, especially since my boyfriend (we’re not gonna be official for another 3 months due to us being obedient to some church rules) is really focused on studies which makes me focused too.
I haven’t even watched a single episode of Taiwan drama or running man since the sem started!
Quite proud of myself lol.

I have so many things I wanna blog about.
The two holidays I took, CNY, carpenter and cook and so many other things!!!
But i can’t get started on these meaty posts when I have so many tests and presentations to study for.
I mean, finals are in 4 weeks!

Seriously, where has time even gone? I feel like school has only just started and yet now the semester is almost at the end!
It’s really so freaky>.<

I want to go to so many places, take many pictures, share it to everyone
I want to live my life to the fullest!
Really feel so sick of studying now but I know I have to soldier on.


All the best to all uni students!!!
We can all get through this!!!!!
And continue, to fight for our dreams.



It’s the third week of school


It’s the third week of school now and the first CA is just round the corner.
School has been exhausting to say the least… Then again it was never easy, just that this sem, I have four 8am lectures and a 9am lab on that 5th day.
Trying hard to sleep by 11 but well, that has never been easy.

I really wanna thank God for everything this sem though.
My year started out with a bang and i think I have a smile on my face everyday:D
Life’s good.

Was just walking to lab this morning when I realized that the back of my heels all had blisters fresh wounds on them and it really hurtttttt!!!!
But I saw this beautiful sight in front of me (the picture above) and that lot a smile on my face instantly. And I thanked God.
This led me to think… Do we still want to thank God through the moments when we are down?
Will be still be willing to praise His name?
I guess we really won’t ever know but it’s at the point when we are at our most down that we should really make a conscious effect to give thanks to God for whatever good He has given us.

Typing this in my new iPad mini:D

I promise I shall blog about Taiwan and Beijing at the end of February!!!

Shall go and do my tutorial now:p